A new kind of online shopping experience

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Traditionally online retailers do advertise specials prior to the holiday season. Online behemoth Amazon.com and others give free shipping and other incentives to attract the online shoppers prior to the holiday season.


During the 2011 holiday shopping season EBay introduced a new kind of shopping experience to woo the online shoppers. It opened a pop-up store on Dean Street in London’s West End from December 1, 2011 to December 5, 2011. They displayed products with QR (as in quick response) codes, where customers swipe their smartphones to get to the EBay online checkout stand. EBay setup two other somewhat similar storefronts in New York and San Francisco named Give-A-Toy in association with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

It was a new kind of shopping experience and the first ever QR code based shop. The London pop-up store gave customers another way to shop without the hassle from salespeople, no waiting in lines at the checkout stand and shop at the leisure of the customer. It was a mecca for smartphone lovers. Over the five day period, the London store attracted over 2,500 walk-in customers.

The EBay experience may open up a new way for e-commerce retailers.

Will the online ads replace yellow pages?

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Do you remember the last time you used a print phone directory to look up a phone number? Many of us were accustomed to checking the Yellow Pages to find a plumber, address or phone number, or even to see who is advertising. Then there was online advertising. Digital directory revenue climbed 14 percent since 2007 to $2 billion annually. Even though the online ad revenue is up, don’t count the yellow pages out yet.


The biggest problem for many of the online advertisers is how to get a better ranking for their ad. Many who click online only look at first few sites and seldom go to additional pages. This is not the case with yellow pages. Everything is in one place to see and compare.

Digital media is working hard to put an end to print directories. Some sources say that AT&T, the only phone company with a phone directory, is in talks to sell its yellow page portion of the business. Online behemoth like Google may like to see the end of print yellow pages. However, local services may hang onto their print directories as long as businesses seek ad space on them.

Less is better when it comes to online website options

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Online sales menu are getting more exhaustive. By having fewer options to pick from may increase your sales. It also removes clutter from your site.



Consider organizing available items into narrowly defined categories. I am not asking you to offer less items but asking you to create more categories. So, under each category you have fewer items corresponding to that narrowly define category to pick from. So, you are not exhausting your customer and help them go through fewer clicks to make a quick pick from fewer items.

Research shows that having more exhaustive array of items under broadly defined categories frustrates customers and as a result loose sales opportunities.

Having a large display may catch an eye but not lead to a sale. So, streamline your offering by having more categories and help the customer’s decision making process. You will profit from a quick sale.

Is there a magic number you can offer in one category? The answer is no. Research may indicate up to six items may be helpful. But you decide how many you want to include in a category based on the product line you have for sale.

Try this and see for yourself.

Security in the Digital Age: Wallets on Your Mobile

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You may have heard that digital wallets are beginning to catch on as smartphone adoption rates rise. This is a good thing for consumers and businesses, because it reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized access to sensitive account data. Due to the multiple layers of security used in such transactions. That’s why some digital wallets are accepted in over 100 countries.mobile-wallet-phone

Basic Security

When sending payments over the internet, the purchaser needs to relay his or her information to the merchant’s bank. This information includes account numbers, as well as the amount to be transferred. All of this data is first encrypted before it’s sent anonymously through a payment gateway.

On the consumer side, you sign up for an account. This account trakcs all of your data, so you can imagine that this account’s credentials are basically vouching for your bank account.

This is a good thing overall because accounts don’t really vanish. If you were to lose your wallet, you might lose your credit cards for a while, and will definitely lose the cash inside that wallet. With digital wallets, you can simply log in from another device and continue as usual. You’ll still want to report your phone lost or stolen, but your device has additional security that prevents hackers from gaining access to it.

Modern phones use NFC chips to store financially sensitive data. Even if the hacker gains root access to your phone, it would be quite difficult to gain entry into this chip to steal the data inside.

For Payza reviews, read an article about Payza here to learn more about the digital wallet accepted in 190 countries around the globe.

Myths About a Gun Safe

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When you decide to become a gun owner, it is essential that you then purchase safes that will allow you to properly store your guns.

Gun Safes And Cabinets Are The Same Thing

In reality, even used safes are better than gun cabinets. Gun safes are heavier and have a more complex locking mechanism.

A Safe Will Automatically Deter A Thief

If the safe is not a high-quality one such as AMSEC safes, a thief might actually be attracted to the safe. He or she will know that there is something valuable inside the safe and will be attracted to it as a result. Only safes that are of high-quality and that are bolted down will act as a deterrent for a thief.

You Can Store A Loaded Gun In A Safe

If a friend or family member has to retrieve the gun, they may not be aware that the gun is loaded. This can lead to an accidental discharge that could cause serious injuries. Guns should never be loaded when stored.

Where You Put A Good Safe Doesn’t Matter

Even if you have tl 30 safes, where you place your safe is essential. If it is placed in a location where a burglar would not think to look, you won’t even have to worry about whether the safe will the thief out.

Now that the biggest gun safe myths have been dispelled, you’ll be able to choose a safe that will protect you and your family.

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Mobile Payments: What Retailers Need to Know

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Learn more about mobile payments, the newest trend in credit processing.

As more consumers link their bank cards to a smartphone, more retailers are responding with mobile credit card processing. Users can use their devices at the checkout stand, or even place orders online, all from their phone. That’s become increasingly important with the renewed focus on local marketing.

As a retailer at the forefront of this movement, you need to now how to choose credit card processing companies that will offer competitive rates and services.

Functionality is King

The new trend today is the plug-in card reader. You can use it with any smartphone, tablet or mobile device and its job is to take payments wherever the operator may be. Other important features store customer information, allow for loyalty programs (and reward redemption), and work with Wi-Fi. Some even offer cellular coverage as a backup if the Wi-Fi in your building goes down for any reason.

Security is not to be overlooked either. Customers will expect that sliding their card through a mobile device will offer the same level of protection as before. Use only card readers that offer encryption to scramble the data being transmitted.

Saving on Rates

Often, a flat rate seems really attractive because it’s simple to understand. Flat rates typically end up costing retailers quite a bit, though. Every situation is different, but those seeking an Internet merchant account should look for an interchange-plus model account. These variable rates can be overwhelming, but you’ll typically save more per transaction for going with this solution.

Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. provides mobile credit card processing for small and mid-sized businesses.

The Basics of Sputtering Systems

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Sputter deposition is a commonly used method that provides thin films on a substrate.

science-technology-circuitSputtering is essentially a process wherein a controlled, mainly an inert argon, is led into a vacuum evaporation system which then a cathode become electrically energized to generate a self sustaining plasma. The cathode, which is referred to as the target, is a partial piece of the material that is applied over the substrate. The gas atoms will then become positively charged through the loss of ions. It will then become accelerated with a substantial amount of kinetic energy which then hits the target and dislocates the atoms. The sputtered material will then consist of a vapor stream, which will pass through the chamber and stick onto the substrate as a coating or film.

The Basics of Sputtering

Now, the substrate’s surface must be kept clean in order to obtain solid film adhesion. Effective cleaning and handling procedures must be used before placing the substrate into the vacuum chamber. Otherwise, the results may vary, and the coating or film will not have the necessary properties that are needed. It is common to incorporate cleaning features such as sputter etch into the system as an option as well. There must be various measures taken in order to obtain the finest qualities and properties. The design of the sputter deposition system allows engineers to adjust a number of parameters to improve variables such as: uniformity, thickness, stress, adhesion strength, electrical properties, and more. Also, the power type that is employed on the cathodes must also be taken into account. DC power is most often used.

Denton Vacuum, LLC is a manufacturer of deposition systems. With a wide variety of units, they’ll ensure that you find the right system based on your needs. If you are in need of thermal evaporation system, visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online today.

Why Merchant Accounts are the Safest and Most Effective Means of Accepting Money Online

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accepting-money-onlineYou have many options for online payment processing, but merchant accounts are one of the best choices for most people. Outside of extremely small operations that only work with a few customers at a time, merchant accounts will service most people well. You’ll need to understand a bit about how they’re priced, but they offer the business owner a great deal of control. They also give you a greater degree of security for your business. Read on for the reasons why merchant accounts are the most effective means of accepting money online.


Merchant services use multiple layers of SSL encryption to keep the data in a transaction secure from outside intrusion. The basic system creates a randomly generate session. You can think of this as a room that exists in an infinite space. Everything that happens in that room is only observable by the parties in that room (the buyer and the seller). Once information is exchanged, the gateway sends it to the seller using an additional layer of SSL encryption and the room that held the transaction no longer exists.

Hackers can’t spoof such encryption easily, so this system is fairly standard among merchant accounts for the time being.


Aside from the necessity of accepting payments online, the speed of delivery for those funds is important. Typical delivery time is around 24-48 hours. Anything more might be sign that your merchant account isn’t of great quality. Speed is also essential when processing refunds, as this determines how long funds are held (if at all) and what happens when a refund is processed.

Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. is a low-cost provider of credit card processing for small and mid-sized businesses. Learn more about how to accept credit cards online when you visit Charge.com.

The Three Fundamental Steps of PVD

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Physical vapor deposition is a fairly simple process that involves various substance changes.

The process of physical vapor deposition is essentially created by a group of surface coating technologies that are used for a variety of purposes that include: tool coating, aesthetic, and equipment coating. Additionally, this process involves vaporization coating which utilizes atoms in a type of material transfer from solid to vapor, and then back to the solid phase. Eventually, the resulting material ends up with a film being created on top of the surface.

When it comes to reactive deposition, the material that’s being deposited reacts with an environment that’s primarily gaseous and also filled with co-deposited materials to form a compound material film – i.e. carbide, oxide, etc.

PVD coating can be done in several ways, but there are three basic categories that include: ion plating, evaporation, and sputtering. These three processes all use the same fundamental steps to create the coating. Now, they may use the same fundamental steps, but they generate and deposit material differently, requiring unique equipment pieces catered to each process.

Fundamental Steps

The first fundamental step involves a vapor phase from the coating material through sputtering, evaporation, chemical vapors, etc. The second step involves the transfer of vapor from source to substrate. Finally, the last state involves the film growth and deposition on the substrate.

One example of a PVD process is the creation of medical device coatings. Certain equipment pieces like catheters require there to be a coating to minimize the risk of blood clots, infection, and rejection. These coatings are produced over the catheters and kept in a sterile condition, as to reduce the chances of any bacteria entering the body on use.

Denton Vacuum, LLC is your home for PVD thermal evaporation equipment. Visit their inventory online today.

How to Choose an iPhone App Developer

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Do you have a great idea for an app? If you want to hire iPhone app developers Los Angeles to create an app for your business, here are some tips to help you decide on the right company for you.

  1. Ask for recommendations.

Asking for recommendations is a simple way to find out about good developers. Ask people to tell you what they liked or didn’t like, how much the services cost and what they got for their money. Word of mouth is probably the best recommendation for a good iPhone app development company Los Angeles.iphone-app-dev

  1. Ask to see facts and figures.

If you’re considering a particular app developer, ask them to show you some hard and fast facts and figures on their work. You can also ask to see case studies or feedback from former clients. This information should help you decide if this developer is right for you.

  1. Search the Web for feedback.

This is a great way to find out more about a particular company. Use Google to search for the developer but then look at other sites, not the developer’s site. You may find personal blogs or independent reviews of mobile app developers Los Angeles.

  1. Ask for a quote.

Tell the developers what you want and ask for a quote. Ask them to tell you how they can serve your particular needs. This is a great way to see how they communicate as well as find out what they can offer you.

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The Importance of Your Website’s Shopping Cart

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By Secure Net Shop

If you have an ecommerce website, it should go without saying that you need to focus on every single step that lies between your customers and the purchase they make. Otherwise, one little misstep could mean you don’t see the profits you were hoping for. It could even mean you don’t make a single dime at all or end up losing money.

Most people understand this, of course, but they still drop the ball when it comes to their website’s shopping cart. While ecommerce shopping cart software may not get as much attention as the user experience or content, it could be the reason your website simply isn’t making any money—or as much as you had hoped.

An online shopping cart is supposed to offer far more than its real life counterpart. Yes, customers are going to “store” their items on it until they are ready to check out. But if that’s all your shopping cart does, you’re selling its potential short.

Instead, it should work as a safe, protecting your customers’ information. It should also make it easy for customers to view what they want to buy from every angle with all the pertinent information present.

Don’t drop the ball where your online cart is involved or you’ll end up paying big time.


When you need an Internet shopping cart for your website, make sure you consider what Secure Net Shop has to offer. Aside from a digital place for customers to keep their purchases, you’ll also get one that’s incredibly secure and accommodating.

The One Software That Can Do the Most for Your Business

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By Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Imagine this: imagine a scenario where you actually find out that your company has been wasting money, time and time again, by investing in software and other digital tools means to do the exact opposite. Does that sound hard to swallow? Is this something you’d never expect?

Well, the truth is that more and more companies are waking up to this very situation. They’ve discovered that the biggest challenge that lies between them and success is not a lack of technology, but using too much of it.

To be more accurate, the true problem is that their technology isn’t working well with one another. As a result, you have software actually causing problems where it should be presenting solutions.

This is when EDI services become vital for your survival. Today, Internet EDI can be used to ensure that all of your technology is essentially “talking” with one another to eliminate any unnecessary bottlenecks and streamline your necessary functions. From shipping to lead acquisition to product distribution and more, if you’re currently using software for this, you need to be using EDI technology instead. Otherwise, you’ll soon learn you’ve wasted more than just a lot of money.


Whether you want to learn about EDI outsource methods or simply start learning from the basics, Act Data Services, Inc. is going to be your best bet. Contact them today to get started on the path toward success.

A Brief Overview on the Various RNA Components

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Read below to see what classifications come from the transcription of RNA synthesized products.

RNA synthesis is a complex process that generally involves the nucleotide polymers. Each nucleotide primarily consists of a sugar that is attaches to any f the four bases – typically the phosphate group.

When it comes to transcription, RNA polymers process one out of the two complementary strands of DNA. The strand chosen by the polymer is called the template strand, the other being the nontemplate strand. Transcription and synthesis work hand-in-hand because the RNA bases that have been synthesized are complementary to the template DNA strand. Therefore, the bases in the template strand and the synthesized RNA are identical in sequence with only subtle exceptions.


Upon transcription, four different classifications of RNA are produced that all play a vital role within the entire transcription process.

The first classification is the messenger RNA, which is the coding template of the translation process. The second classification focuses more on the encoding sequence by inserting amino acids into the polypeptide chain. The third classification assists with the synthesis of the polypeptides. Finally, the last classification splices and modulates the small and micro RNA’s.

All of these classifications play a role in a successful transcription process. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are more distinct classifications and steps taken to achieve a functional resulting sequence. The RNA synthesis process involves additional strands, both coding and template-relate, to complete the transcription. If you take an in-depth look into the minor components of this process, you’ll find that there are numerous ways that the mechanism can go about generating all of these classifications.


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