A new kind of online shopping experience

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Traditionally online retailers do advertise specials prior to the holiday season. Online behemoth Amazon.com and others give free shipping and other incentives to attract the online shoppers prior to the holiday season.


During the 2011 holiday shopping season EBay introduced a new kind of shopping experience to woo the online shoppers. It opened a pop-up store on Dean Street in London’s West End from December 1, 2011 to December 5, 2011. They displayed products with QR (as in quick response) codes, where customers swipe their smartphones to get to the EBay online checkout stand. EBay setup two other somewhat similar storefronts in New York and San Francisco named Give-A-Toy in association with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

It was a new kind of shopping experience and the first ever QR code based shop. The London pop-up store gave customers another way to shop without the hassle from salespeople, no waiting in lines at the checkout stand and shop at the leisure of the customer. It was a mecca for smartphone lovers. Over the five day period, the London store attracted over 2,500 walk-in customers.

The EBay experience may open up a new way for e-commerce retailers.

Will the online ads replace yellow pages?

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Do you remember the last time you used a print phone directory to look up a phone number? Many of us were accustomed to checking the Yellow Pages to find a plumber, address or phone number, or even to see who is advertising. Then there was online advertising. Digital directory revenue climbed 14 percent since 2007 to $2 billion annually. Even though the online ad revenue is up, don’t count the yellow pages out yet.


The biggest problem for many of the online advertisers is how to get a better ranking for their ad. Many who click online only look at first few sites and seldom go to additional pages. This is not the case with yellow pages. Everything is in one place to see and compare.

Digital media is working hard to put an end to print directories. Some sources say that AT&T, the only phone company with a phone directory, is in talks to sell its yellow page portion of the business. Online behemoth like Google may like to see the end of print yellow pages. However, local services may hang onto their print directories as long as businesses seek ad space on them.

Less is better when it comes to online website options

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Online sales menu are getting more exhaustive. By having fewer options to pick from may increase your sales. It also removes clutter from your site.



Consider organizing available items into narrowly defined categories. I am not asking you to offer less items but asking you to create more categories. So, under each category you have fewer items corresponding to that narrowly define category to pick from. So, you are not exhausting your customer and help them go through fewer clicks to make a quick pick from fewer items.

Research shows that having more exhaustive array of items under broadly defined categories frustrates customers and as a result loose sales opportunities.

Having a large display may catch an eye but not lead to a sale. So, streamline your offering by having more categories and help the customer’s decision making process. You will profit from a quick sale.

Is there a magic number you can offer in one category? The answer is no. Research may indicate up to six items may be helpful. But you decide how many you want to include in a category based on the product line you have for sale.

Try this and see for yourself.

Establishing a Command Center for a New Business

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Summary: In order to set up additional security for your business, you may want to consider a command center that can operate around the clock to combat incoming cyber threats and attacks.

In this day and age, new businesses must be strategic and creative if they wish to stay competitive. A large of part of staying relevant in today’s business world involves competing with other and delivering the best goods and services. Not only this, but securing your business, especially a high-profile one, requires a type of command center that can overlook your entire operations.

What is a Command Center?

A cohesive team that communicates well amongst one another is a great asset. By implementing this group within a command center full of specialists, you gain an additional line of defense against potential cyber threats. A command center is essentially an advanced system that displays information from numerous sources in a variety of different formats, from a large video feed to advanced control room furniture. This degree of connectivity can keep employees on track and in the loop.

Determining a Location

Many operations centers are large and require a dedicated space to house both equipment and a full team. Since these systems usually require large financial investments, make sure your prospective space if large enough to comfortable accommodate these systems. Established companies like ConstantTech.com for example, can help with the planning and design processes so you can be certain that you will be satisfied once your equipment has been implemented. Mission critical environments require professionals who are experienced and know what type of layout with work with your company.

Assessing Your Needs

One major step that every business owner must take before making the decision to implement a command center is determining whether it makes financial sense. To put it into perspective, it wouldn’t make sense for you to put out a product if you didn’t feel like said product would return a profit. In a similar fashion, a business owner must consider whether the company needs an operation center and if it can be integrated into the company’s overhead costs.

Top Tips for Limiting Screen Fatigue

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Summary: Eye strain is a common problem that many people face after using screens. Using some techniques can greatly reduce the pain in a short amount of time.

A couple of decades ago the only screens most people saw were at movies theaters or in their television rooms. Today, a lot of what the average person does involves screens. Checking messages on your phone, working on your laptop, watching a movie, and playing games on your handheld console all require you to stare at a screen.

If you regularly feel fatigued after using screens you could very well be straining your eyes. Fortunately, there are a number of techniques you can use to reduce physical pain.

Take Breaks

A very simple way to reduce eye strain is to take occasional breaks. If you are working on a project, for example, you might feel the need to work for hours without stopping. Taking a break every forty-five minutes can give you the chance to give both your eyes and your mind time to rest a little. When you take a break you should walk around, get some fresh air, and drink some water. Your immediate may be to reach for your phone when the break starts but that extra screen time can irritate your eyes further.

Wear Blue Light Glasses

Screens emit a lot of blue light, which researchers have discovered can be harmful to people’s eyes. Although screens do not emit as much blue light as the sun, the proximity of the screens and the amount of time people use them for is dangerous. There are certain glasses you can purchase that will prevent blue light from reaching your eyes.

Blog submitted by Constant Technologies, Inc.: If you are interested in network operation center desks or need a NOC monitor for your organization, head to ConstantTech.com to explore their command center workstation solutions.

Using an Operations Center to Monitor Your Business

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Summary: A command center can be a helpful tool when keeping track of your business operations.


One of the most important aspects of running a business is staying on top of operations. There are many things to keep track of when working on a business, such as managing inventory and tracking performance. Neglecting sections of your company can lead to a decrease in quality, delayed deliveries, and lower profit margins. Keeping track of everything can be a challenge but doing so can become increasingly tougher the larger your company is.


An operations center is a high-tech environment that, although expensive, could make handling your operations a much more manageable task.


Tracking Performance


If you are running a larger company an operations center video wall could be just what you need to have all of your relevant information in one place. One of the things a command center excels at is aggregating information from a number of sources and displaying it in a manner that is visually appealing. Tracking crucial metrics like sales, community engagement on social media, and important finance figures are all important. Having a video wall that updates in real-time can make it that much easier to stay aware of how your company is doing on a day-to-day basis and see if you are on track to meet the quarterly goals.


Monitor Distribution


If your business is involved in selling a physical product, then distribution is a factor that could heavily impact the company’s well-being. A system from Constant Technologies, Inc. could be implemented to track parts coming in from different manufacturers, including quantity and arrival times. Other important information, such as units produced and tracking orders could also be displayed to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Video Wall Solution

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Central stations are an important component of every command center. They’re essential for effectively monitoring multiple streams of information for security and video surveillance industries. Additionally, they will also allow for more accurate mission-critical decisions, which in turn increases the overall effectiveness of the organization.


Now, while technology has indeed improved so that a budget system will be relatively fine for a command center, you’ll also want to remember not to cut corners when it’s time to install or refresh the entire system – this also applies to the video wall as well.


Choose Your Equipment Wisely


Now, some unique spaces can work with a front-projection system, central stations are best utilized when in conjunction of three categories of solid-state display technology, not all of them are interchangeable however. These pieces include LED or LCD flat displays, LED-lit projection cubes, and rear-projection display cubes.


Consider the Top Brands


Once you have an idea of what type of technology you’ll need for your stations, you’ll want to perform some in-depth research on the latest and greatest brands. First off, check for brightness uniformity. If there isn’t any uniformity within the screen, the overall video wall display may take on the appearance of a checkerboard, which is less than ideal. Most cubes will offer uniformity of 95% or better, while LCD panel uniformity isn’t as high.


It’s recommended to test and view the solution before you install it as it you’ll be relying on this system for up-to-date information and data. Be sure that the content that the uniformity meets you and your team’s expectations. Try not to automatically install the system just because you invested a large amount of money – keep your options open.


Blog submitted by Constant Technologies, Inc.: ConstantTech.com, a professional A/V integrator, is known for providing premium fabrication services such as custom control center designs, mission critical video wall setup, and more. For more information, visit them online today.

The Role of Executives in Command Center Technology

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Summary: Executives, or the higher ups, can showcase the overall levels of productivity of your command center. It’s important that they utilize the center as an asset to your company.

Companies in nearly every industry are investing in command centers, which are dedicated spaces for risk response. However, most of these centers are falling short of expectations due to various factors.

Now, in order to minimize the damage caused by this neglect, command centers require a proactive risk response as opposed to leaving the operations susceptible to damaging events.

An Executive Plays a Powerful Role

One of the major implementations that an operations center must have should be the presence of a powerful figure within the organization – an executive. Remember, a command center needs to be a showpiece for the organization and demonstrate that they are prepared for any emergency situation or security breach. When your command center is delivering such value, e.g. with well-planned operations center furniture, executives should be seen during the action as it can provide a boost in the way the organization is perceived – for example giving tours to the board and investors.

The overall goal behind this is to create a command center that displays a stunning, must-see stop that’ll leave any corporate visitor impressed. One way to go about this is to hire a company that can create custom control centers like Constant Technologies, Inc. or any other major contractor that’s worth the investment. This way, not only will the client come away impressed, but it’ll also demonstrate that your organization is sophisticated, dedicated to taking action, and is always prepared for anything thrown their way. If your organization hasn’t seen an executive step into the room for an extended period of time, it’s likely that the center itself isn’t perceived as a pivotal part of the organization.

Understanding the Volatile Nature of Thin Film Evaporation

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Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Thin film evaporation consists of a volatile exchange of heat, pressure, and contact.

The process of thin film evaporation revolves around the thermal separation of products or materials within a vacuum chamber. Through a mechanically generated process, a highly thin and turbulent liquid film is placed on the material resulting in a durable coating.

Diving In

The sputter coater, or thin film evaporator, takes the product and utilizes its rotor to uniformly spread the material out on the distribution ring. Upon first contact with the first rotor blades, the material is immediately formed into a film that can range anywhere from 0.5 mm to 3.5 mm (depending on the requested specifications). Now, in front of each rotor blade, the fluid will create a bow wave that further assisted the deposition process.

Note that the fluid within the gap between the heat transfer surface an the tip of the rotor blade is extremely turbulent which in turn leads to an intense heat and mass transfer rate. This is vital for the process as it ensures that there is enough pressure to convert the material into a thin film. Additionally, the turbulence also produces a high volume of heat transfer coefficients even with the presence of viscous products. The intense process and exchange prevents the process from over heating, which is especially important in diamond like carbon coatings, as well as fouling on the heat transfer surface. The elimination of these detrimental effects ensures the coating comes out even and smooth.

The most important features for an online shopping cart

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Written by Secure Net Shop

The easiest method of adding e-commerce capability to an existing website is to use a hosted online shopping cart. Set up is easy and requires no technical knowledge. Security, one of the biggest fears for a site operator is taken care of by professionals. In addition, it is also a cheaper method of enabling e-commerce. Here is a list of some of the most important features to look for when choosing a hosted e-commerce solution:

Web-based control

Every aspect of the shopping cart should be accessible using a web-based administration tool. This means that you can manage the system from any browser anywhere. No special applications should be required.

Methods of payment

In order to maximize sales, as many payment options as possible should be accepted. All e-commerce shopping cart software accept credit cards. What would drive more sales are services like PayPal, Google Checkout, and offline methods.


Around the clock tech support is essential. Problems and issues can crop up at the worst possible times. At the very least, look for tech support available every day during the standard working hours.


The system should support the sales of all types of goods and services. It should accept physical goods, virtual goods, coupons, services and even subscriptions. This will give the most flexibility if a change in business model is required.


If you want to succeed at running an online business, you’re going to need an online store. The online cart ecommerce shopping system sold by Secure Net Shop should be at the top of your list.


Myths About a Gun Safe

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When you decide to become a gun owner, it is essential that you then purchase safes that will allow you to properly store your guns.

Gun Safes And Cabinets Are The Same Thing

In reality, even used safes are better than gun cabinets. Gun safes are heavier and have a more complex locking mechanism.

A Safe Will Automatically Deter A Thief

If the safe is not a high-quality one such as AMSEC safes, a thief might actually be attracted to the safe. He or she will know that there is something valuable inside the safe and will be attracted to it as a result. Only safes that are of high-quality and that are bolted down will act as a deterrent for a thief.

You Can Store A Loaded Gun In A Safe

If a friend or family member has to retrieve the gun, they may not be aware that the gun is loaded. This can lead to an accidental discharge that could cause serious injuries. Guns should never be loaded when stored.

Where You Put A Good Safe Doesn’t Matter

Even if you have tl 30 safes, where you place your safe is essential. If it is placed in a location where a burglar would not think to look, you won’t even have to worry about whether the safe will the thief out.

Now that the biggest gun safe myths have been dispelled, you’ll be able to choose a safe that will protect you and your family.

For AMSEC safes, visit First Security Safe online. First Security Safe is Los Angeles’ oldest and largest showroom for high quality safes.

Mobile Payments: What Retailers Need to Know

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Learn more about mobile payments, the newest trend in credit processing.

As more consumers link their bank cards to a smartphone, more retailers are responding with mobile credit card processing. Users can use their devices at the checkout stand, or even place orders online, all from their phone. That’s become increasingly important with the renewed focus on local marketing.

As a retailer at the forefront of this movement, you need to now how to choose credit card processing companies that will offer competitive rates and services.

Functionality is King

The new trend today is the plug-in card reader. You can use it with any smartphone, tablet or mobile device and its job is to take payments wherever the operator may be. Other important features store customer information, allow for loyalty programs (and reward redemption), and work with Wi-Fi. Some even offer cellular coverage as a backup if the Wi-Fi in your building goes down for any reason.

Security is not to be overlooked either. Customers will expect that sliding their card through a mobile device will offer the same level of protection as before. Use only card readers that offer encryption to scramble the data being transmitted.

Saving on Rates

Often, a flat rate seems really attractive because it’s simple to understand. Flat rates typically end up costing retailers quite a bit, though. Every situation is different, but those seeking an Internet merchant account should look for an interchange-plus model account. These variable rates can be overwhelming, but you’ll typically save more per transaction for going with this solution.

Charge.com Payment Solutions, Inc. provides mobile credit card processing for small and mid-sized businesses.

The Basics of Sputtering Systems

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Sputter deposition is a commonly used method that provides thin films on a substrate.

science-technology-circuitSputtering is essentially a process wherein a controlled, mainly an inert argon, is led into a vacuum evaporation system which then a cathode become electrically energized to generate a self sustaining plasma. The cathode, which is referred to as the target, is a partial piece of the material that is applied over the substrate. The gas atoms will then become positively charged through the loss of ions. It will then become accelerated with a substantial amount of kinetic energy which then hits the target and dislocates the atoms. The sputtered material will then consist of a vapor stream, which will pass through the chamber and stick onto the substrate as a coating or film.

The Basics of Sputtering

Now, the substrate’s surface must be kept clean in order to obtain solid film adhesion. Effective cleaning and handling procedures must be used before placing the substrate into the vacuum chamber. Otherwise, the results may vary, and the coating or film will not have the necessary properties that are needed. It is common to incorporate cleaning features such as sputter etch into the system as an option as well. There must be various measures taken in order to obtain the finest qualities and properties. The design of the sputter deposition system allows engineers to adjust a number of parameters to improve variables such as: uniformity, thickness, stress, adhesion strength, electrical properties, and more. Also, the power type that is employed on the cathodes must also be taken into account. DC power is most often used.

Denton Vacuum, LLC is a manufacturer of deposition systems. With a wide variety of units, they’ll ensure that you find the right system based on your needs. If you are in need of thermal evaporation system, visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online today.