Custom Electrical Designs

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Many industrial plants, assembly lines and other commercial production centers have electrical parts needs which go beyond the standard, mass-produced pieces. If your company needs circuit breakers, switchboards or transformers which go beyond the scope of typical designs, you need to bring in an expert.

RELECTRIC is a perfect choice for your custom design needs. They can help you with projects that are larger than your typical installation of ITE circuit breakers. Their talented team of engineers is experienced at developing innovative new concepts to help companies fulfill their electrical needs. Visit for more information on custom design services from RELECTRIC.

Blog – Fair Disclosure Made Easy

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Many companies, both large and small, have discovered the benefits of web conferencing as an alternative to organizing meetings that require extensive traveling. With the cost of airfare going up and the reliability going down, it only makes sense to explore alternative options. Considering the improvements in the technology — as well as the drop in cost — video conferencing has truly become a viable option for companies who need to communicate.

One surprising impetus for the shift to telecommunication was a law that was passed earlier this decade: the Fair Disclosure law. This law made it a requirement for companies that are publically traded to make any material information (the type of data that would be likely to have some sort of impact on stock prices) available to all of the stockholders at one time. Telecommunications provides an easy solution to this, as companies can host meetings over the web that investors can listen in on if they so desire.

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