Wholesaler Plays Fulfillment Role In Drop Shipping

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When a retailer does not have the space to keep a large inventory of product in stock, drop shipping is the solution for continuing to satisfy customer orders without inventory being on hand. In the drop shipping process, all customer orders are routed to either a wholesaler or manufacturer, who then ships the order to the customer, with the retailer making his profit from the difference between the wholesale and retail price.

Customers are usually not aware that their order is coming from the wholesaler rather than directly from the retailer, because the wholesaler uses “blind shipping” which is shipping without a return address or “private label shipping” in which the retailer’s customized shipping label appears as the return address. The illusion that the product was shipped by the retailer is further enhanced by customized invoices included in the shipment.

Drop shipping appeals to small retailers and many auction website sellers because there is no need to stock inventory and the retailer or seller receives payment before the item even ships, resulting in positive cash flow for the business. Drop shipping also relieves the retailer/seller from the time and labor of packaging and shipping the requested merchandise. Because inventory and shipping costs are lower using the drop shipping process, the retailer can offer cost savings to his customers.

The biggest risk in drop shipping is the occasional occurrence of back ordering, which happens when the retailer sells an order but the wholesaler cannot immediately fulfill it because they are waiting for additional product, sometimes causing long waits and disappointed customers.

Getting Hacker Insurance For Your E-Commerce Business

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E-commerce businesses, no matter how good their security measures are, run the risk of someone hacking into their computer systems. It could be a professional hacker looking for secure information, it could be a hacker just seeing if they can crack the code, or it could even be a disgruntled employee hacking into the system to create problems. Whatever the reason, e-commerce businesses need to protect themselves from hacker damage by getting hacker insurance. Hacker insurance protects the business from thousands of dollars in liability and loss of profits.

Hacker insurance is available from some insurance companies who have recognized that traditional insurance policies do not cover cyber, or information-based crimes. However, there are now many companies that offer insurance polices that cover all aspects of cyber crime, from copyright and trademark infringements to theft, data corruption, virus damage, and cyber extortion and beyond. They often reimburse for time lost during a hacker attack, and they reward companies that catch hackers, too.

The loss of data in a hacker attack can be debilitating, but it can ruin a company’s reputation, as well. Any company that does business on the Internet, and stores goods, services, and customer information online, needs to have hacker insurance. Technology has reached a new height in society, and hackers are always attempting to find new ways to breach systems. To keep customer data safe and secure may be nearly impossible as technology grows, but businesses can still protect themselves and their data by purchasing adequate hacker insurance for their e-commerce business. It’s just a good idea in today’s Internet world.

Connecting your mobile devices to an infrared adapter

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Being able to use the latest technology to wirelessly connect and share information and data between devices is a wonderful step forward, but also seemingly complex. If you are having trouble connecting your handheld mobile device such as your cell phone or Blackberry to your computer through a USB infrared adapter, there can be several reasons for this problem. Some of them are simple to diagnose while others are more complex, but here are a few easy ways to troubleshoot your problem.

First, make sure that your adapter has been successfully installed on your computer. Check your “Device Manager” on your computer – that should give you a list of the different peripherals on your computer such as a USB serial adapter or your infrared adapter. If it does not show up, you’ll need to reinstall it.

After this, make sure that any built-in infrared devices on your computer are turned off and that the computer can recognize your cell phone. If not, you will want to see if the driver is installed correctly. Finally, try to connect your device directly into the computer – the issue might be with your docking station and not the infrared adapter.

Are There Any Paypal Alternatives To Consider?

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Paypal offers a painless solution to sending and receiving money online, but the is service is not without its critics. There are often rumors of security concerns, and the different limits and fees that they place on accounts has led just about everyone who does much business online to wonder if there are any Paypal alternatives to consider. While Paypal certainly enjoys the major market share of the online peer to peer payments that are made online, they are far from the only game in town. The five major Paypal alternatives include Digital River, 2checkout.com, AlertPay, TrialPay and E-Junkie. However, each of these alternatives offer very specialized transaction alternatives. Paypal remains the simplest alternatives for a straight forward online payment.

Digital River is an option for businesses that want to offer a shopping cart and checkout option on their business site but don’t want to deal with Paypal. 2checkout.com is the ideal Paypal alternative for businesses that want to be able to accept credit card payments without creating accounts with each credit card company. AlertPay is a great alternative for small businesses who need to process bank transfers, direct deposits and other banking transactions and payments. TrialPay is a pretty different Paypal alternative that allows merchants a chance to market their products for free trials followed by a direct payment to you when the trial is over. E-Junkie is a shopping cart delivery program that takes a customers payment at checkout and processes it directly to you without any middle man charging additional processing fees.

E-Commerce 101

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With the massive movement of business into the online market, many individuals are considering making the jump to online retail. However, the online marketplace can be massive and confusing to people who are unfamiliar with this way of doing business. Though it can take months or years to master the principles of e-commerce, individuals should make sure to observe the following tips when starting their own business.

The first and most important thing is to do your research. Whatever product or service you decide to sell on the internet, examine the demand for the supply. Search around and see what other people are offering in the same field. Examine the prices that they set their products at. Once the research is completed, an individual will more completely understand the market that they are getting themselves into it.

After the marketplace has been examined, many different skills need to be acquired and this can be found across the internet. Some of the basic skills that need to be acquired include software selection and web page design, payment practices and how this relates to privacy concerns, promotion and advertisement, and site safety issues. Users should be familiar with all these e-commerce issues before commencing. More advanced users should look into keyword advertisement and search engine optimization.

While there are many skills (listed here and more that can be found elsewhere) that are integral to e-commerce success, nothing is more important than providing a high quality product that individuals will want to use.

Alternative To Ebay

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Ebay has enjoyed a great deal of success during its fourteen-year existence as an Internet auction site. However, there are an increasing number of alternatives to Ebay for those who want a simpler and more cost-efficient selling atmosphere.

The first is Craigslist. Craigslist’s classifieds are much simpler to create than Ebay’s and cost nothing to list and no commission when the item sells. Craigslist eliminates the auction format of Ebay and requires only a simple listing which expires after 30 days – the item can then be re-listed. The local nature of Craigslist classifieds considerably narrows the pool of potential buyers, but also simplifies or eliminates the need for shipping. Because Craigslist does not require membership to list an item, it is ideal for those who wish to guard personal information.

The second is Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is an increasingly popular way to buy and sell textbooks, apartments, furniture, and everything else. Like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace uses straight price listings instead of an auction format and is also locally based. Listings on Facebook Marketplace are also free of charge and commission, but you must be a member of Facebook.

The third is Amazon.com’s Marketplace. Nearly anything can be sold through the Marketplace, although there is no specified category for clothing. Amazon Marketplace costs nothing to list an item but charges a commission, per-transaction fee, and closing fees. Amazon Marketplace reaches a wider market than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, but could end up significantly reducing sale profits through various fees.

Ebay May Be Forced To Shutdown Skype

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Because of a licensing dispute with Skype, a popular Internet telephony service, eBay has revealed that it may become necessary to shut the facility down. This causes concern for more than 40 million subscribers around the globe who use it for business purposes and for equally important personal calls to relatives and friends. Since Skype carries about eight percent of international voice traffic, it is the biggest provider of this kind of service, it dominates Internet telephony, and the application is bundled with more than 50 brands of phones.

When eBay purchased Skype in 2005 for $2.6 billion, the agreement did not include a core component that powers the software. eBay now licenses this technology from Joltid, a new company formed by the founders of Skype, who want to revoke the licensing agreement. The case is now before the English High Court of Justice, and eBay wants to compel Joltid to permit their use of this component to continue. At the same time, eBay has notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that it will probably have to abandon Skype altogether.

While eBay is trying to develop software that would be a workable alternative to the one licensed via Joltid, it also points out that this attempt may be unsuccessful and would also be costly. If eBay does not prevail, loses the right to use Joltid’s software, and cannot produce a suitable alternative, it is clear that running the telephone service as it is used today may become impractical.

The Best Time To Build An Ecommerce Site?

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If you have thought about venturing into the world of small business, and want to sell your products online, when is the best time to build an ecommerce site? The answer for the majority of business owners is still as soon as you have something to sell. The reason being is that it takes time to build up a customer base and traffic to your website. As long as you have something to sell, and a system of selling your product such as PayPal, you can start now on building up traffic and word of mouth.

While it does take time and money to build an ecommerce site, it is also a form of advertising. By printing your web address on promotional material you give your customers, you can inform them of new products lines and developments, and create another venue in which to display your full product line. Many customers will search for a product online before they head into a retail store to make a final purchase. In this way the internet has become a sort of yellow pages of the 21st Century, where you can provide more information than simply business hours and store location on your website.

Although the world of ecommerce includes a lot of big players like Ebay and Amazon, you can build yourself a virtual store on one of these websites to promote your business. If you offer specialized services such as legal services or other types services, your ecommerce site can help you provide business details in a non-intimidating environment, especially for consumers who want to thoroughly research a service or a product before they buy. Also, by maintaining an ecommerce site, it demonstrates dedication to your business, and that you are open when it comes to talking about what type of work your business does. You can even post testimonials on your ecommerce site from customers.

What Will The Future Of Ecommerce Look Like?

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For anyone who invested with technology companies in the 1990’s, the new world of ecommerce as championed by online retailers like Amazon.com was supposed to obliterate the brick and mortar store. Indeed many traditional store owners raced to sell their products on their own websites by advertising, “Now Available Online”, to as many of their customers as possible. Global barriers were meant to be a thing of the past, as were shopping malls. While the great recession has certainly put a damper on plans to build more shopping malls, brick and mortar stores still prosper and the world of ecommerce is being dominated on the business to customer level by a couple of big players, such as Amazon and Ebay.

No longer do business owners need to hire a web-designer to maintain their own website, although many do, but it is easier to sell through an established online seller like Ebay which enjoys a large amount of internet traffic. Has the world of ecommerce gone through a period of evolution will only a dozen or so big players have survived?

The answer is: Not yet. There are still amazing opportunities for vendors to open a small to medium sized ecommerce sites to sell niche items which need a national basis to be productive, such as selling unicycles or specialty lava lamps. Many such retailers also have a virtual store on a site like Ebay. In addition, the world of business to business ecommerce is set for growth in the coming decade, which may exceed the more visible business to customer ecommerce.