Shopping Voucher Codes

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A growing trend online is the appearance of Shopping Voucher Codes. Do not confuse them with discount vouchers by any means. Those are given by e-commerce sites to existing repeat customers to encourage them to keep making purchases there.

Shopping Voucher Codes are more designed to drive traffic to a site with an incentive for purchase. They are a combination of letter and numbers, which the user can enter at the site they are visiting. When entered, it immediately grants the visitor a certain amount of credit, which the visitor can then utilize to purchase items. Usually the sum is enough to buy a very small item or just short of the cost of the smallest item. This compels the visitor to make the purchase because a fair amount of the cost has been discounted.

This is actually a good way of offering incentives to users instead of offering cash or some meaningless gift. Websites who have regular visitors and want to give them a reward for their loyalty usually offer Shopping Voucher Codes. This is a smart method to employ, as the technology that needs to be in place is minimal. After all, the Shopping Voucher Codes can easily be generated and verified by the business. If you own a few websites that, you would like to drive traffic to or if you have a partnership with another ecommerce site this would be a great method to consider as it requires very little effort but almost guarantees a sale where the customer ends up.

Business Credit Card Processing

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E-commerce is not something we think twice about today. Some people make purchases occasionally while some make the majority of their purchases online. This is because the process of purchasing has been made easy. All you need to do is enter your credit card details and from then on, it is only a matter of days before your product arrives. Compare this to mailing a check, waiting for it to be processed and verified, and then the product being shipped to you. Now you can see why e-commerce would not have grown at this speed.

If you are running an online business, it is important to pick the right provider for your online transactions. Pricing is a major concern that you should address, as there are many fees and charges with any transaction. This is normal, as the provider does have to incur some costs to process the transaction. However, not all providers have the same rates, so shop around until you find a few that suit your purse and business model. You should find a bank that offers merchant accounts, as this will provide you additional security in your business transactions. Once you do this, make sure that their gateway system is compatible with your shopping cart software, as you do not want any errors happening during the transaction.

Before you sign any agreements, have your attorney go through the details and keep you informed of any issues that you might encounter. This is very important, as you must understand exactly what terms you are agreeing to and what liabilities you may have to face if something goes wrong.

Five Advertising Techniques for Your Online Business

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The first thing you have to understand about running an online business is that no one can find you without a link. It is virtually the same situation as running a small business from your apartment without any signage or advertising outside. This is why search engine optimization and marketing are vital to businesses as they offer one of the best ways to put your business on the map. Nevertheless, what can you do if you cannot afford paid advertising or any of these methods? Well, you can resort to other methods.

Look around the internet for free classified services. You will find several classifieds that will suit your purpose so feel free to use them all. Craigslist is one such website that is extremely popular and will give you good exposure.

Fish around for some free publicity in your town. Ask your local newspaper if they would like to cover a story on your operation.
Use your car. Put signage around it promoting your website. If you can afford to, hand out T-shirts that have your website address printed on it.
Cross promote. If you sell photo frames, try talking to a photography studio that will promote your business. In return, you can promote theirs.

Utilize your networks. Get your friends and family to help you promote your business through word of mouth. Use gimmicks like coupons and free offers. Make things interesting enough and you will see plenty of traffic coming through.

How to Sell On Ebay and Make Money

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The way to go about successfully selling on eBay is to make smart choices. One of those smart choices is picking the right product to sell. There are many ways to figure this out and the popular method is to use the “hit and miss” strategy where you keep trying different products until you find a winner. However, this article is about making smart choices, and that involves asking several questions.

1. Does it have a high resale value? – Do not bother selling four to five dollar items where you make only a one-dollar profit. It is not worth your time, so concentrate on a better product where you can have a higher margin.

2. Is it too big? Pick items that are easy to ship and not too big. This will enable you to keep shipping costs down while maximizing profits.

3. Is it low cost? Buy the items for as low as possible and then sell it for as much as possible without being too greedy. For example, getting an item for 50 dollars and then selling it for 150 dollars is the way to go.

4. Is the stock too big? Never buy a large quantity of the items. Buy about 10, put it up for sale and see how it goes. If the item is selling quickly, then order some more and so on. Never have stock sitting in a warehouse incurring storage costs.

Asking questions like these can help you make money faster in a legal manner. Picking the right item is not very easy, but by putting thought into it and by making informed decisions you will soon arrive at the ideal choice.

Top Three Success Tips for Your Wholesale Drop Ship Online Venture

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Drop shipping is an excellent way to cut costs and increase profits. However, there are a few points that you should consider when engaging in a drop shipping venture:

Employ multiple suppliers – Successful online vendors like eBay employ many different vendors. This is mainly due to the volume that they handle but also because of the variety of products in their portfolio. This is an example to be followed, as offering a diversified portfolio of products will bring you more customers than focusing on just one niche product. This will ensure that you appeal to a wide variety of people.

Hit the correct market – If you look around, you will see that most of the fast selling products are Hair & Beauty products. This is because women tend to buy more from the site that they are currently on. Rather than go to 10 different sites to buy 10 different things, they will buy everything in one place. They are also impulse buyers who are likely to buy another product along with the one they purchased even if it was not in their original agenda to be bought.

Increase reliability – The suppliers you employ must be absolutely reliable. Their trustworthiness and reliability are a reflection on you. If the product does not get to the destination on time or arrives in a bad condition, it is your reputation that suffers and not theirs.
The points illustrated here involve a lot of common sense. By constantly thinking about how you are running your business and always trying to evolve, you will be successful in staying ahead of the competition.

Merchant Accounts – Rates and Fees

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Obtaining a Merchant Account is not a simple process. A good understanding of the matter is essential to avoid losses in the long term as hidden costs emerge. The main things to consider when evaluating a Merchant Account provider are rates and fees.

Researching online and talking to a representative are good ways to begin, but you should never take anything they say for granted. This does not mean the representative is lying or nor does it mean that the information on their website is untruthful. What you should actually do is take their information, read between the lines and form your own opinions about what they are not saying.

More often than not, your own misinterpretation of the conditions offered by the provider will result in paying vast amounts in rates and fees. For example, a processing rate advertised may only cover transactions involving debit cards, which mean that credit card processing rates will be different and cost you more. Therefore, you should look around further to find a provider who has different rates for each type of card that suits your budgetary requirements. You should also keep in mind that processing rates are only one component and that different types of cards involve individual calculations inherent to those types.

The bottom line: Never assume anything but get all doubts and queries clarified. The task of choosing a provider may seem daunting at first, but as you delve into the subject and gain a deeper understanding, your choice will become simpler and you will be able to make a smart decision.

Micro Payments 101

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E-commerce today is a way of life. We go online and search for what we want, research it, find the best deal and buy. The process is usually as simple as going down to the local store and purchasing with your credit card except that you stand a better chance to make an informed decision about the product. The process of online purchase wasn’t always this way.

In the late 90’s the online transaction methods fell through due to the many errors while processing the transactions and quirky ways that each country handled the financial process. It was at this point that third party companies like PayPal started to emerge and offer to be the middleman in the financial transactions. Although difficult at first, these companies have slowly gained the trust of consumers and suppliers. The level of trust is reflected in the sheer volumes of transactions that take place daily on The Internet.

Micropayments are financial transactions that deal with very small amounts of money. Due to certain practical limitations, the current minimum transaction limits are around $12. This has more to do with processing costs than anything else. The ability to buy products for relative small costs has enabled the online economy to boom, a reason why companies like PayPal are constantly trying to bring down the minimum transaction amount. Another reason for the boom is the increased security employed by these middleman companies, which offers accountability and peace of mind to the consumer.

The internet has turned the world into one virtually localized market, where the physical location of the supplier and consumer has become irrelevant. Micropayments are one of the key factors that has enabled this growth of the global market.

Why Offer 360-Degree Images?

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There are various trends on the internet when it comes to selling a product. One trend that is growing is that of providing a 360-degree image of the product.The 360-degree image will serve to enhance the customer’s experience. The model should be able to rotate, swivel, etc so that the customer can explore then entire product their heart’s content. This way there will be no surprises if and when they do purchase to product. Usually the reason for product returns is that the product that the customer receives by mail is different physically or in perception from the one that they saw online. By giving a 360-degree image to explore with, both you and the customer can avoid disappointment.By providing a 360-degree image, you also increase your standing in the customer’s mind. When it comes to a decision between you and a competitor who has a similar product, but no360-degree image on their website, you immediately gain the upper hand. A recent study conducted by Retailer Magazine reveals that “360-degree images implemented in eCommerce sites increased conversion rates by about 13% across the board”. A 13% increase is a significant figure whether you are a small business or large.If you are not proficient in using any 3D software to create the models, there are plenty of companies who will do it for you. Typically the service will cost you around $150, but can vary depending on the complexity of the project.Whichever way you choose to do this, you will find that it enhances the selling power of your product.

Design – Live Chat is an Asset

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No matter how well you design your ecommerce website, sometimes you need that extra push to get that sale done. In a physical shop this extra push would be done by a sales clerk by striking up a conversation with the customer. This same effect can be re-enacted on your website by using a live chat feature.Engaging the customer is a key technique in selling. This is because most customers want reassurance that what they are buying is truly what they need. If there is no engagement other than a description and a few pictures, the chances are that the customer will shop around. This also means that once they leave you have probably lost the sale as well. But by using the live chat feature they will be able to clear any doubts they have about the product. This might include questions on warranty, price, functionality, shipping, etc, in short anything that they are too lazy to click a link and find out or did and could not find. According to studies, 40% of people who do use the live chat feature on ecommerce sites are regular online shoppers.Using live chat will only serve to enhance the customers experience and never hinder it. As the feature is available for use and not pushed in the customer’s face it is an ideal deal closer. While not everyone will use the live chat feature, those who do will appreciate it.