The fundamentals of SEO

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With a search engine on the internet, all you have to do is enter the words of a topic that you are looking for, or as it is popularly known in technical jargon as a keyword. Within a matter of seconds, you receive a huge list of sites that would most likely contain the information that you would like to have access to.

And by understanding this, it’s obvious that the goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make sure that your site reaches the top of that search list, without having to invest in advertisements.

But what steps does one have to take to achieve this objective?

Here are five SEO fundamentals that are a must before you dig any deeper:

1. Quality content – The content on your site has to cater to what people want/ need, and it has to be crafted professionally.

2. No duplication of text – Adding content to your site that is available exactly as it is presented on other sites. Duplication of content (copying) is a bad idea, and will be counterproductive to your efforts in raising your visibility.

3. Backlinks – Always link your site to other sites, especially if these sites are considered to be a good site according to the ranking by search engines. Google’s main algorithm called PageRank is based on linking algorithm, the more links and the better the more popular sites linking to you the better

4. Good title tags – Being an integral part of search engine optimization, what is important by the meaning ‘good’ is that the title should summarize the content of the page well.

5. No Frames or Javascript for Content – As the content needs to be seen to be indexed, adding frames to your site will not help this. Javascript for Content does not help either.

Advertising on other websites

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Any business requires visibility, and one way to achieve this is by advertising your products or services on third-party websites that are known to generate a lot of traffic. Normally, you will have to contact the webmasters of these sites to determine the costs involved in taking such a course of action. Although, these negotiations with several website owners concerning costs, return of investment and other issues can be painstakingly tedious but it helps you keep your options open when Plan A will not give you the results that you desire.

These ads normally come in the form of banners that are placed in strategic areas of the site, either in text of graphical format. They are normally placed at the top or in the right margin, and can be static or animated in nature while also appearing in rotation with other ads.
Vital to the success of the ad (meaning, getting more visitors to your site) is where the ad is placed, its design and importantly whether the ad is related to the content available on the page that it is being displayed on.

Another big plus with online advertising is that you can moderate and monitor your spending based on revenue models that are available to the buyer. Some of these are Cost per mille, cost per visitor, cost per view, cost per click, cost per action, cost per lead, cost per order, cost per order and cost per conversion.

No matter which revenue model you pick, your focus should be to spend on ads on websites where you can reach prospective, qualified buyers of your product or service while carefully checking the effectiveness of these ads while willing to make changes or experiment further, if the need arises.

Using an Auto Responder

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Ever receive one of those ‘canned responses’ that inform you of a person’s unavailability, as they are on a vacation for a particular duration. This is one of the simplest examples of an auto-responder that you should have come across if you have been using email for some time now. Not only that, this option is made available on most email programs, for your use if you also decide to take a vacation or business trip yourself.

However, the first forms of email auto-responders were used when an email could not delivered successfully, which you would have come across as well.

When it comes to using auto-responders for your business, it can save large amounts of time making it a very useful tool to keep handy especially since you will not have time to personally respond to each email that you receive from your customers. All you have to do is prepare the email that you would like to use as a response, and let the software works its magic every time a customer contacts you.

Apart from just using it to respond to queries from customers, it can also be used to generate new leads by sending marketing and product messages to email addresses on a mailing list, conduct simple polls to make your product or service better, deliver training courses as well as multi-part courses, publish ezines, newsletters or articles and the list goes on and on.

With the obvious benefits of using an auto-responder, no wonder someone said that time is money, all for a small fee that can alleviate stress that can caused due to repetitive tasks, while seamlessly presenting your product or service to a large audience at the mere click of a button.

Marketing Your Site through Pay per Click

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With the age of technology upon us, more and more businesses are promoting their products and services using the powerful medium of the internet to reach millions of potential customers. Banner and rich media ads, social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, optin email advertising are some of the methods employed to attract customers.

However, when it comes to bringing customers to your site, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can take a while to bear fruit in order for your site to appear at the top of the listings according to the keyword that the internet user has searched for.

And this is where pay per click advertising works wonders! Pay per click advertising of website works this way. If a website is being hosted by a search engine, as soon as a potential customer clicks on one of their ads which subsequently leads to their site, the host is paid a certain amount of money each time this occurs.

Most experts think that instead of employing the PPC internet advertising model as a fill-in until your website begins to attract traffic from search engines, a business can find success through this form of advertising alone.

Apart from the search engine giving your ads priority for a particular keyword, thus you can generate additional traffic to your site, while also being able to analyze return on investment. What you need to be cognizant of is the choice of keywords that can bring potential leads to your website.

Among all these benefits, the only caveat being that since some keywords are hard to obtain (normally going to the highest bidder), this experiment can turn out to be a costly one before you begin to get a steady stream of customer through your SEO strategy.

Promoting your Yahoo store

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One of the ways by which you could become a successful online businessperson is by owning a Yahoo store. Merely owing a Yahoo store will not be sufficient to achieve success. You should constantly market and promote the store, and the key is to adopt a suitable marketing and advertising strategy to achieve success.

You can use the Yahoo store Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to advertise and promote your online store. The PPC advertisements in a PPC campaign will be served as sponsored search results by search engines and affiliate sites. The ads are driven and displayed based on the keywords searched by users. You only have to pay when the user clicks on a specific advertisement. Clicking on your ads will redirect the users to your store’s landing page, which will then have to do the convincing and selling.

The PPC campaign results can be seen immediately. This is an important reason why PPC, though being a little expensive, is favored over other marketing campaigns like SEO and organic SEO. Aim for achieving a higher ROI and acquiring customers at lower costs.

In addition to promoting your Yahoo store online using PPC campaigns, you also need to promote it offline. Make use of any traditional advertising strategies like print ads, brochures, flyers, visiting cards etc.

Hiring the services of a professional or a PPC firm to handle your PPC account will increase your chances of achieving more leads to customer conversions and sales. All it takes is a bunch of rich keywords and correct marketing techniques to promote your Yahoo store and you will become a successful online entrepreneur in no time at all.

How much is a domain name worth

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The identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control in the Internet, is known as a domain name. Listed below are some key parameters that are considered in determining the value of a domain name:

Structure – The easiest to assess is the gross structure of the domain name. It’s also the easiest to quantify.

Dot Value is first – dot com domain names are worth more than the dot net or dot org names.
Domain names beginning with i-, e-, or v- are of lower value than the domain name without them.

Length – Short names are more valuable. Any name containing over 15 characters is best avoided.
Hyphens and Numbers in the domain name will reduce the perceived value.

Industry Relevance – Domain names that would immediately make a customer understand what products or services are being offered will fetch a higher value.

Clarity – A domain name should have clarity when people hear it. Lack of confusion adds value.

Positive Tone adds value – Domain names that sound positive have a higher value than names with words that have a negative connotation.

Easy to remember – Buyers always look for domain names that are catchy and stay longer in the minds of the users.

Marketability – Even the clearest and most memorable domain names in the world will not have any takers. Pricing and flexibility are some key factors in marketing your domain name.

Trademark Infringement – Domain names that might infringe on trademarks or are already involved in conflicts will reduce the value of a domain name dramatically.

Traffic and Revenue – The worth of an existing web site’s domain name can be determined by the amount traffic and revenue generated currently.

Amazon Kindle, Sony and Barnes And Nobles eBook Readers Sold Out

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An eBook reader is an electronic device that can reads digital books, newspapers, magazines and personal documents. Some of its not-so-obvious advantages are its portability, battery life that can run for almost a week, and the ability to use it flawlessly even in bright sunlight. Other advantages include allowing the reader to make notes of his favorite lines as well.

Amazon’s eBook reader is called Kindle, while its two competitors are the Nook and the Sony Reader. These products are a huge hit in the eBook reader market where all three products sold out to the extent that they went out of stock well before the holiday season.
Nook was the first product that sold out all its units, after which the Sony Reader went out of stock as well. This gave Amazon a clear edge to make some profits but just like its competitors, its product sold out due to the overwhelming demand for the product. Though industry experts predicted that gifting eBook readers could be a popular trend especially during the holiday season, they agreed that it was difficult to predict the demand during the other months.

The eBook readers are priced in the range of $199 to $499 and some devices have a 3G connection with WiFi facilities built in. The eBook readers also have a built-in memory and the option to expand if required. The latest entrant in this competition is Apple, which has recently launched its eBook reader iPad, which is expected to have unique and very useful features.

Top eCommerce Trends of 2009

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2009 was a difficult year for online retailers who bore the brunt of the economic downturn, as online spending experienced zero growth during the first quarter. The retailers though were able to sail through the downturn by adopting certain strategies that have become trends.

Cross Selling
Today, e-commerce is not just about customers visiting your site, but is about engaging customers, which ultimately leads to making a sale. Links to other recommended products has been a successful strategy to keep your customer’s attention.

Using the Social Media
2009 is a year that saw more effort being spent on blogging and Twittering as this is a low-cost strategy that provides a higher return-on-investment. The year also saw many ecommerce sites being promoted directly on social networking sites like Myspace and Facebook.  If you need to learn more on social media marketing, read the iClimber blog. iClimber also offers social media marketing services.

Mobile and Smart Phone Applications
2009 saw the growth and potential of mobile and smart phone applications. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to build applications. Mobile users are hooking up to the idea of ordering their favorite food or paying their bills while being on the move.

It has become very important for an ecommerce page to be ranked by a search engine. Revamping websites by uploading content constantly shows how important SEO rankings are, as a top priority in 2009. Learn more about SEO at the Submit Express SEO Forum. Submit Express also offers search engine marketing services, such as SEO and PPC.

One of the success factors in ecommerce has always been security. With more and more mobile applications being built, security of data and back up remain key concerns for e-tailers with customers expecting a higher degree of security.