The Importance of Web Analytics

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Web analytics is a great tool, but it must be used properly in order for it to be useful. Let us look at an example comparing a real world visit to a store and a visit to an online store.

A customer walks into a store and walks around looking at products. They may be there for just a minute or they may browse around for an hour. At the end of the time period they may or may not buy something. For the store owner, there is no information beyond the fact that someone came in and if a purchase was made, then that information is there too.

In an online business with web analytics the store owner will know
– Which page the customer came from
– what pages they looked at
– how long they spent on each page
– what purchases they made
– the geographical location of the customer, etc

However, all this amounts to just data if the store owner does not know what to do with it. What they should be doing is looking at each section of data and asking the question “Why?”

For example, if 60% of the visitors leave after viewing the homepage, then the reason for that has to be investigated. Perhaps the homepage is cluttered, perhaps it has the wrong information or it is misleading or maybe it is just too complicated. Whatever the reason is, it has to be fixed. In the same manner, every bit of the analytical data that is presented has to be analyzed this way. By doing this, a great deal of information can be gleaned from web analytics which can ultimately help the business move forward.

Privacy Policies

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Operating an online business means conforming to certain rules and regulations. One such regulation is the Privacy Policy. In the U.S. the law states that you have to display the privacy policy in a clear location. This means that the visitors to the site should be able to find the link to the privacy policy easily. Failure to do so will result in a serious fine.

Having a privacy policy displayed is a criterion that other businesses look at when they consider doing business with you. Ultimately, your credibility reflects on theirs so this is a crucial point. For example, Google will not take advertisements from websites that do not have a privacy policy in place.
A privacy policy should ideally:

1. Describe to visitors how data is collected about visitors to the site.
2. Describe the data that is being collected.
3. Explain the purpose for which it being collected, where it will be stored and how the storage is handled.
4. Explain how this data will be shared with any third parties.
5. Explain how credit card details are handled in the event that the site does online transactions.

Consult a lawyer, if you can afford to, when formulating the privacy policy. If you are unable to, then there are many resources online that will help you get under way. There are even some WordPress plugins that help you do this.

Although required by law in some countries, it is always a good practice to include a privacy statement on your website even if not required by the law in the country you operate from. How personal data is handled is an extremely sensitive issue and your visitors or customers will appreciate you and trust you more for having a privacy policy implemented.

Why Your Business Needs a Web Store

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If you run a business and have not put a Web store or ecommerce website, then you may have wasted precious time. Web stores are a great way of increasing your bottom line. Here are some reasons why:

1. Web stores have a global reach. Customers can come to you from down the street, across town, from another country halfway around the world, etc. This effectively means that your customer base has expanded into the millions.

2. Time. Your physical store may be open from 9 to 5, but your Web store is open 24/7, 365 days a year. So no matter what time it or what day it is, customers can make an order. This brings more opportunities for you.

3. New opportunities. With recession cutting jobs and cost of living rising every day, many people are extremely conscious of their spending. Even going to a store in a vehicle is a cost so many consumers are now electing to stay at home and get their products delivered. With a Web store you too can tap into that market.

4. Information. A web store is a great way to spread information about products. The more information a customer has the more confident they will feel about it. Once again you increase your chances of a sale.

5. Easy setup. With many instant Web store software available, it is an easy task to set up. Once it is up and running, the maintenance costs are very low and negligible.

If any of these reasons seem to make sense to you, then you should consider setting up a Web store for your business. However, if you feel unconfident about it, seek an IT professionals advice before you begin this venture.

IT Companies in Los Angeles

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IT support and outsourcing has been an ongoing practice ever since computers have taken over the business place. Regardless of whether, this is a large or small business unit, the need for computers has given rise to an automated form of working as opposed to the manual tasks that were performed earlier.

There’s no doubt that the Silicon Valley has largely contributed to evolution of the IT industry which has spread like wild fire from the city of San Francisco to IT companies in Los Angeles and everywhere else in the world.

For businesses, the Los Angeles IT outsourcing market offers many opportunities to get a team of IT professionals on board at nominal costs, without needing to hire in-house technical support. Of course, IT outsourcing is all about cost reduction and delegation of work often due to the lack of resources that consulting companies will gladly fill in for. Not only does this help large organizations to complete their tasks, and make progress but it also results in being able to hire people who have the necessary expertise in IT support as well.

Thus, as customers especially in the Los Angeles area, one can find help in the form of orange county IT support offered by several businesses in the area.

So if you need assistance with setting up an IT network for your business, help is never far away.

Samsung Battery Charger… gone?

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tilt-swivel-wall-mount.jpgWith a wide range of electronics that is offered these days, from mobile phones to PCs and from printers to camcorders, it is important for a company that makes these products to make allowances for times when things need to be repaired or replaced regardless of whether the warranty period is over or not by making required parts and accessories.One example is the Samsung Water Filter, which is an important component that is required for your refrigerator to work flawlessly, and will not work without. Not surprisingly your Samsung Battery Charger can also get lost, thanks to moments of carelessness.When it comes to the Samsung Wall Mount, this is essential to position your new television set (the preferred choice being Samsung, of course) in a manner that is suitable for your viewing pleasure.Another product that comes to mind is the Samsung Wireless Receiver SWA4000 which is pretty handy for those who do not enjoy tripping over wires in the dark, while watching their favorite flick using their home theater system. When you add this rear-channel amplifier (wireless, of course) to your home theater system, you’ll be able to enjoy surround sound without that ‘where angels fear to tread’ feeling haunting you.All these accessories can be found over the internet (at a price, of course) and will be sent to you at the earliest just so you are able to enjoy the hard earned money you’ve spent on these products.

Start a Fire Sale

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Sometimes you need to make money really fast. This could be due to an unexpected expense, perhaps your spouse’s birthday, etc. One of the best and safest ways to make money is to have an online fire sale. The perennial favorite for this type of ecommerce is eBay. However, the problem with eBay is the cost; you have to pay for everything you list there.

A good alternative is Amazon. The advantage you have here over eBay is that you only pay if you sell the product. So there is no listing fee and therefore, no cost to you. But with all the stuff on Amazon, why would anyone want to buy your product? Well, it could be because the product you offer is no longer available on Amazon or anywhere else. This is usually the situation with almost all collectors’ items. If you do possess something like that, you can make a lot of money. Another reason why people would want to buy from you would be the price. If you have used the product and maintained it well, you can still ask for a decent price which is below the price of a new one. This would prompt the user to buy from you instead due to the price variation.

Always remember that the users browsing Amazon are there to buy or are thinking about buying. This is the best type of traffic any website would like. So when you put up your product, sweeten the deal a little bit. For example, if you are selling your digital camera you should throw in your camera bag as well as a bonus. This will tip the scales in your favor.