Why a Loyal Brand Following is Important

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It is no doubt that today’s online business world is a cutthroat industry. If you can do it well, someone else will do it better. So where does the business come from? How do you make money? The answer, as it is with many successful brick-and-mortar businesses, is repeat customers.
Repeat customers do not come to a store for the pricing. They come there because they feel comfortable and because they trust the store. This is exactly what is needed for an online store to be successful. Amazon may not be the best place to shop online, but it gets unmatched numbers in direct traffic. This is due to a successful and long standing brand building system. This, along with good experiences and word of mouth, have gone along to build a loyal brand following.

Faced between an unknown website selling a Nikon DSLR camera for $375 and Amazon selling it for $425, customers will often choose the latter even though it is priced higher. This highlights the need for every online marketer to strive towards the human relationship element more than ever.
Don’t bother with the lowest of low prices tactic. This does not work anymore as many online vendors differ by only a few dollars. Focus more on the value you can add to the product. Increased security in the transaction phase is definite plus, as is a 24 hour hotline service. Although it is not an easy task to build brand loyalty, it is the most rewarding of methods in the long term and will ensure that your business does not turn into a fly by night operation.

Online Pitfalls

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Shopping online offers a convenience that many dreamed about until a few years ago. Staying at home, sitting comfortably and making purchases with a few mouse clicks, is a great way to make purchases. However, there are a few things you should watch out for and take precautions against.

1. Credit card scams – This is a constant threat that you should always worry about. Fraudulent websites or malware can steal your credit card details. To avoid this, always make sure you do a background check on the website and their business.

2. Credibility – Checking the credibility of the website is always important. Apart from the issue mentioned above, you also need to check on how good the quality of the product is. For example, receiving goods that are scratched or damaged in anyway represents a major hassle for any customer. If the company is known to regularly send goods this way, you will soon know about it by doing a little bit of research.

3. Don’t buy everything – Avoid items that need certain verifications by you. For example, Clothing. Buying a shirt, jeans, t-shirts etc online can be a bit of a hit and miss experience. These are things that need to be tried on so that you know they fit. You are better off purchasing them at a bricks and mortar store to avoid complications.

4. Timing – Internet purchases are liable to time delays. Therefore you should make allowance for this. Otherwise you need to be particular, and buy from website that guarantee delivery in a specified amount of time or have 24/7 live support.

eCommerce tips – Improving SEO (part 1/2)

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Sometimes, it is easy to forget that SEO is an ongoing process. As such, certain aspects of your website tend to be neglected. Here are some things you should consider improving to keep your SEO working for you.

1. Update your site map. When you constantly update your site (adding and deleting pages), the site map can quickly get outdated. You should pay constant attention to this component as it is something that your customers will refer to.

2. Describe your products well. It is disappointing that most websites resort to displaying the standard description that comes with the product. Make an effort to write your own description or at least try to expand the description so that it has more substance. The idea is to give the customer as much information as possible. This will also make you stand out more.

3. Anchor it. Your “read more” links should be more than just the generic link to more info. Use your Anchor Text effectively here. Not only will it be more useful to your customer, it will also help you in your SEO efforts.

4. Singular and Plural. Remember that search engines look the singular and plural versions of a keyword differently. For example, to them ring” and “rings” are two different words. To use this to your advantage, use the plural on the main page (i.e.: “Our gallery of rings”) and use the singular on the product page (i.e.: “The Infinity ring”)

5. Simple URL’s. Instead of having a long URL full of numbers and signs, change it into an understandable one. For example, www.myringsite.com/Infinity_ring instead of www.myringsite.com/products/category5/productid?id=5wsh123cd&store=26blue17s&oh=bro47781nad41e169&code=91cngtd112256778

Get That Sale!

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If you are thinking of getting into Ecommerce or have just gotten into it, there are few things you should know. A sale can be lost at multiple points. Form the starting point of advertising to the end point of the actual sale, you have to be vigilant and ensure that you do everything possible to close the sale. Let us focus on the final point of the sale.

The order form or shopping cart. This should be clearly visible and easy to access. Do not lose the customer after they have made the decision to buy. Make sure that it is visible on all pages. After all, what have you got to lose by putting a link on every page?

Payments. Accept everything. Don’t limit your site to only VISA or MasterCard or PayPal. Ensure that you can accept all sorts of payment methods. The customer at this point has already made up their mind to make the purchase. Why would you want to lose a sale at this point after you’ve done all the hard work?

Security. Slap on all the encryption and security features you can. This will give the customer a lot of confidence to make the purchase. Credit Card fraud is rampant and customers are often worried about making online purchases, so it is up to you assure them that it won’t happen on your site. Another thing you can do to give them confidence is to display credible testimonials. You should also have your contact information clearly displayed and easily accessible in case they need to contact you. The contractibility will also give them assurance.

Cal Net Technology Group CEO Receives NPA Award for Professionalism

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Cal Net Technology Group Founder and CEO Zack Schuler was presented with the Network Professional Association (NPA) Award for Professionalism on April 28, 2010. The prestigious award was handed out at NPA’s ninth annual Awards for Professionalism program during Interop Las Vegas.

The NPA recognizes the need for a quality IT consultant in Los Angeles for small and mid-size companies. According to the NPA, the Professional Excellence and Innovation Award “honors the network computing professional who has made the most effective combination of the ideals of professionalism and the innovative use of networking technology and/or products for a particular networking project.”

The NPA awards for IT companies in Los Angeles were held in conjunction with a dinner at the China Grill in the Mandalay Bay. Attendees included consortium partners and past and present winters.

“Zack’s leadership, dedication and focus have helped build Cal Net into a thriving company of talented technology consultants and engineers, relied upon by hundreds of businesses and considered by Microsoft as one of their top partners in Los Angeles,” said the NPA in a press release.

Cal Net provides small to mid-size companies in Southern California with technology consulting and IT computer services (including computer networking in Long Beach and Los Angeles.) Learn more at www.calnettech.com or call 866-999-2638.

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