Key Tips for Success

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1. Research – Running an online business is not a spur of the moment idea. With that kind of approach your business will die as fast it appeared. Give your venture a lot of thought. Identify what you want to sell, to whom you want to sell it to and at how much you want to sell it. Have a sound reasoning behind all these factors.

2. Budget – Plan your expenditure and set goals for your income. Obviously your business will not have money flowing in overnight, but you need to set yourself some goals or else you will be waiting forever and going bankrupt slowly.

3. Sales plan – You need to plan out what you are going to dangle in front of the customer and what you are going casually mention. The first product maybe small and inexpensive, but the second is probably where the big profit is.

4. Feed the need – Always ensure that you solve a customer’s problem, because when you do – you make a sale. From the customer’s point of view, you become a go to person and a trusted place to purchase from. Give them as much value as you can in your solution and you will stand out ahead of your competitors.

5. Follow up – Get your visitors and customers to join in an opt-in mailing list. Use this list to send informative material only. Do not waste their time and clog up their inbox’s. Build up your reputation as someone who does not spam.

6. Strategy – Plan out your marketing strategy and stick to it. Do not stray from it no matter how tempting it is. Once you have made decent amount of money, you can start looking at more expensive types of marketing strategies (like paid advertising).

Advantages of an Online Business

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An online business, done properly, can do wonders for an existing bricks-and-mortar business. Getting it started can be a daunting task, especially if you have very little or no knowledge of implementing an online store. But the difficult part really is only in the beginning. Once you get past this stage, you will need to spend far less time on it than you would on an offline business.

Once you set up the store you will quickly realize that you are suddenly on a level playing field. You may have been running your business from a small corner store, but on the internet that does not show. What does show is how well you have designed the site, how user friendly it is and how good your services are.

An online store allows you to reach a global audience. All at once, you will find yourself exposed to a vast customer base which you are free to plunder. The different time zones are never a factor, because your store is open 24/7/365. The tools that come along with any online site, help you analyze customer trends as well. This will give you enough feedback to know the profiles of your customer groups. This in turn will help you fine tune your website in order to focus more on those groups.

It is never too late to start your online venture. Even if there are a hundred different websites that sell the same product that you do, you can still be successful. All that is required to do so, is to find that unique selling point that sets you apart.

Need to buy a high def camcorder?

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For most people who are relatively new to photography, it can be confusing when it comes to purchasing a high def camcorder or even a simple digital camera with all the technical jargon that has come into being ever since the business of taking pictures requires a computer among other accessories.

While most professional photographers still prefer to use old cameras for that earthy feeling, digital cameras and camcorders allow amateurs to take the most sharp and clear pictures wherever necessary, making one look like a pro. However, it’s a different matter when it comes to storing these photographs that have been taken.

Sometimes it is tough for people to store pictures if they do not have a computer or the required application software that will help them keep a digital copy of the pictures taken but with the production of 35mm slide scanners, all that has changed.

All one has to do is place the slide into the scanner, watch it on the LCD display and save a 5 megapixel picture to an SD card. Yes, it is as simple as that instead of having to going through the motions of spending a lot of time (that you don’t have) using a digital film scanner to save pictures that you want to keep for a lifetime.

Strangely enough, with these devices around, one can make their lives easier with technology helping them to take better pictures of events and people that matter to them.

Need an ISO 9000 Consultant?

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caliso90001.jpgEven though quality is often considered subjective in the realm of business being different for different products and services can be defined as the ‘perception of the degree to which the product or service meets the customer’s expectations’.

Yes, that is what it most management gurus consider to be the secret to success – quality. However, since quantifying the quality of the product or service cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach, standards such as the ISO 9000 and Six Sigma have emerged in the last few years with the objective to push businesses to ensure that their product or service continually maintains the highest standards so as to meet their customers’ expectations.

Let’s say, a company meets the requirements of the standards of ISO 9001 (which is a part of the ISO 9000 family of standards), they can then publicly state that they are ISO 9001 certified or ISO 9001 registered. The same goes for the Six Sigma quality management standard as well.

However, the process in being certified is not completed in a day’s work as there are numerous details that have to be worked out, and it all begins in discussing the actions that need to be ISO compliant with an ISO 9000 Consultant.

Some of the basics include keeping a set of procedures that detail out and covers all key areas of business, monitoring key processes among others while also ensuring that the business focus remains on continual improvement as well.

Ecommerce Tips – Improving SEO (Part 2 of 2)

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Optimize – Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in getting visibility on search engines. There is a lot you can do with your website as well as other methods you can employ to maximize your SEO. Some of the other methods include article marketing, social bookmarking, forum marketing, etc. In other words, you have to try to get your website mentioned in as many different online environments as possible. The more links a search engine finds pointing back you, the better your ranking will be on a search result page.

Affiliate Marketing- Connections are as important in the virtual world as they are in the real world. In ecommerce getting traffic to flow to your website is very, very important. One of the ways you can do this is by working out deals with other websites. Generally this is known as affiliate marketing. This involves you compensating the person who sends traffic your way. Usually this remuneration is based on a percentage value. For example, if a person buys something from you for $20 and you have agreed to give 5 percent of the sale value to you affiliate, then all you have to do is give 50 cents to that person. Where this becomes lucrative for both of you is when there is a large volume of traffic that is sent from your affiliate of which a large amount makes purchases. For example, 100,000 visitors sent of which 20,000 make a $20 purchase each. This works out to $400,000 in total sales and $20,000 to your affiliate.

The IT support Orange County Paradigm

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calnettech4.jpgTechnology has become synonymous with business to the extent that simple tasks such as upgrades and IT support Orange County have become imperative to an organization’s productivity and progress. Since there are small startups and well-established business organizations, obviously the technical support required for these organizations cannot assume a one-size-fits-all approach.Among the several Los Angeles IT companies that offer an umbrella of services to client in need of outsourced IT support, these two types of businesses have to be approached differently, and by that it means, based on the expansion rate of the organization as well as the diversity of tasks to be handled and the overall numbers of PCs in the organization, a certain number of staff can be allotted to provide IT support to these companies.Obviously, larger firms require a larger number of IT professionals for a longer duration of time as opposed to the time and manpower required for smaller firms that requires Orange County IT support. In taking on both types of clients that require outsourced IT support, it is important that one build the right experience with the smaller business types before expanding to the larger ones.However, once the ball is set in motion, the objectives will remain the same such as increased productivity, safety of data and lastly but not the least, value for money as opposed to several competitors that are in the market. One way or another, the standards that any IT outsourcing company has to maintain is of the highest quality.

Simple Ecommerce Tips (Part 1 of 2)

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In ecommerce, your business can be at three levels.

1. Ahead of the game.
2. On par.
3. Not even on the radar.

While your final goal should be to get to the first level, your immediate goal should be to get to the second level as fast as possible. Doing this is not as hard as you think.

Social Media – Facebook and twitter are a big phenomenon at the moment. One of the simple secrets in ecommerce is learning to take advantage of emerging and popular technologies. The two social networking modes mentioned above will give you access to a wide market. It even allows you to target certain demographics and concentrate on them. Use this method wisely and you can easily get some great publicity and awareness. This method is also great for driving traffic to your website and to keep an open dialog with your customers.

Video – In terms of video marketing, there is no other place than YouTube to turn to. That website has firmly established itself as the go-to place to find anything from tutorials on PC hardware installations to cross stitching to rearing freshwater fish. So it makes sense to put up information about you and your company there. The videos can include product demonstrations, walkthroughs of the office, details on the manufacturing process, etc. However, your video won’t get popular on YouTube automatically and this is not your goal at all. The idea is to create awareness and promote the product and the company by using video as an enhancement. If you have done your social media work properly this shouldn’t be a problem at all.