The New Breed of Consumers

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Article by Sean Sarian of iClimber

The advent of the Internet has changed the way businesses operate; but more importantly, it has also influenced the way consumers make purchases both online and offline. Consumers are now more discerning and they are better informed. Understanding this new breed of consumers is essential for a business to succeed.

The amount of information that a consumer today has access to as compared to one a decade ago is tremendous. Due to this, a consumer is almost an expert on the product or service that they require before they even walk into a store or visit a website. They have access to multiple channels that can have information at their fingertips 24×7. The advances in mobile technology have also given consumers access to information from wherever in the world they may be.

Social media has had an immense impact on consumer behavior as well. Word of mouth has once again become a very influential factor in sales because of social media. People are not afraid to make their feelings public about a product, service or a business. The exposure that these comments get is vast and widespread.

Consumers are also increasingly becoming intent on having their choices or preferences included in a product or service. In one way this is great for businesses because they have a lot of feedback from the consumer. But on the other hand, by failing to implement a feature which the consumer sees as crucial will only see them defect to a competitor who has implemented it.

These are just a few broad factors that have ensured the evolution of the consumer. Only by understanding them and evolving with them can businesses expect to survive and thrive.

Uses of a GPS tracking device

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There are a number of uses (both personal and professional) for the GPS tracking device that has been a part of the navigation systems that the United States military has used for a while. With the 27 satellites in orbit, the global positioning system device tracks the coordinates of any ‘asset’ in real time.

So, you can imagine how useful this system can be for several businesses especially involving transport and so on and so forth. The beauty of using such a system is that it is as easy as the lojack to install and use, and several people who have use for GPS have installed and run the device themselves needing little assistance.

Since the system uses satellite tracking, the GPS antenna captures the signal and sends it to the unit that makes calculations, and thus providing the people who require the position of the vehicle to keep tabs on not just one but several vehicles at a time.

Another interesting use for the GPS system is its ability to locate and track the position of a lost or stolen property in the same way, and one can only imagine how useful this system can be.

One way or another, one can find several uses whether personal or commercially related for GPS, and not only does this save time but indirectly a lot of money as well.

Sell Your Used Circuit Breakers

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Due to serious environmental concerns, it is no longer acceptable to dispose of your excess electronically equipment by throwing it away in the trash. If you own used or broken ITE circuit breakers, consider selling them back to companies such as All Breakers Inc.

All Breakers offers several effective circuit breaker recycling programs that allow you to get rid of your excess electrical equipment (including circuit breakers) and receive cash for doing so. One of the most popular recycling programs is the straight sell program. Whether you have used FPE or Zinsco circuit breakers, the straight sell program allows you to provide the company will a list of identifiable items, and they will respond to you within 24-48 hours with a value. If you agree to the price, All Breakers will provide you with a purchase order and the funds.

Protecting Your Online Business from Legal Liabilities

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An online business is no different from a brick-and-mortar establishment. One can get legal claims for the slightest errors and negligence, so one must know how to protect one’s business from these that kill profit and cripple the business. First, make sure you and your customer support system provide true and updated information to your customers. A common lawsuit that can arise is related to false claims and advertisements. Customers have the right to basic information about your online company’s products or services, but you will need to make sure you are offering them correct information as any misinformation could easily lead to an outraged customer with a lawsuit in tow.

Make sure product descriptions and photos in your website are as real as what customers get when they make a purchase. Deliberately or even accidentally leaving out any details may be misinterpreted for scheming and scamming your customers. Next, reinforce strict information security on your website. Gaining and keeping customers is all about trust, and you will not gain their trust if their personal information such as email addresses, financial details and phone numbers are shared with a third-party that has nothing to do with the customer’s transactions. Social security numbers and financial information are extremely sensitive and must never leak out into other hands who could use such info for fraud or identity theft. Study your security practices and keep your programs geared towards this updated. Finally, consider insurance. Nowadays, it pays to look for the best type of insurance to protect your online business. Be sure you understand the coverage and provisions so you know against which cases you will be protected from.

    Understanding IT consulting Los Angeles

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    Almost every organization knows how important it is to have IT support Orange County in order to support employees when something goes wrong. And with budgetary constraints, thanks to this never-ending recession, every organization has to watch their spending. Thus, the IT manager is presented with a dilemma: meet all IT needs on a shoestring budget.

    And this is where Los Angeles IT outsourcing might be the answer to your prayers. While understanding that clients are particular of how much is spent and yet, requiring as much ‘value for money’ as possible.  And while that will not be possible by hiring a fulltime in-house IT team, almost all of company’s needs can be taken care of by an outsourcing unit that will not only offer a host of services such as support while taking care of the implementation of new projects at nominated prices but will also ensure that staff is available at the premises for support 24/7 regardless of who is on leave or not.

    So, it shouldn’t be too hard to see that hiring the services of an IT consulting Los Angeles firm will only benefit the needs and budget of an organization in a time when the conservation of resources is the need of the hour for every organization that needs to survive and thus, thrive.

    Advantages of Buying Products Online

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    The revolution of the Internet introduced a lot of things to people, some of which they never even thought possible. Because of the many opportunities that the World Wide Web offers the public and businesses, a lot of online stores have opened up to give service to the people. Online shopping is a process where a customer directly transacts to the owner of the business in real-time, without any third party services over the web. There are a lot of advantages that this method of shopping could offer, and below are some of the most important ones:

    Buy Products at the Comfort of Your Home

    Online retail stores are always open – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and most of these businesses cater to people from anywhere around the world. Imagine enjoying the convenience of not leaving your home, which saves you the precious time from travelling, as well as a considerable amount of money due to transportation expenses.

    Get Access to Everything You Need in One Seating

    When you shop online, not only do you save time and money, you also enjoy browsing almost all of the things you need at your own place and time. All you have to do is to search for the product you need and click on the links provided to you. In addition, you can find rare products online that are not usually sold at common retail stores.

    Get All the Information You Need Before You Buy, and Get Bigger Savings

    Because the Internet contains a load of information about anything, you can also get all the specifics of the product you are planning to buy like reviews and testimonials. Finally, you have the advantage of choosing the best deals from different online sellers like discounts and money back guarantees.

    Would you like fries with that?

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    How many times have you told your friends “hey, that burger place is great!”, “that clothes shop is awesome” or “this new album is the best” and most of them have taken your recommendation? Probably lots of times, but it doesn’t quite seem to work out so well when you do it on the web for a product that you are trying to sell.Quite simply, the problem here is trust. Who are you? You aren’t well known and people who know you well will not make purchases every day. Even if they did, they probably don’t number in the hundreds to make a difference. So how do you become well known enough, like Steve Jobs for instance, to sell your product by simply saying “this is the stuff, go buy it and all its accessories now”? You don’t. You don’t need to. Why waste time becoming a guru when there is a simpler way to achieve your objective?This is where you use a simple tactic that takes advantage of the customer’s mindset when they are ready to buy. It is a tactic that is used brilliantly well by any place that sells burgers and it is called the “do you want fries with that” tactic.How many times have you said no to that question? Probably a few times, but more often than not you would have said “yes”. This is what you need to do, every time a customer puts something in their shopping cart. If they buy a camera, ask them if they would like a camera bag with that; it is as simple as that. Try this tactic out on your website and you will definitely see a vast improvement in your sales.

    Simple Conversion Tips

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    The following are some simple things you can do to boost your conversion rates.

    1. Harness 404’s – 404 error pages are part of online life. You have to have them because visitors to your site are going to see them at some point or the other. This is because of typo’s, mistakes in linking etc. So why should you let this page go to waste? It represents an opportunity to grab a customer. Offer a discount on a product, give them a freebie; this will not only make the page look good, more often than not you will get yourself an instant sale. Besides this, it won’t make your customer run for the hills because they think your site is error prone.

    2. Show your rates – Shipping rates can be a big turnoff for a customer. Although you may not be able to offer lower rates, you can display the rates upfront so that the customer knows what they are up against. You can argue that this could turn customers away, but they would do that anyway when they get to the checkout point. So why not save them the hassle? That way they will always come back to you as a first choice for products because they know that the shipping rate is displayed upfront.

    3. Arrival dates – Customers are always on pins until they get their product. Instead of saying “product ships in 8-16 days”, tell the customer when the product will leave your warehouse. The give them a zip code based calculator so that they can figure out when it will reach the shipping address.