How traditional media can help online businesses

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Many new online businesses fail to realize the potential of traditional media. They are under the impression that advertising online is enough to reach everyone. Although the Internet is global in outreach, for a website to be seen its advertising has to shout out really loud and long to be heard. This is where a hybrid approach can help online businesses.

·         The first thing to do is to tell people you exist. This can be done with newspaper ads, TV ads and Radio ads. Use these to tell people what you are about and what you URL is. In the case of TV and Print, ensure that the URL is displayed prominently and in large letters. Avoid the temptation to put it at the end in smaller letter because it simply looks better design wise. In terms of Radio, you need to ensure that there is no confusion in the way the URL is described.

·         Use the ads to promote the fact the customers can learn more about the product at their own leisure from the website. Follow this up by having good content on the website.

·         Stick to a design theme. This will form and instant link when a customer arrives at your website after seeing a Print or TV ad. This does not mean to say that the ads have to look like the website, just theme and the colors and general shapes. This requires some co-ordination between you website designers and you advertising agency. But it is not complicated and some good communication skills will soon sort it out.