Quidsi Opens Third Website

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Quidsi Incorporated is not yet a universally known name, but they plan to be. Quidsi, which is a small company headquartered in New Jersey, currently owns Diapers.com and Soap.com. While Quidsi may not yet be recognized everywhere, they are looking to keep expanding, to try to gain ground in the competitive market of online sales. This expansionist strategy, has recently led to Quidsi’s opening of yet another website.

Quidsi’s newest venture into the world of online sales is named BeautyBar.com. BeautyBar targets the average female consumer, aiming to sell over 3,000 different types of luxury beauty products at cheap and affordable prices. This site sits quite well with Quidsi’s current business strategy of expanding their market share, while simultaneously targeting the exact same kinds of consumers that visit Diapers.com and Soap.com. Along with their new website, Quidsi is also planning to come out with a toy website sometime within the next year.

Quidsi is a unique company in that it favors quality over quantity. Most products on the currently own Quidsi websites are either designer or brand name, luxury items at affordable prices for the average consumer. One of Quidsi’s key market strategies revolves around both reliable customer service, extended warranties, and speedy delivery of their products. Two things that are certain with Quidsi’s new acquisition however, is that it will most likely increase their market share as planned, and will also generate increased revenue for the company, allowing them to fund even more projects and expansions in the future.

ISO certification

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The ISO certification standard is now more important than ever due to the global village phenomenon. With the Internet shrinking the world into one single market, the need for quality and accountability are of great importance. Now people have a choice and this is where an ISO certification can really make itself felt.

Before the days of online trading, people had to content with what they could buy from the local market; most of the time, this meant settling for a product that was par or subpar. However, with online trading taking off in a big way in the last decade, consumers are able to choose and order from a global catalog. This has left vendors scrambling to up their game and offer the best possible product to the consumer. Failure to do so would mean the end of the road for those vendors and most vendors do realize this.

ISO certification does a great deal towards ensuring quality in all aspects of a business. It scrutinizes all internal as well as some external processes to ensure that the customer receives a quality product. The certification maintains its integrity by conducting constant evaluations after the certification has been awarded. If you want to get ISO certification consider employing an ISO consultant to advise you on the changes you have to make. You may discover that you require certain other certifications like CE certification (for European markets) or ISO 14000 (concerning the environment) to be truly successful in certain parts of the world.