Sell an Old Cell Phone and Go Green

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Making the decision to go green means more than just recycling old soda cans and bottles. From utilizing renewable energy sources for your home to adopting fuel-efficient driving habits, going green is a lifestyle change, and one that does not happen overnight. Fortunately, there are many easy-to-read green buying guides on the market to help you make the best shopping and recycling decisions with the planet in mind. Here is a brief guide on how to get rid of your old cell phone without hurting the environment.

According to National Geographic, electronic waste is the fastest growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream. It is no surprise that old cell phones are part of this waste stream as people switch from one cell phone to another as often as they change clothes. But what if there was a way to recycle your unwanted cell phone and receive cash for it? According to, there is. This online company makes it possible for people to recycle and sell cell phones for cash.

The process to sell your old cell phone is simple. Once on the website, you can search for the phone you wish to sell using the search box at the top of the page. Next, will provide you with a cell phone recycling price comparison chart, making it easy to see the top phone buyers for your phone and the price you can get for your phone. The third step involves selecting the company you wish to sell your cell phone to and select “Sell Now.” This action will take you to their website. The selected company will provide you with simple instructions on how to send your phone to them. Once they receive your phone in the mail, you will your payment via a check in the mail.

This is just one example of how you can incorporate new habits and make the change toward a green lifestyle. Go green and sell an old cell phone through

Find Android Programmers for Your Business

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The Android, Google’s popular operating system for mobile devices, is not going anywhere. In fact, according to PC World the Android is not only a legitimate contender to the iPhone, but in some markets it is outselling it. This means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start developing apps for the Android and reaping the financial benefits. But how do you find the best Android programmers without breaking the bank?

It’s easy! Lower the costs of product engineering by hiring Android programmers through elance. This online talent network agency makes it easy to find qualified and experienced Android developers who can meet the goals of your project while staying within your budget. The process of finding qualified developers is effortless. Employers simply post the job description online and begin reviewing proposals from candidates within hours of the posting. This quick and easy process makes it possible to hire only the best developers for your company without going over your budget.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing mobile application marketplace, apps must be more than just unique. To stand apart from the competition, you need high-performance apps that are innovative and eye-catching. Make sure that you find Android programmers who are qualified and able to meet these requirements. uses technology for better shopping

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One of the most frustrating aspects of online shopping is trying to find exactly the right items. This is especially true when it comes to shopping at online auction and overstock sites. You might have certain specifications you desire when searching for a new laptop computer, but it can be hard to get the shopping site to narrow down an oc830m laptop that is perfect for your needs from a different laptop that doesn’t meet your demands.

While finding exact products like a 1 AA battery fiber illuminator for hobbies might seem like an impossible task at many online sites, sites like are changing the game. has pioneered technology which helps customers to drill down their searches and get the perfect results when searching for a range of items.

Whether a person wants a 0.5 gpm inline aerator or a new color TV, finding the right item is easy on thanks to the site’s Affinity Index Ranking. This patent-pending technology ranks website pages and helps customers drill down their search fast and more efficiently than ever before. Consumers can save time and money by shopping at through the AIR system.

The Benefits of tracking GPS

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Vehicle tracking has been around for sometime now ever since the time the United States Department of Defense allowed the general public to use the GPS technology that was its navigation system for almost two decades.

The beauty about this system is that it is not only able to locate moving objects here on Earth but it can also track the time at which the object was at a particular position. For example, this technology can really change the way employees who commute on routes on a regular basis will attend their work.

Of course, there will be no wastage of time and the ability to find the shortest route available for a number of transportation devices that move around in tandem, thanks to this technology known as GPS tracking fleet management.

There are other benefits to this entire process such as not necessarily being billed overtime and so on and so forth, thanks to tracking GPS which is efficient and accurate enough to not allow any employee to pull a fast one on their superiors.

At a personal level, one can attach one of these devices to their vehicle so that just in case, there is a theft, one can easily locate their vehicle while also calling for the aid of the police.

One way or another, while the better part of this technology is still being used by the military these days, one can do with GPS technology at the level at which it is being offered.

Using The Internet To Take Your Business To The Next Level

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There is no doubt that e-commerce is the way of the future for many businesses. The internet has allowed small businesses in small towns to be able to do business with people all over the world. People they wouldn’t be able to offer their goods or services to if it wasn’t for the internet. The internet makes it easy for a business to go online and offer a product to people half a world away. How can you use the internet to help you get a slice of the pie? Is it difficult? Getting your business online and getting global isn’t difficult at all. Let’s look at how easy it actually is.

The first thing you will need to do, if don’t already have one, is to get a website built and online. You can build your website by yourself with website building software or you can hire a professional to do it for you. If it is in your budget, hiring a professional website designer is the way to go. When hiring one, make sure you get to see their previous work so that you know they are capable.

After you get your website up you will want to use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure that it gets the visitors you need to be successful. Properly used, SEO will get your website to the front of search engines. You can hire a professional to help you with SEO or you can do it yourself.

When properly applied, the above methods can help you get started in e-commerce