Ideas For an Ecommerce Companies

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If you have an ecommerce company, then your objective would be to build greater reach (and profitability) over the internet. And perhaps this is where the best ideas that come from some of the most well reputed companies should be used to achieve maximum results.

So here is a list of ideas that will help your ecommerce business to flourish, ranging from accepted practices to even relatively unknown ones:

Idea #1: Free Press

Get some free press from your local television station by suggesting that they do a story on your company, while providing them with a unique story angle. With the reach that they have, you’ll no doubt benefit from such an approach.

Idea #2: Simplicity in Website Design

In making the website simpler, not only do you make your customers lives’ easier but you also increase the chances of having them buying a product or service from you. Always see what other successful websites are doing well, and add your own touch to it.

Idea #3: Respond to Customers within 24 hours

One of the biggest no-no’s is not responding to your customers as soon as possible, where the after effects will the loss of sales if you fail to do so. Try and respond within 24 hours.

Idea #4: Live Chat for New Leads

Whenever an interested customer visits your site, in providing them with a person to chat with about the product, you will increase your chances of having them buying your products. And this comes from the ability of being able to engage with potential customers right off the bat.

International Ad Network

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Are you a publisher looking for a creative and tech-savvy online ad network to help you earn the most from your website traffic? Or, are you an advertising agency looking to implement an online marketing strategy on a global level? Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, there is a better way to reach your target audience and maximize your revenues: by hiring a global online advertising network such as MediaShakers. The following is a brief review of the valuable services and features provided by MediaShakers, one of the leading global online advertising networks in the industry.

Benefits for Publishers: MediaShakers offers publishers the opportunity to achieve the most value for their website traffic along with the best quality advertisers. What’s more, through MediaShakers, publishers can gain access to international advertising partners, cutting-edge technology and thorough reporting, making it possible to make money through fresh and innovative ways.

Benefits for Advertisers: As a large International ad network, MediaShakers offers over five billion monthly impressions with the ability to target your target audience based on demographics and characteristics. The company also provides fresh campaigns with your goals and needs in mind, making it possible for advertisers to increase sales, generate leads, and develop brand awareness. Other special features available to advertisers include dynamic CPM pricing, same day trafficking adjustments and expert advice when you need it most.

Brand Protection: MediaShakers understands that protecting your brand is extremely important. This is why the company offers multiple layers of security to protect your brand, including site specific ad placement, total campaign suppressions on black listed sites and continuous ad placement audits, to name a few.

Robots to take care of elderly in Japan

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Article by Art Zadoian of Working Health Remedies

Many if not most Japanese seniors now rely on robots — that’s right, robots — rather than actual people or — God forbid — their children to take care of them later in life.

An AP headline, “Robots may aid aging Japanese population” — standing out in a sea of science/health items — sufficiently intrigued this reporter to actually read it. And to learn that advanced technology has already introduced a staggering range of space-age aids for Japanese seniors, also that the market for these products — and consumer response — has been, to put it with considerable understatement, strong. Which in turn has fueled the fast-paced development of ever more new and novel gadgets by technologically savvy companies, a trend that is expected to climb rather than fall or level off in the near future.

And what are these sci-fi self-help gadgets? Let AP do the talking:

“If you grow old in Japan, expect to be served food by a robot, ride a voice-recognition wheelchair, or even possibly hire a nurse in a robotic suit [more on this below] — all examples of cutting-edge technology to care of the country’s rapidly graying population.

“With nearly 22 percent of Japan’s population already aged 65 or older, businesses here have been rolling out everything from easy-entry cars to remote-controlled beds, fueling a care-technology market worth some $1.08 billion in 2006, according to industry figures.

“At a home care and rehabilitation convention in Tokyo this week [October 4, 2007], buyers crowded round a demonstration of Secom Co.’s My Spoon feeding robot, which helps elderly or disabled people eat with a spoon-and-fork-fitted swiveling arm.

“Operating a joystick with his chin, developer Shigehisa Kobayashi maneuvered the arm toward a block of silken tofu, deftly getting the fork to break off a bite-sized piece. The arm then returned to a preprogrammed position in front of the mouth, allowing Kobayashi to bite and swallow.

“ ‘It’s all about empowering people to help themselves,’ Kobayashi said. The Tokyo-based company has already sold 300 of the robots, which come with a price tag of $3,500.

“ ‘We want to give the elderly control over their own lives,’ he said.”

And the nurse in the “robotic suit” mentioned earlier? It consists of a “massive contraption” powered by 22 air pumps which helps nurses lift patients onto and off their beds. Sensors attached to the wearer’s skin detect when muscles are trying to lift something heavy. and signal the air pumps to kick in. “Though the suit makes its wearer look a little like a Robocop, a student who was easily lifted off a table in a demonstration said he felt comfortable during the test.” the AP reported. “It doesn’t at all feel like I’m being lifted by a robot,” the student declared. “This feels so comfortable and very human.” Okay, bud, if you say so.

Other products include a rubber and nylon “muscle suit,” developed by the Tokyo University of Science, that helps keep seniors active by providing additional support for the upper body, arms, and shoulders; an “intelligent wheelchair” from Fujitsu Ltd. and Aisin Seiki Co., with a positioning system that enables automatic travel “to a preset destination, and uses sensors to detect and stop at red lights, ,and to avoid obstacles”; another wheelchair, designed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, which responds to oral commands like “forward,” “back,” “right” and “left.”

The best — at least in my book — is a newly introduced line of cars called the Welcab series, from Toyota Motor Corp. They are designed for easy entry by seniors who have difficulty walking, and/or those confined to a wheelchair. The brilliant ad slogan for this senior-friendly vehicle? “A car that’s more patient than your daughter.” Need help? Don’t pick up that phone and make up with, beg, or grovel to your ungrateful, guilt-inducing son or daughter (though it nearly kills you to do so). Just go to the store (or even online) and buy a problem-free replacement that comes with perhaps a steep price tag but none of the additional emotional baggage. If that isn’t the coolest thing to be grateful for, I don’t know what is. No word on when these products will be available to American consumers, but hopefully they will have graced our shores by the time I myself will be needing one, which will be, I fear, sooner than I would like to think.

Need an International SIM Card?

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If you are a regular business traveler or enjoy taking frequent vacations, staying connected is just one of those things that you have to take into consideration at some point in time, not unless you are not worried about the cell phone expenses that you might incur.

While some people are not bothered about their bills, there are others who would try and look for other options such as an international cell phone so that they can save up on costs that might otherwise pile up if they continue to use their local cell phone.

And for those who wish to save, you can meet with your mobile service provider to see if they can do something about your supposed international calls.  Of course, there are other options that you can explore as well that will help you get the best deals on an international SIM card.

All you have to do is find these companies that offer the best rates and seamless mobile service in almost 200 countries over the Internet and try out the service that satisfied a lot of customers in the recent past.

Regardless of whether you want a postpaid or prepaid international SIM card for your travels, you should be able to find the best mobile services on the Internet when travelling abroad.

Factors to Consider When Picking a Hosted Ecommerce Solution

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Nowadays, finding an installation-free and easy to use hosted ecommerce solution has been made available to online merchants that takes care of all of the webstore’s needs such as shopping cart technology, hosting, shipping, merchandising, and payments among other things.

Since there are so many companies such as Yahoo, Hostway, and GoDaddy among others that are providing these ecommerce services to merchants, it often becomes confusing as to which service is the best among the lot.

So, here are a few factors that you must take into consideration when picking a hosted ecommerce solution:

#1: Complete Wizard-driven setup

Since one of the primary objectives of any merchant is to have a storefront set up easily by means of a wizard from start to finish, there is no point in obtaining a hosted ecommerce solution that only assists these not-so-tech-savvy merchants half-way.

#2: Wide Choice of Templates

Since businesses these days come with different requirements and needs, this means that in choosing an ecommerce solutions provider that only has one template for all their customers is a serious disadvantage to merchants.

#3: A range of Payment Gateways

While Paypal might work for most online customers, not everyone uses this method of payment.  So in providing a wider range of payment gateways for their customers, they will also ensure that their merchants can receive payments and, thus, make more sales.

#4: Web Analytics

If you want to be a successful player in selling your product, you have to understand customer behavior in terms of their likes and dislikes. If the ecommerce provider that you have offers you with advanced analytics, then you have more advantage than the rest.

Website Designers of Today

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In the mid-90s when web was new, everyone wanted to be a web designer. Back then, you could be a web designer from home as well as hold down a full time office job; you could be a web designer at 13 as long as no-one found out; you could web design from your laptop while enjoying your holiday in Hawaii.

Fifteen years on, the craziness is gone and web design is acknowledged as a realistic but select profession, requiring qualifications and design experience, creative talent and business communication skills.

Steve Gordon, a professional web designer, says web designers today need to be able to market themselves and the business and manage professional client relationships as well as program code.

“You can’t be a straight geek and become a successful web designer anymore,” says Gordon.
He says beyond the ability to code in web languages such as HTML and Java and other technologies including ASP, PHP, AJAX and Cold Fusion; web designers require artistic focus and plenty of marketing nous. In addition, knowledge in content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and blogging platforms such as WordPress is a necessity to be successful.

There is a difference between web development and web design, says Morgan Johnson, director of web design firm Quadra Design. Quadra Design employs five designers and two developers and Johnson says designers glean intelligence from the customer regarding their requirements for the web site and how it will map to their company brand.

Once the planning and the design of a user interface have been completed, the information is passed to web developers – programmers skilled in web languages – for site development.

Johnson says Quadra Design recruits web designers from local schools or anyone with a web design certificate.

“New web designers can learn many things at the job, but without having some creative talent, they cannot be good web designers” explains Johnson.

He says web design companies want graduates with “something quite special” and need people with a good understanding of the design fundamentals of typography and layout.

Steve Gordon, managing director of web design company, agrees web design graduates need to be able to liaise with clients to find out what is important to the business – design skill alone doesn’t cut it.

“What does the client most want from a web site – is it qualified leads, is it revenue, is it customer knowledge; is it profit?” says Gordon. He says web design is not as straightforward as many people think, with keywords, category listing, search engine optimization and navigation are all essential components that need to be right.

However, he says experienced and successful designers can not only charge for the cost of designing a site, but may be able to add site support and monitoring services to their business charges.

Web design salaries start in the high $20,000s and progress up to around $75,000 for a senior web designer say Gordon and Johnson. Self employed designers with talent and business flair can earn a lot more, and creative directors can earn up to $110,000.

However, despite the financial reward and creative satisfaction of web design, Johnson says Quadr Design finds it hard to source good web design graduates. Although the specific tools required for new media design are taught in web design courses, these courses lack detail, says Johnson. He recommends keen candidates follow up standard courses with postgraduate courses in specific software applications used in the workplace.


* A degree or certificate helps. Many top universities and colleges offer web design programs. There are also smaller specialized schools. Look locally or online to find such classes.

* You need to have creative talent; just technical knowledge is not enough

* Top business communications and analysis skills are essential. Since you work closely with clients, communication skills and customer service skills are a must.

The Security Issue

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Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

I wanted to get a security certificate for our website to prove to all our customers that their credit card information was safe with us. There had actually been a rash of information breaches with some of our competitors in the area and people were understandably leery about giving their credit card information out online to any of the lawn maintenance companies nearby. I worked with an IT consultant in the area to make sure all our bases were covered and that our site was 100% secure, and the certificate definitely helped make the site look more credible. I’ve had a really good response from my customers thus far and they all say the new site looks really professional. That was what I was aiming for all along and I firmly believe that the kind of trust my clients have in me is the kind that encourages them to spread the word about what a great store I have. Word of mouth is the best marketing there is and it’s only a matter of time before everyone hears about us!

What You Can Use a Spy Camera For

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When one thinks of the proverbial spy camera these days, thoughts might hover around the last James Bond flick that they watched recently. But there is more to these devices than just the glitz and glamour of “being the man”.

Take for example, the situation where you think your husband and wife is cheating on you, and it’s hard to come to a conclusion because there is no evidence, then this is where you can use hidden cameras wireless to provide with that crucial evidence that can change your life for the better.

But that’s not all: these cameras can come in handy especially if you have a baby sitter or pet sitter at home who might not be tending to their responsibilities at home. Of course, since this endangers the safety of your child or pet, using these hidden cameras can also give you the evidence that you need to fire the employee in question.

And it’s no surprise that offices these days use these devices to ensure that there is no theft of items by employees whose conduct can be ascertained as suspicious. All in all, in being able to monitor what’s going on in your personal and professional life, you can stay in control of what’s happening at all times.

And of course, if everything’s going fine, you can use these devices for the proverbial prank on your closest friend or family member.