Why Mercury and Yamaha Boat Parts and Accessories are Considered to be The Best

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Almost every boat owner knows that taking care of their engine by keeping it properly tuned and lubricated will guarantee that their day out in the water will be an enjoyable one. Preventative maintenance can save many a sailor the headache of having to deal with motor failure, which can be disastrous when the sun goes down.

yamaha boat

It’s no different in finding the best marine parts as well, and this is where Mercury and Yamaha have become household names when it comes to repair and maintenance of boats of every kind.

Is it difficult to find these parts?

The answer to this question is a resounding ‘no’, due to the fact that leading manufacturers (such as those mentioned earlier) have not only designed boat parts and accessories that are top-notch in quality, but are also easily accessible whether or not you have a store near you.

Additionally, these companies also offer excellent customer service along with instruction manuals that adequately describe how one can replace these maintenance parts. And since these parts are easily accessible, one of the biggest benefits of purchasing these easy-to-find parts (whether you are looking for mercury marine outboards or inboard parts) is that they are reasonably-priced.

And finally, if you do choose to purchase these parts, you will not only enjoy trouble-free moments in the water, but you will also ensure that your engine will last for a long time.

All in all, no matter how you look at it, the aforementioned companies will give you value for your money in more ways than one.

How to Install Eaton Breakers

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If you aren’t sure how to install Eaton breakers or breakers by other companies such as Zinsco or Siemens into residential type electrical panels, it can be dangerous to say the least. This is where a little information of what you need to be careful of when installing circuit breakers can come in handy, and so here is how you can install circuit breakers safely:

Step #1: Turn off power to the electrical panel

Before installing ITE circuit breakers or another other type of circuit breakers, the first thing to do is shut off the power by looking for the Service Disconnect or Main circuit breaker present on the panel. In most cases, they are either located at the top or bottom of the electrical panel. If you cannot turn off the power, then you should look for the circuit breaker which could be present in the meter socket enclosure or on another panel.

Step #2: Check the circuit breaker arrangement for unused locations

While you should pay attention to unused spaces at the top and bottom of the cover, it’s also just as important to check the bus bar as well. The reason for this is that manufacturers might not have provided the ability to mount a circuit breaker in the panel itself. Once you have done this, then you should remove the electric panel cover with the help of an assistant to hold the cover while you remove the fasteners.

Step #3: Test the panel for power (so that you can make sure the power is OFF) and then find an unused space either below, above or in between circuit breakers already present in the panel.

Step #4: Install the CORRECT circuit breaker

If you aren’t sure whether you should use Zinsco or General Electric breakers, you can find the information on the panel which will tell you the type of circuit breakers that should be used. In most cases, these will be circuit breakers manufactured by the manufacturers of the electrical panel.

Where You Can Hide a Spy Camera

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There’s no doubt that spy cameras are beneficial to home, business, and property owners everywhere. Perhaps three of the biggest reasons why you might want to install one of these cameras in your home is the fact that you doubt your spouse, the babysitter, or are worried about the possibility of burglary when you are gone.

But once you are done selecting the best amongst a slew of hidden cameras that are available in the market today, you might wonder where you can place this camera so that it can’t be detected.

Apart from the fact that these cameras can be “hidden”, and can so easily look harmless due to the camouflage used, there are certain places that are considered to be ideal to install the camera.

Here is a list of places that you can install the camera:

#1: TV

Most people have televisions in their bedrooms and so it would be ideal to place the tiny camera on top of the television or near it so that you can see what’s happening in the bedroom in your absence.

#2: Curtain Rods

This is another place where you can get a good angle of what’s happening while being completely out of the line of sight. The person or people who are up to something won’t even suspect that they’re being recorded and you can easily capture everything without the slightest suspicion.

#3: Mirror

You can not only buy two-sided mirrors and place spy cameras in them, but you can buy a mirror with a hidden camera which has already been installed and ready for use.

#4: Flowers

If you purchase a vase with flowers, you can install a camera in it to monitor the activity in your absence or even place a camera on plants or flowers that might already be a part of the décor of your home.

Why An International Cellphone Is Essential For Overseas Travellers

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When it comes to frequent overseas travelling, international cell phone usage is one of the highest costs next to travel and lodging. Between calling back to the office to discuss issues and calling home to touch base with family, roaming cell phone bills can cost as much as the travel itself. Here are two options you can use to radically reduce your roaming charges and your cellphone bills when travelling, and guarantee cellphone service to whatever country you are going to.

  1. Get a Prepaid International Cell PhoneInstead of using a normal international cell phone, get an international prepaid cell phone. This has the advantage of knowing how long and how much you can talk for. Whenever you exceed the credited amount of minutes, you have to recharge before you can use it again. This is a great way of knowing how much you spent and also helps you track usage.  If there is particular budgeted figure for your phone usage while travelling, you can have it credited straight away and better manage your usage during the trip.


  1. 2.       Use A Prepaid International SIM Card


If you already have a cell phone that can be used internationally, then the next step is to use a prepaid international sim card. The SIM card is a small chip that is placed inside the phone with the details of your connection that helps the phone connect to your network. In phones that are compatible with the networks in other countries, you can simply replace the existing SIM card with the prepaid card for travelling.


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Ecommerce is booming globally thanks to the busier lifestyle of people who find this faster and convenient while at the same time having access to a wider range of goods and services which can be purchased at the best price.

With online sales becoming a natural part of our daily life it is important to safeguard ourselves from the dangers of online shopping such as identity theft.

Buy from reputable stores and sellers and look for customer ratings on sites like www.epinions.com and www.bizrate.com.Also choose a site that is monitored by a third party such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or Trust e.

Make sure that the credit card details that you enter are safe by checking that the browser window contains either an unlocked padlock or an unbroken key or the web address begins with “https:” instead of “http”

Use a website which posts a “privacy policy”.

Have a separate credit card to use for online transactions with a lower credit limit.

Where the order is not deliverer 30 days after ordering, a Federal Trade Commission rule requires the seller to cancel the order and refund the money.