LED Uses in Electronics

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They are small, flexible and resourceful. They were created in the 1920s and light-emitting diode, or LED as they are known, have gone on to dominate the electronic market for its efficiency and wide color filters offered. LEDs offer several advantages over its incandescent counterparts because of their lower energy consumptions, longer life spans, smaller sizes and durability. Because of their advantages, LEDs are common among electronic devices such as cell phones, watches, television sets and even in grow light devices. Since their creation in the 1920s, LEDs continue to dominate the electronic industry.

LEDs among Computer Electronics

Before LED screens were introduced, computers often relied on incandescent bulbs to power computer screens. While these older screens provided ample lighting environments, they consumed an abundance of energy often resulting in higher electric bills due to heavy usage. During the late 90s, LCDs, or Liquid Crystal Displays, began to dominate the computer-screen market, promising to provide thinner, brighter less expensive alternatives to their incandescent screen counterparts. However, computer screen manufactures began to transition from the cheaper LCD screens to the more expensive LED screens in the mid 2000s.

This transition prompted an industry shift from LCD to LED screens that provided brighter images, higher resolutions and cheaper electric bills than their LCD and incandescent counterparts. While the initial costs of these devices were more expensive, the LED screens often saved more money for its users in the long-term because of its efficiently and durability over LCD and incandescent tube screens.

LEDs among Television Screens

As with computer screens, television manufactures began toying with LED screens to provide viewers with brighter and better resolution screens. Sony first introduced the LED screens followed by Samsung. Both television giants introduced a wave of new LED TV products to consumers promising brighter images, vibrant colors and longer lasting television screens compared to their LCD counterparts. Again, these new television screens were more expensive, but the savings at the end of the month’s electric bill (and of course the better resolutions) persuaded consumers to switch.

LEDs among Other Devices

LED screens are not reserved for just television sets and computer screens but are widely used in signs displaying colors, clock radios and even among led grow light devices that help indoor farmers nourish their plants. LEDs are commonly used in signs because of the color variety they provide over incandescent bulbs. For example, traffic light fixtures use LED lights to display the bright greens, reds and yellows used to inform motorists of the current command. For a city management looking to maximize the efficiency of a traffic- light bulbs use LED lights because of their longer life span and less use of electricity.

LED bulbs remain small, flexible and resourceful, but even as they continue to popularize the electronic market, they continue to see a cost reduction. As technology progresses, new uses are found for LED bulbs, creating brighter, more colorful screens for devices.

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Duties of a Performance Engineer

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When you press the center button on your iPhone, you notice the screen instantly light up, displaying your wallpaper and that iconic ‘Slide to Unlock’ logo. When you drag your finger across the screen to unlock the phone, out pop up your applications. Each tap of your finger produces an action that the phone is designed to recognize. Each application you open is instructed to operate a certain way when prompted. However, before any of these applications or software functions are possible, the technology, or operating system, on the phone undergoes a battery of performance test procedures. Software and performance engineers use theses tests to determine how one particular aspect of a system will function under set work conditions.

For example, a performance engineer may test the message application on your phone to see how it loads while playing music or while talking on the phone. The engineer makes a note of how quick or slow the application loads while a user is talking on the phone and/or listening to music. In addition to testing the software, these test serve to determine how reliable and how the software measures up.

Setting Goals

Performance engineers set goals for the software to determine how it functions to produce the end results. For example, an engineer may prove how well the system works based on the given criteria, but the engineer may also note the difficulties encountered with the software while it performs a basic task. In addition, an engineer will measure which aspects of the software causes it to perform poorly. These goals help an engineer understand what to look for when testing software systems in order to improve the system.

Types of Tests Used

Each test performed includes different sub-genres, for example, an engineer may perform a load test to measure how the software behaves under a certain condition. While performing a load test, the engineer may use several tools, such as AppLoader or blitz.io, a program that provides a source of mobile application testing. Load tests provide engineers with several response times for the software, allowing an engineer to understand how quick or slowly the software responds.

In order to understand the software’s limitations, an engineer employs a stress test in order to understand the maximum limit of the software. These limitations will allow the engineer to pass on the information to adjust the software when necessary. Stress tests are designed to push a software to its limitations and beyond in hopes of understanding its capabilities. As with a stress test, an endurance test is utilized to determine how the software performs while under the constant pressure of a load. It is also during the endurance test that an engineer can measure how the software is utilizing the memory of a system, ensuring that no loss of memory is occurring.

So before you ever receive your iPhone, remember what a performance engineer does to ensure the proper function of your device. The last thing any major software or technology company such as Apple wants is to sell a defective product.

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Protecting Your iPod The Best You Possibly Can

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What would we do without our iPods? Just think about all the ways we use that wonderfully accessible mp3 player. In the morning, when going on that jog around the neighborhood, earphones are in the ears, blasting the best workout music. Driving to and from work, the auxiliary cord that connects the iPod to the car allows the jauntiest mood music to pump us up for the day’s events. While doing chores, we can put the iPod in a speaker so that our music can wash over us as we put away dishes or sweep under the rug. Then at the end of the day, we can put the earphones back in and let the greatest tunes rock us to sleep.


Think about all of the extra accessories we are always buying to make our iPods even greater. What would we ever do without our iPod touch case, plug in speakers, and auxiliary cords?

For music lovers, the device is heaven sent. If it were to ever be destroyed, it would be a disaster. Imagine having to go a whole day without your music after you’ve gotten so used to using it all the time. Unfortunately there are so many different ways that an iPod can get messed up. So, it’s best that we give it the protection it deserves.

Below are a few tips on protecting your iPod.

1. Invest in iPod cases.
This is the most straightforward tip. The iPod cases will protect your music from harm if you ever drop it. If you get a waterproof case, it will also be a great defense against those times you accidently spill water near it. Dirt and other harmful substances we come across in our day to day lives won’t be able to get past the thin, light layer of protective plastic. And if you buy more than one, you can switch up the case’s colors and designs to match your mood.

2. Always put the iPod in a safe place

If it’s at all possible, you should know where you mp3 device is at all times. That way, you can preempt anything harmful happening to it. If you are always aware of where it is, it’s less likely that you will ever step on it or accidently knock it into water. Knowing where it is at all times will also ensure that you won’t misplace it and it won’t get stolen.

3. Prevent harm
If you often bring your iPod outside, you should try and keep it in a place where it won’t often fall to the floor and get scratches, like a secure pocket. An iPod with harmful scratches is more likely to skip, lose music, or stop altogether than any other. If you had previously bought iPod cases, it will help stop this but it’s important to also have situational awareness of where your device is on top of that.

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Types of Circuit Breakers

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Circuit breakers are perhaps the safest devices around when there is a short circuit or overload that occurs in the electrical wiring. However, the kind of breakers you find these days allows this safety mechanism to be used for several purposes, and for varying power voltages.


There are several types of circuit breakers that are used these days and that play an important role in dealing with the aforementioned issues. Other characteristics such as construction and interrupting type along with its structural features are also some of the factors that go into the types of breakers that are involved.

So here are a few types of GE circuit breakers that serve different purposes:

#1: Low Voltage

Used in domestic, commercial and industrial fields, these types of circuit breakers are made for DC applications and are normally installed in multi-tiers in LV switchboards or switchgear cabinets. They are placed in such a way so that without dismantling the switchgear you can remove or interchange these units.

#2: Medium Voltage

These types of GE breakers are used in substations when it comes to outdoor applications as well as metal enclosed switchgear lineups for the indoor applications. These devices use protection relays and discrete current sensors while also being connected to the circuits to wires or bus bars.

#3: High Voltage

The most common area of use is in maintaining and controlling electrical power transmission networks that might need these safety precautions in place.

#4: Magnetic/ Thermal

These type of circuit breakers normally employ a magnetic force or heat (which is in proportion to the electricity passing through) to break contact just in case the voltage goes above the maximum limit, much like other types of breakers.

Satellite Tracking Systems For Your Business

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Whether you a consumer seeking a personal GPS for business trips, vacations, or simply getting around town or a business in need of a tracking system, the advanced technology of GPS trackers is, without a doubt, extremely beneficial to your curiosity and patience. Commercial fleet tracking helps businesses such as those associated with the transportation, construction, or automotive industry receive accurate information about where a shipment is and when it is scheduled to arrive. Decades ago, this luxury was not available, but since it’s invention, leading businesses are profiting greatly and reaping the many benefits.


            Businesses that employ such trackers are able to maintain reduced fees in a variety of areas. These savings include reduced insurance rates by up to 35% and improved gas consumption. The companies are able to increase employee productivity by keeping an eye on what they are doing, where, and for how long. Furthermore, these companies are able to provide customers with first class attention and care by providing them with an accurate pick up time or locating missing or stolen properties with exact geographical positioning. The safety of the company is protected by monitoring unauthorized use of a vehicle or operator’s misuse.

            A GPS satellite tracking system is user friendly and helpful to drivers and operators. It automatically updates itself every five minutes, every hour, of every day. Furthermore, it is able to automate fuel and tax mile reports that are audit-proof. If need be, the fleet GPS tracking can even be installed discretely for your covert needs.

Making the Most of Ecommerce Business Resources

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Your online business store has been live for a while, but are you really sure that all your ecommerce software is up to par? Your site should be snazzy enough to impress your customers but not be so completely over-the-top as to make people avert their eyes or, worse, close the browser window just because of the busy-ness of it all was making them dizzy.

Virtual industrialists the world over know that no matter how much people insist on the contrary, it’s not really possible to set up your online store completely on your own — at least not if you want it to have more than a marginal chance at being successful. When it’s hard enough to keep the fabrication of the product you’re selling going, how do you then find additional time to develop a marketing strategy specifically geared to the particular circumstances of electronic commerce?

Selling online is not quite the same as selling in a physical location where you have the opportunity to interact with customers in person. In the online world, the design of your site, the ease with which a product can be ordered or services requested are what bespeak the value of your business. For things like brand tweaking, site usability, and search engine performance, get help from professionals.

International Cell Phone Service That Doesn’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

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International cell phone costs can rack up easily with the wrong corporate or personal plan. The cost of roaming, multiple sim cards, and communication between travelers is a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. Corporate and personal plans need international cell phone service to be able to contact their traveling workers or loved ones any time and any place in the world–it shouldn’t matter how high prices are. There are some things that should not be left out of a package. Users should demand online account management, coverage in at least 200 countries, reliable service and no hidden fees. There should be excellent 24/7 customer support as well including trouble-shooting tops, easily-accessed user guides and comprehensive ticket support center.

One thing that could help alleviate high cost of international communication is finding the right sim card. Most international sim cards are expensive, especially when a corporation has to buy many at a time. It’s easy to lose track of how much money is being lost through careless sim card shopping. Cheap international sim cardscome few and far between; however, in that group, it is hard to find sim cards that have good reviews. International sim card reviews can be quite useful to find the proper sim card. Take the research you’ve done on your own and see what others have to say about the product, and then make a decision based on that.

How to shop safe on ebay

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With hundreds of thousands of transactions happening on a daily basis, ebay has become one of the world’s largest online market places. With all its advantages, many are the horror stories you hear of people who have been hoodwinked on ebay. How can you protect yourself from these frauds when shopping on ebay?

Always buy from a seller with a good rating. Sellers with a low rating cannot be trusted. Look at feedback about the seller from earlier buyers.

Use Paypal to make payments as it insures your purchase and if you do not receive the item, they will give your money back. Avoid paying by check or bank transfer as there is no cover to protect you.

Read the description of the product very carefully, if the description is vague ask for more information and if the response is a vague description, think twice before proceeding as the buyer may not be disclosing all the facts.

Make sure the seller has a Return policy where if the product is not to your satisfaction you can return it for a refund of the money paid. If not be very careful when making a bid.