Types of return fraud online merchants should look out for

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It is estimated that the retail industry loses billions of dollars each year due to return fraud and it is causing serious concerns for the future of e commerce. If you are an online retailer you should look out for these forms of return fraud:

Return of items purchased with stolen or fraudulent credit cards

This type of return fraud affects merchants with both online and physical stores. Here the thieves steal credit card information and use it to make purchases online, then they go to the physical store and return the items for cash.


In this case the buyer purchases the item with the intention of using it for a purpose and returning it for a full refund. The merchant ships the product and on returning, the buyer expects free return delivery as well. This is a common practice and merchants should review their return policy and should reduce the returnable period to discourage the practice.

Cross merchant, no receipt theft

This affects merchants who do not require identification for return. Thieves buy items online and claim that they did not receive it and claim a chargeback and return the items at a physical store with a lenient return policy.

Do You Need GPS Tracking Fleet Management? Then Get it Today!

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If you are trying to run a trucking company without real time gps vehicle tracking, then you are already working behind the power curve, and it’s time to make the change.  There are so many different types of technologies out there that allow small and large business owners to monitor their employees in real time that no one should even complain that there isn’t anything out there to help them with gps tracking fleet management.  You need to purchase a program to allow you to use gps tracking, but once you install gps tracking devices on all of your vehicles and get your gps receiver set up, you can sit back and watch the promiles rack up as your drivers get busy. 

The one thing that you do need to make sure of is that you have a high speed internet connection that can handle the amount of data it needs to process to allow you to receive the results in real time.  You can also write these purchases off as business expenses which will give you a fairly decent tax break, and allow you to actually save money, and we can only hope that the program will help you do the same.  Generally speaking – and based on research of the Hawthorne Effect, you can assume that employees that are monitored more closely than others will perform better than those who are not monitored as well.  Increase production value, and save money today!

Spy Cameras for Everyone – Myth or Reality?

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The gadgets today are more than what you can actually think of. Believe it or not, your kid may always take a peak in your bedroom without even being there. The same goes for your boss. Although the room is empty, he might be there. All these unexpected scenarios are now possible due to the progressive spy cameras on the market. Such a camera can be located in absolutely anything. For instance, you probably think your boss is at home and the office is all yours. There are no cameras around, your computer is offline and so is your webcam. What is the worst that can happen if you decide to enjoy a coffee with your feet on the desk instead of actually working? You are probably surprised, but your boss might be looking at you. A spy camera can be located in a lighter “accidentally” left on the desk or in the big clock on the wall. The big dot under 6 may be more than a simple dot.

These scenarios are no longer unusual these days. The spy cameras for home or office are now available to anyone. You can take a peak in your kid’s room when you are not at home or spy your neighbor through a very “innocently” looking remote toy car. If you thought only reporters benefit from such gadgets, you are wrong. You can also grab a button fitted with a camera and mount it on your shirt. No one will guess your intentions.

Durably and High Quality Suzuki Marine Parts

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Mercury outboard parts are well-known for their quality and durability. This makes them a very popular brand with boat owners, who often choose Mercury whenever they need to replace outboard parts on their boats. If you regularly use your boat or even live on the boat, it’s a great inconvenience if your boat cannot be used for several days or weeks. Apart from not being able to use your boat, it is also an inconvenience because there is a cost involved. Many boat owners are looking for quality outboard parts at affordable prices, and this is what Mercury provides.

If you’ve been looking for a Mercury outboard parts diagram, you can use several websites to find products such as these and compare prices. Performance Product Technologies allows you to search for parts for your boat that you may have been searching for and had trouble finding. There is a catalog available on their website so that you can browse through various products and find which ones you need for your boat at the best prices.

Suzuki is renowned for quality products in many different areas. Included in the products that they manufacture are boat parts. Suzuki marine partsare available at affordable prices so that you can save money as well as get some good parts for your boat so that it will run smoothly. One of the best things about Suzuki boat parts is that they usually last a very long time, so it should be a while before you find that you need to replace them.