The Sweepstakes Dream

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If your dream is to be part of the sweepstakes business, what’s stopping you? That industry is growing, making it a prime time to invest and take the plunge. Organize your financial backers and get them enthused with a concrete analysis of what is at stake, and what can be won for it. Sure, risk is always a factor when it comes to business, but what great fortunes or fantastic ideas did not demand that certain risks be taken? You’d be hard-pressed to come up with a single example. Acknowledge the risks, but also acknowledge the potential and get started on choosing your sweepstakes terminals.

The start of a business always brims with promise, and though it’s never the time to let your guard down, it is most definitely a time to enjoy and savor. Building with hours of dedication something that will create wealth and success is something to be proud of. This period is where the stories you tell your grandchildren will come from. So combat the fatigue and tiredness that hard work inevitably brings by reminding yourself of what it is you’re raising from the ground up, and what it is you hope to achieve. If you want to learn more about sweepstakes software, go to

How to Write Penguin-Friendly Content

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Article Submitted by Richard Bradly of Top SEO Firms

With the release of another update to the Penguin algorithm on October 5, it’s clear that Google is not backing down on its aggressive efforts to fight webspam. While Penguin was designed to target common webspam techniques such as link schemes, keyword stuffing, and cloaking, the search engine optimization industry often overlooks the fact that Penguin is also skilled at spotting duplicate content issues, another technique that goes against Google’s Quality Guidelines.

So what is duplicate content? According to Google, duplicate content is a substantial amount of content within or across multiple websites that either match other content or are noticeably similar. While duplicate content can be used as a deceptive SEO technique, Google admits that most instances of duplicate content are not malicious in nature. Is it possible to violate Google’s duplicate content rules without even knowing it? Yes.

This is why it often takes an experienced SEO company to detect and repair duplicate content issues. For example, a site with printer-only versions of web pages might be flagged as duplicate content. Another example of non-malicious duplicate content includes store products shown or linked via multiple URLs.

Whether you have hired an SEO agency or are planning to do it yourself, it’s important remove any duplicate content from your site to avoid a decrease in rankings. If you’re having trouble doing it on your own and haven’t found an SEO company up for the task, visit Top SEO, the company that identifies and ranks the best internet marketing agencies in the industry.

Finding A Great Computer Networking Long Beach Company

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Everywhere you look now days, even in our local area, there’s a Computer Networking Long Beach company popping up left and right. This is because it’s so main spread and the idea of networking is growing as modern technology is growing. We’re definitely moving forward further into technology and almost everything we do, every aspect of our lives is done on the internet now days.

–          Don’t just settle for the first networking company that pops up via search engine result or in the phone book, you actually need to dig around for information on the company.

–          Do they have any previous big name clients? Sure, that sounds like they’re going to be expensive, but in this world, you get what you pay for. The more expensive a company Is, the more likely they’ll be able to do your job and do it right the first time.

–          Sometimes word of mouth can go a long way as well. If you know of a friend or relative that’s had to hire a Long Beach computer networking company, you might want to ask them as well, because they might have some insight that you didn’t know about.

Computer Networking Los Angeles companies are definitely in the in now days because of how fast technology is growing. It consulting Orange County services may be far and wide with the number of them that there are but from my personal experience, I would only recommend that you try out

PayPal, the online payment division of EBay

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The mobile payment market is a $170 billion industry and PayPal is the biggest in the market.  PayPal which became the wholly owned subsidiary of EBay in October 2002 is the EBay’s fastest growing division.  It operates in 190 markets.  PayPal’s revenue grew by 26 percent in 2011 and competes with Square, Visa and Google, and online payment startup companies such as Stripe for its market share.  PayPal which brought in less than 30 percent revenue of EBay in 2007 has grown to over 40 percent in 2011.  PayPal projects over $10 billion of mobile payment volume in 2012.  More than 113.2 million users use PayPal for online payments and generates over $4.12 billion annual sales volume.

PayPal’s President David Marcus is in the process of revamping the online payment behemoth.  He consolidated nine product groups into one.  Walled cubicles have been removed from the offices making the work place an open room.  Managers now sit in the same room with their employees.  Product development and approval process has been expedited.  A new PayPal web page developed in six days has been introduced clearing up the clutter.  The company is entering into new markets much faster than it used in the past.