A winning formula from Obama Campaign to online and ecommerce businesses

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The United States of America re-elected President Barack Obama in early November for a second term in office.  With a track record of rising unemployment, slumping economic conditions and host of other social issues, his victory amazed many all around the world.  Some credit the victory to Obama Campaign’s use of technology.  There lies a lesson for online businesses as well as those who uses ecommerce to promote their business.

Using the Facebook, Twitter and other social media, the campaign increased the number of donors from 3.95 from last campaign to 4.4 million during the current campaign.  President Obama’s margin of victory of the popular vote is over five million.  So, it appears that the victory is owed to its online campaign.  One strategy they used is to get Facebook, Twitter and other social media supporters of President Obama to contact their friends and family online or over mobile phones to tout President’s achievements and seek support at the election.  Not only it worked, it raised more than $690 million, an increase of over $190 million over the previous election.  So, small businesses and ecommerce sites, entice current online and social media customers to tout your business to their friends and family.

How Commercial Fleet Tracking Can Make Your Fleet Safer

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When you think about commercial fleet tracking you may want to reject the thought simply because it puts forth a lot of oversight on your drivers.  If you are in the trucking industry, you know that drivers are typically very good employees who just want to get a job done and get it done properly.  Utilizing this type of tracking software though can actually help make your fleet safer than it has ever been in the past.

No matter how responsible a driver may be, if they are under pressure they may push the limits of their vehicle to try and make a delivery on time or earlier.

If you have this type of tracking software in place you will be able to complete monitoring activities so that you can see exactly how they are driving.  You will be able to check on their speed.  Also, in the event that something terrible happens you will be able to see exactly where they are so that you can get them immediate assistance.

This adds a whole new level of safety to your fleet and can be a major value for your customer to know of your safety standards.  These types of truck tracking or vehicle tracking systems are becoming more widespread and are very easy to implement thanks to new companies such as GPSTrackit.com.  Fleet tracking may seem invasive but there are some big benefits to be had if you invest in it