JUGS vs Stalker, Which Is The Best Radar Gun Used In Baseball?

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The JUGS radar gun is the most commonly used, and best selling gun for measuring the pitches of baseball players across the country. They offer a technology that is capable of picking up the ball out of a pitchers hand after only one foot. The other commonly used radar gun for Major League Baseball is the Stalker radar gun, which is capable of picking up a pitch from a thrower immediately after the ball is released. The difference between the two guns is small, but can sometimes result in a 1 to 3 mph disparity between the two brands. This wouldn’t seem important unless you are a pitcher trying to break the triple-digit barrier. Then it becomes an important factor in which radar gun you choose.

The networks that broadcast Major League Baseball usually have their own systems set up at the ballpark such as Fox Sports’ “FoxTrax”. The best position to have these measuring guns is directly in line with the pitcher. When the radar gun gets farther away from this optimum position, the accuracy of detection begins to fall.

These are the most well-known and trusted brands in baseball, so it is no surprise that neither offer cheap radar guns. Costs of these guns can range from $500-$1100.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can pick up a radar gun made by Bushnell. They are known more for their laser distance finding devices, but can offer a competitive radar gun for a fraction of the price.

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The Internet café Franchise Business is Growing by Leaps and Bounds

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If you are looking forward to earn a secure and regular income over the internet and from the comforts of your home then you can do it by buying an internet café franchise. This is today one of the hottest businesses in USA. There are several companies that can help you start your own sweepstakes games business by setting up machines for you. The machines look very much like the ones that you see in casinos.

You can simply become one of the distributors of the company. You need to make a substantial amount of money since in the end the house always wins. Today there are many people who would love to try their hand at Sweepstakes. This is because there are great prices to be won by operating the software online. The cool prizes to be won can be anything from household items to entertainment equipment (like audio systems). The company can install the internet café sweepstakes software in the machines.

Playing the game is easy and your chances of winning increase more if you play more. It all depends on the number of people playing and the number of entries. So if there is only one entry and there are 2 people playing, then the chances of winning is 50%. Experience suggests that people who play at least 50 different stakes per day in the Sweepstakes machines have decent chances of winning. If they really like to win better than they have to play at least 250 to 300 Sweepstakes per day.

There might be some companies that make entering sweepstakes a little bit difficult by requesting you to create a user account or entering captchas. However in this case, the exposure of more people to sweepstakes maybe limited but the chances of winning of the existing members increase since there are fewer number of people. The customers increase their chances of winning if they play consistently.

They should not give up if they don’t win anything in one or two sweepstakes. Normally companies introduce sweepstakes because in the future they want to market their products and services to the customers. They will normally give their own products which also helps in indirect marketing. The companies will also receive feedback from customers and hence they have an opportunity to improvise on these until a final version is introduced in the market.

Sweepstakes companies make it easy and fun for customers to play sweepstakes. Participating and winning could give anyone a great feeling. However winning through sweepstakes machines is not a job where you can steady income. Sometimes you may even have to play for a month or two till you get your first prize.
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