The Discovery System for the Optics Industry

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The optics industry heavily relies on the latest technology for day-to-day operations. Companies within the industry are responsible for creating a wide range of products and services, including fiber optic components for telecommunications, optical design and engineering, precision measuring and position equipment, and optical coatings/thin films. Whether you run a giant aerospace company, a research firm, or a small business, optics-related companies are always on the prowl for a system that is able to handle high-tech operations. Here’s a look at the Discovery System, a high volume sputtering platform ideal for businesses in the optics industry.

The Discovery is a multi-cathode sputter deposition platform that offers a flexible, turnkey solution for confocal and perpendicular sputtering geometries. It’s great for R & D, batch production, and sputtering. When it comes to cathode configurations, the Discovery can handle up to eight cathodes with triaxis adjustment of radius, distance, and angular presentation. What’s more, each cathode can be set for a different deposition process and target matter. If you’re concerned about cross contamination of the source material, don’t be. The Discovery offers independent electro-pneumatic source shutters and chimney assemblies that prevent cross contamination.

If you’re searching for a sputtering platform with a powerful control system, the Discover is for you. You can upgrade the system to include consistent controls, standard software, source code, and various network capabilities. It also handles substrate as large as 30 inches in diameter and as heavy as 50 pounds. If you need anything added to the system, the manufacturer can help you create a system that is tailored for your operations.

This feature blog has been approved by Denton Vacuum, LLC, a company that designs and creates advanced thin film technology. Denton Vacuum offers precision-coat aerospace components, e-beam evaporation systems, advanced optics, medical implants, solar cells, semiconductor devices and much more.

So Many Advertising Choices, So Little Time

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By Ted Dhanik 

There are so many different advertising options today that it can be difficult for businesses to decide which type to use.  Advertising can be extremely costly, however, it’s necessary in order to make any business thrive.  Small business owners in particular typically have to consider their budget before paying for ads.  Some of the most popular types of ads involve television, radio, print, and online display ads.

Television, print, and radio ads are a great idea for small, local businesses.  These mediums broadcast to a large network which often allows businesses to grow their client base.   This is a great option for businesses that want to grow brand awareness without necessarily promoting a specific product.  Unfortunately, small business owners that use these mediums will have to compete with big brand names which can be a difficult feat.  One option is for small businesses to advertise on the local television stations so that there is less competition.

Another popular advertising option today is online ads.  There are different types of online ads, but display ads have become widely used in recent years.  Display ads can be more expensive than traditional ads, but they can also bring in more new clients.  The reason for this is that these ads are more tailored to the viewers.  The ROI tends to be very high for display ads because they target an incredibly particular audience.  One benefit to these ads is that they can easily be updated and replaced, unlike traditional ads.

Prior to businesses choosing a particular type of ad, they should evaluate what their goal and budget for their ads are.  If money is an issue, traditional ads may be the route to go.  However, if growing brand recognition is the main goal, display advertising is a great option.

Author bio: Guest post is brought to you by Ted Dhanik, the CEO of the marketing company engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik offers nearly fifteen years of marketing experience in display, mobile and video advertising.  For more information on Ted Dhanik, visit

A Short Time For More Time

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A Short Time For More Time

As fishing season draws to a near, people are starting to bring out their fishing equipment in time for fishing season. Time to prepare the fishing rods, oil line up the spool, acquire new hooks, line, and sinkers, most importantly, it’s a time to give those boat engines a quick tune up to make sure that they will be more than capable of facing whatever challenges the sea has to offer.

In order to have a worry-free fishing trip, you must ensure that your boat engines are properly lubricated and that all the hoses are all without leaks. Some engines are very meticulous when it comes to periodic maintenance because of all the wear parts, especially because it most likely has been sitting on a trailer for most of the year. These engines require more attention to be paid because otherwise, parts might give way when you least expect it while strolling along the sea. There are some engines, however, particularly Mercury outboards, tend to require less maintenance as designers thought about the frequency of use, because they were specifically designed with season hobbyists in mind. It’s good especially for those who tend to neglect periodic maintenance and just want to bring them out only when you need it.

The bottom line is, whichever you get, boat engines need considerations from time to time. Mercury outboards are low maintenance but not no maintenance. Reliability requires effort to be put into it. A little time you spend now, saves you a lot in the future.