Ecommerce design trends for 2014

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With the explosion of mobile and tablet sales in the face of dwindling PC sales, ecommerce retailors should reconsider their strategy. Mobile based Internet shopping expected to take up 30 percent of all Internet retail sales. Ecommerce retailors should take advantage of expanding mobile and tablet use and design shopping experience that is designed for new breed of on the go customers.

Responsive design based on mobile and to a certain extent desktop demand will continue in 2014. Primary driver will be the demand generated by mobile customers. As recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium, Flexible Box Layout Module is gathering steam. Supporters of this design include Apple iOS7, Chrome 31, Firefox 25, Internet Explorer 10 and many others.

Flat design that is promoted by Windows 8 and Apple iOS7 mainly concentrate on strong colors and interesting fonts. They drop 3-D, shadows and other designs in favor of simplicity. Fewer graphic make flat design easier to load and create with smaller files.

One area that is shaping the 2014 ecommerce sales is mobile video. Videos on smartphones and tablets give the retailor an excellent medium to provide product details. It makes product descriptions much easier to deliver to customers.

You Can Afford Tech Support

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Many small to mid-sized businesses make the mistake of thinking they simply can’t afford to bring on the Tech support their company needs to stay competitive. As a result, business suffers. How could it not? They’re most likely already competing with larger businesses that have more assets available to them. Add the fact that a smaller business now lacks proper networking and IT and it all but seals their fate.

Fortunately, these underdogs have help. Today you can simply outsource these necessary tasks to local companies who can handle them for you. As a result, you get all the benefits of having your own tech support team, but at a much more affordable rate.

Orange County IT consulting companies are everywhere. So if you’re located in the Southern California area, that’s a smart place to look for computer networking. Los Angeles will obviously be a hotbed as well. But don’t sleep on other local options like Irvine, for example. Keep in mind that this is a remote position, so you don’t actually need them in the office.

To keep costs as low as possible, look for companies that provide an ala carte option, meaning you can simply pick the services you absolutely need. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for things your company doesn’t ever use and the overhead you were trying to avoid in the first place.


Article submitted by Cal Net Technology Group. They provide all types of computer services to Southern California including computer support Irvine businesses can rely on.

What to Look for in IT Consulting

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No matter how small your company is, chances are it could benefit from some IT consulting. Every company these days can. It’s not only necessary to maintain a competitive edge; it’s generally necessary in order to keep the business running from day to day. Fortunately, if you’re business is located anywhere near LA there are a number of options for computer networking. Los Angeles enjoys a number of IT related options thanks to the many schools in the area as well as Silicon Valley to the north. Making sense of all these choices, however, is where you might need some help.

Although the last thing you may want is more choices, don’t limit yourself just to LA. There are some really great Orange County IT consulting firms, for example, that might fit the bill.

In order to narrow your list of options, only consider those firms that are meant for your size company. Generally they’ll make this clear through their website. If not, you may need to call and ask or look for a “clients” section on their website and compare the size of your business to some of them.

Lastly, look for the services you need and be sure they can provide you just those ones and nothing else. You don’t want to get forced into paying extra for features you simply won’t use.


Article submitted by Cal Net Technology Group. For over 14 years, the company has been providing computer support Irvine residents can rely on.