Tracking a Weather Balloon in Space

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A weather balloon can measure atmospheric pressure, record data on distances travelled and provide visualizations through an attached weather balloon camera. You can take your own readings, but you need the proper equipment to get started.

What You Need

A good high altitude balloon kit comes with the kit, and enough materials to construct a small payload. These materials may include a box to house the payload, a camera to take incremental pictures throughout the launch, and support arms to carry the payload and mount the camera. You will also need gas to fill the balloon and fly it. You can use either helium or hydrogen, but be aware that hydrogen is highly flammable so you will need someone trained in handling it.

Tracking Data

You will need to mount the GPS data logger to the payload in order to track flight pattern and other conditions. Flip the sensor on before your launch and the data logger will set to work. Once recovered, you can connect the data logger to your computer and pull the data from it. Google Maps works well for visualizing the flight path, as it is easy to use and everyone can view the data.

Visualizing Data

Each data logger comes with an SD card inside. AS long as you started the logger before launch, the card will record your data into a CSV file. You can open this file in Excel as you would any other spreadsheet. You use software online to upload your findings, and the software translates those figures into visuals on Google Earth.

The Importance of Terminal Server Monitoring

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Written by RDPSoft Company

If you have a company that thrives on their soft- and hardware, there’s a good chance you’re in need of terminal servers. They allow more of your employees access to the same resources and, often, the ability to manipulate them as necessary.

But while this is a fine tool, it’s easy to see how things could easily get out of hand and real problems could occur. A remote desktop monitor is another great solution that allows more staff to access your inner workings from much larger distances, but this only compounds the issue.

One solution is a log terminal server. This is absolutely essential for watching over who is accessing your terminal server and what they’re doing at all times. Aside from enforcing accountability, it can also go a long way into turning that accountability into improved performance and better understanding down the road.

With terminal server monitoring, you’re able to take this technology one step further. You can monitor the action inside the terminal server at all times and catch any mishaps as they happen to mitigate any issues this may cause. There are also ways to add automation to this strategy to lessen management’s workflow while still seeing results.

If your company has a central database that could or does use a terminal server, keep an eye on the possible downsides. Consider using terminal server monitoring to keep these risks in check.

RDPSoft Company are experts at terminal server monitoring and all that goes into getting the most from both the hard- and software involved.

Two steps to improving your online visibility

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The Internet is full of advertisements claiming that they can improve your Web site’s online visibility, obviously for a fee. Just developing and submitting your Web site to Google, Yahoo! and others not enough. There are some steps you can take to notice your Web site.

Buildup the size of your Web site: Web site with more pages tends to score higher on Google search. Google algorithm picks up deeper page structure as well as links. So, many ask how many pages you need to get noticed? Well there is no clear answer. But we know taking your one page Web site to few more pages, say five pages, definitely helps. Include the structure in the first page such as “About us”, “Contacts”, “Testimonials”, and others and carry them over to next pages and provide information. Blogs can also add few more pages to your web site. Remember, many customers are suspicious about “Flash” and so avoid them.

Set up Google services: Google Place is a free service to any business with a physical address. Keep in mind, Google Business Photos show off photos of your business to millions of customers. This is also a place for your customers to post their reviews of your business. Ultimate objective is to get your Web site noticed by Google.

Tips to Boost Direct Marketing with Display Advertising

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Display advertising can be a huge boon for a direct marketing campaign, but newbies can lose a lot of money trying to test ideas. There are some quick fixes you can apply to a campaign to scale it, but much of the specifics will depend on your offer. Apply these tips to boost an existing campaign, or to give traffic to a new one.

Optimize for Local

Localizing for display campaigns segments your traffic based on the user’s geographic location, and may also deal with the user’s search preferences. Look at the leads you already have and search for trends in location. Apply that data to your traffic segments in a different campaign and test the results. You should receive fewer clicks, but you might receive higher conversions.

Use Readable Text

The only thing worse than banner advertising with too much text is a banner that isn’t readable. Check that your font is clean and readable. Next, make sure that the colors of your font don’t mesh with your background colors, and that your image quality isn’t obscuring the font by pixellating them. The copy is no good if someone can’t read it.

Tips for Copy

Search advertising campaigns benefit from a set character limit, but banners must be more conservative in how they apply text to the campaign. You need to highlight the most important benefits up front, and you can use visuals to help contrast your text. For example, opposite colors can correspond with the “before and after” of your service. These visual cues allow for more possibilities in testing, so try to start with a banner design that converts decently.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a sales and direct marketing specialist with over fifteen years in the industry. Ted Dhanik is also the president and co-founder of engage:BDR. To learn more about display advertising, visit Ted Dhanik online.

Ion Sputtering and its Uses

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Ion beam assisted deposition allows manufacturers to create designs that were once thought to be theoretical. Using a beam of energy fired from an ion gun, which contains ions that have been sped up by an electrical field, ions come into contact with the target material and transfer kinetic energy to it. This transfer causes several collisions to occur that sputter material onto the target.

The collision sends molecules on a random path toward the substrate (the target material). This results in a deposition process that is low energy, and one that produces the hard and dense film growth the manufacturer desires.

Ebeam technology uses a similar process, but the system uses an electron beam instead of an ion beam. This process decomposes the gaseous particles can deposit non-volatile particles on a substrate as well. Electron beams also have the possibility of producing a free-standing product that is three dimensional, like 3D printing with electrons.

Ion beam deposition yields the highest quality product. The result has less loss than other procedures, and the optical coatings are shift-free. Maintenance is required to keep the machine in operational capacity, but ion sputtering is perfect for small surfaces.

Ion beam deposition is used in narrowband filter development. These devices are used in electronics to process frequencies within a certain range. Ion beam sputtering also has applications in biomedical devices and defense. It can be useful for coating a device that will go into the patient’s body, or it can be used on components for radio and radar devices.

Bio: For optical coating systems used in sputter deposition processes, visit Denton Vacuum, LLC online.

Simple AB Tests You Can Use Today

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik.

AB testing is easy to use, but difficult to master. Google includes a utility in its Analytics program that will match two pages head to head, but knowing what to change in an AB test is the hard part. Once you’ve gotten your page planned out, you can use this tool to send equal traffic to both Web pages. Find an existing page that is performing at a less than stellar capacity and try some of these tests to improve conversions in your display advertising.

Call to Action

The actual call to action is one of the most important parts of your ad. Exclude this and you risk alienating your audience, or worse: spending money on idle clicks. Testing your call to action should involve some competitive research and critical thinking about your audience. Start with basic questions:

  • Does your audience want to buy, or are they looking for information?
  • Is a soft call that gets them clicking worth more than a “Buy Now” button?

You might want to utilize multiple sales pages, or long form copy.


You’ve heard the advice that photos with people in them have a better chance of converting, but you’ve also heard that colors are crucial to conversions. Which is right? The solution is AB testing. First, try to test simple reds and greens to see if your conversions go up. Then, retool your banner advertising according to pictures. Remember that if you can get real people wearing your products, you stand to gain the most benefit from the pictures on your site.

Ted Dhanik, provider of display advertising and high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is the CEO of marketing company engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik mentors business owners interested in start-ups.