How to Collect Pictures from Space

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Summary: You can attach a camera to a weather balloon to capture images from the stratosphere.

Want an exciting science fair project that is easy to perform? Try hooking a camera up to a weather balloon, and capturing shots of space and data from the atmosphere. Here is how you can collect pictures from space.

Weather Balloon Kit

A basic weather balloon kit comes with the balloon, and some accessories to help your launch. There is the payload, which holds the GPS data logger and a few other essentials. There is also the balloon itself, sized specifically for the volume of gas you need to reach a certain height. The camera is the most essential part. The main concept to keep in mind is durability. A cell phone camera might work, but it most likely won’t survive the fall to Earth.

Capturing the Images

A weather balloon camera has a few different settings to capture photos. If you have an object attached the payload, and want to capture it in frame, the camera can look for objects and capture them accordingly. The camera can also take shots at timed intervals, capturing the stratosphere on ascent and descent. A video camera can be used to capture the entire event, then the footage can stream later on sites like YouTube.

Using Data

In order to use the data, you need to recover the payload. Have a GPS datalogger installed on the payload so that you can us a laptop or mobile device to track the balloon in real-time. You might need to take a drive or a short hike to recover the payload.

Advantages of online advertising over the print media

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More and more businesses especially small business owners are getting help from online ad companies and services and as a result reach customers far and beyond. Digital media provide easy access to millions of possible customers at a fraction of a cost of print media.

  • The most visible advantage of advertising online over print media is its reach. While print media is limited to the distribution area, online advertising reaches a worldwide audience. Help from Google AdWords and many others cost minimal but reaches much bigger audience at a lessor cost.
  • Reduce cost: Compared to traditional print advertising, online advertising is more cost effective. At a fraction of a cost of print media, digital tools such as Google AdWords and Facebook can be used to reach millions. Also, your advertisements reach your intended customer much faster than the print media.
  • Digital media advertising allows you to measure success more readily and easily over print media. Digital tools are available to measure success of any ad campaign.
  • You can personalize your advertising to any customer using many tools available online. You can easily follow up with your customers who may need service and other products connected to a previous purchase.

Manage a Low Budget Campaign

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Companies without large budgets are often deterred from banner advertising, because the perceived cost is too high. In reality, you’re always paying for the traffic you acquire. Whether you’re paying a person or an organization to bring that traffic to you, or you are buying it click by click or view by view. Even if you have a low budget, there is still a lot to learn from managing a campaign.


Instead of using automation to control your bids, take control and bid for the position you want manually. Look at the rank for your keywords and ads, then raise or lower your bids until you hit that sweet spot. If you have a display advertising campaign that reaches its daily budget quickly, try to pinpoint if there is a keyword or bid that is driving your costs. Eliminate that ad group and focus your limited budget on things that work.


Another great tactic is to go after your competition by brand. Targeting their brand name, or adding their brand name to your keywords allows you to go after less expensive keywords that still have the chance of converting. You should also research your niche thoroughly so you can bid on lesser known terms. Unique keywords that are long tail may draw in fewer visitors, but group them up and you can gain an avalanche of targeted traffic that few people are bidding on.

Your biggest asset is your ability to remain agile and competitive. Use long tail searches and manual bidding to hone your focus on specific keywords.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketer based out of Los Angeles. Ted Dhanik has been helping businesses generate leads as the president and co-founder of engage:BDR. Find more display advertising tips online by visiting Ted Dhanik.