The Best Way to Transport Lots of Material

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By Port Containers

Do you have a lot of material that needs to get transported an equally long distance? Does your business depend on this type of thing? Would your overhead be helped out a lot if you could think of a better way to do it? if you answered “yes” to any of these questions and you aren’t using cargo containers, then you’re making a pretty big mistake that could be costing your company a lot.

Thanks to cargo containers (and there are many, the popular ISO container is just one example), you can pack a whole lot of material into just one unit and then send it to  just about anywhere in the entire world. That’s because cargo containers are just as home on the road as they are on the sea. In fact, they’re built to fend off salt water, high winds and all the wear and tear that comes with countless waves.

So before you continue with business as usual, look into what cargo containers could be doing for your company. Chances are there’s a lot you could gain from this simple, and affordable, change in your company.


There are countless reasons it makes sense to look for shipping containers for sale, but you may be surprised by how many options there are in terms of the containers themselves and the companies selling them. That’s why so many people out there trust Port Containers to make sure they get exactly what they need.

Mobile Banners: What to Avoid

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Mobile advertising presents a very different user experience than desktop ads. Size plays a big role in mobile ads, but there are plenty of desktop guidelines that don’t transition well to mobile. Here are some concepts to avoid as you design your mobile ads.

File Size

The larger the size of the file, the longer you can expect the banner to take to load. That’s a general rule of thumb, but there are definite exceptions. For example, two files can be the same size in pixels, but they can come out to different file sizes based on the image format. In general, it might be best to try and use the PNG image format, so that file sizes are low but the banner advertising remains crisp and easy to read.

Fonts and Colors

Mobile screen size will greatly affect the appearance of a banner, making it hard to read certain fonts or see certain colors. Designers of mobile display advertising often use the light/dark design ideology when developing for mobile. The contrast of a dark background with lighter text makes the ad easy to read under adverse lighting conditions.

Landing Page

Landing pages often contain forms and other visuals that can be difficult to decipher on mobile. Desktop websites don’t scale well to mobile, and the user will usually have to zoom in just to see things. Unwanted visual glitches, like jumbled text or small margins, can complicate things further. It’s wise to design your landing page with mobile in mind, so the page itself will change to fit the user’s screen size.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketing guru with experience on mobile platforms. Through engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik sells mobile ad space in addition to traditional banner advertising. Find out how to use display ads to increase leads with tips from Ted Dhanik.

Chinese ecommerce behemoth, Alibaba, to go public

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Founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, the Chinese ecommerce behemoth, Alibaba, is planning an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the United States in September 2014. The privately owned company is based in Hangzhou, China and not only an ecommerce giant but also provide business-to-business services, online conglomerate (Tencent), online Web portals, online retail and payments (Alipay), cloud computing and an online shopping search engine (Baidu). Its three main sites, Taobao, Tmall and capture hundreds of millions of users and serve hundreds of businesses. Its 2010 revenue was $74 billion which grew to $295 billion in 2013 and projected to grow to $713 billion by 2017. It is the most popular online shopping destination in China capturing more than 60 percent of Internet searches. It could be the world’s biggest online commerce company according to some publications.

China is world’s fastest growing ecommerce market. Alibaba exceeds the combined volume of eBay and With an IPO in the US, it can reach many international markets and raise capital worldwide. The IPO will be one of the biggest of the year and could raise more than $20 billion. Alibaba estimates that the company worth more than $125 billion.