How Campaigns Fail, and How to Fix Them

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Display advertising is one of the most effective methods of advertising. According to the chief of media for MasterCard, CPM is still an important metric for engagement because of microtargeting.. Those facts have contributed to the competitive nature of rich media ads. Identifying what makes a campaign work can be costly if you have little to go on, and there are common mistakes everyone makes when they first start out. Campaigns fail every day, but you can fix some of those mistakes.


Automation is a huge boon for you. It frees up more of your time, helps keep you focused on your tasks and provides you with opportunities you would not otherwise have. It’s also easy to fall into the mindset of forgetting to act. When automation handles all of your reporting or your bidding, you miss the intricacies of your data. You can apply critical thinking to your campaigns and review what the trends are. In other words, you’re not only motivated by click data, you have an eye for what is going on in the market that automation can’t see.


Campaigns that fail to properly utilize content tend to nose dive pretty quickly. The basics for any banner advertising campaign involve headlines, concise language, and a strong call to action. Long form copy can actually hurt your campaign, as most customers won’t ever read it. If your call to action is buried, the customer may click away before seeing it. Keywords are also effective eye-catchers, as they usually correspond with what the customer was already searching for.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is an expert in banner advertising, with over fifteen years of experience in sales and direct marketing. Ted Dhanik is also the CEO of engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik teaches business professionals how to build a business with leads from display advertising.

Selling cement to Gaza

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The still continuing conflict between Israel and Gaza that it controls in many ways, resulted in demolishing many homes, factories, schools, clinics and even the only working sewage treatment plant in Gaza. The United Nations calls for immediate reconstruction of damaged or destroyed structures. They require cement and other construction material and that is only the beginning of the intricacies of the commerce between Israel and Gaza.

Gaza reconstruction will require cement and building materials. Israel has imposed restrictions on importing cement to Gaza. Their argument is most cement that goes to Gaza end up building illegal tunnels that Hamas use to attack Israel and its people, and promote illegal trade between Egypt to the South. Not just cement, some of the tunnels uncovered recently show elaborate railings, telecommunication wiring, and slabs made of fabricated concrete. Only construction projects that were allowed using imported cement and other construction material since 2012 were funded by the international agencies belonging to Qatar. Solutions to the issue are limited. Israel will have to deploy troops inside Gaza, if it were to allow reconstruction again endangering lives of soldiers and angering those who are living in Gaza. Ban on cement and other building materials can continue for years curtailing rebuilding efforts in Gaza.

Do Your Employees a Favor and Track Them

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By Allied Time

If you know how valuable your employees are to your company, it’s only right that you’d want to get even more from them than you already do. This is how businesses work, after all. That being said, you may be tentative to do so for a number of reasons, one of which could be that you’re worried about sending out the wrong impression.

For example, a popular way to get more from your employees is by introducing a time card machine. But the fear could be that they take this the wrong way, as if you don’t trust them. As a result morale could suffer.

The truth, though, is that this could very well have the opposite effect. Many employees will be grateful that they now have one more reason to fight a bad habit of always being late. Other employees will be grateful that other employees are now forced to show up on time like they themselves always have.

Plus, with a product like a Biometric time clock, you stand a much better chance of getting results that will really matter. So make sure you purchase product that’s worth it and then introduce it the best way possible.


While there are countless ways to better your business, if you rely on employees for your success, you definitely need to invest in time clock products (like pyramid time clocks) and matching software. Otherwise, one of your most crucial and expensive resources could easily be under producing without you knowing it.

Exploring the Cayman Islands with a GPS Device

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By Andys Rent-A-Car

When you want a vacation that perfectly combines fun in the sun with relaxation, you don’t have to look any further than the Cayman Islands. The place is known across the world as Heaven on Earth. However, there’s more to do than just kick back on the beach, which is why you should have a GPS device handy with you.

Although the islands may seem small, one of the reasons people return year after year is because there’s so much to do. It can also be a very daunting task getting around when you’re not a local. Fortunately, the solution is simple enough: use a GPS device.

Nowadays, these devices are cheaper than ever. In fact, you can even get apps on your smartphone that will function this way. Armed with the power of GPS, you’ll always know which direction to head for that next hotspot.

To get the most out of your device, though, you’ll really want a car rental on Cayman Island. Otherwise, you’ll need to depend on public transportation there. Fortunately, it’s not tough to find an affordable rent-a-car in Grand Cayman that will give you everything you need to get around.


Despite its relatively small size, there is no shortage of things to do on the Cayman Islands. From swimming with manta rays to tanning on the beach to visiting historical sites, you’ll have your arms full while you’re there, which is why a Grand Cayman rent-a-car from Andy’s Rent-A-Car makes so much sense.

Save Money with Shipping Containers

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By Port Containers

It’s never been more important for companies to find ways to help out their bottom line. With the economy like it is, every last penny could make the difference between seeing another year and going out of business. Fortunately, there are options out there that can help you keep your money where it belongs.

One prime example of this is shipping containers. These large, rectangular boxes are built from steel and will therefore protect whatever is put inside them. They can be loaded on a barge where your products can travel over any waterway because their steel construction keeps saltwater at bay. Then, once it arrives at port, these containers can easily be offloaded onto truck beds and taken to their final destination without issue.

These days, too, it’s easier than ever to find a conex for sale and save money on the initial purchase. Even container rentals are an option if your company currently can’t afford to buy one.

However, another possibility is to buy a container and rent out any extra space you have to other companies with the same needs as you. This way, you get the shipping you need and can also pay off your container purchase at the same time.


If your business relies on transportation, you should consider finding used shipping containers for that job. For years now, they have been an unrivaled solution as far as transportation goes. Head on over to Port Containers to learn more about this promising method.