Apple Pay for e-commerce

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Published reports indicate that recently introduced Apple Pay, a mobile payment platform from Apple is getting either a discount on interchange fees charged by banks or other concessions. On the other hand Apple Pay’s enhanced security features, intuitive user experience and the name recognition are additional incentives for banks to sign up for Apple Pay. In the wake of recent security breaches, many card issuers are in the process of upgrading to newer EMV chip-and-PIN standards and that make easier for them to accommodate Apple Pay too. This is why many banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Capital One Bank, PNC Bank, Citi, and Barclays are joining force with Apple Pay.

This is good news for businesses signed onto e-commerce. It adds another safer alternative for their customers to pay for purchases and services. Retailers such as Whole Foods and Macy’s who already signed onto Apple Pay will benefit from many banks joining to Apple Pay. The near field communication technology that has been around for years is the central core of Apple Pay. Data encryption, TouchID finger print scanning, card credential tokens stored in the devices, and one-time codes for payment processing are some of the other security measures that will help to convert e-commerce customers to Apple Pay.

Key Signals for Targeting the Mobile Shopper

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Today’s shopper is on the go, and banner advertising must adapt to this growing trend. Marketers must increasingly rely on limited signals, generated by mobile traffic, to make educated guesses at what will help sell products. With these tips, you can convert mobile customers from browsers to shoppers.


Paying attention to location means more than just reading the geo-location of customers in Analytics. Deploy location specific keywords, purchase traffic from local sources, and help customers find what they are looking for at a nearby location. Users who are searching on mobile overwhelmingly use location specific keywords, and are more motivated to buy.

Popular Pages

Looking at your most popular pages on Analytics will tell you what products people are most interested in buying from you. You should take it one step further, though, and track what customers actually do on the page. You can use Events and Goal Funnels for these actions, which would help you visualize how customers are actually using your forms and carts. You can use this data to help shorten the steps it takes to close a sale, or add information you need to complete a sale or gain a new lead.


Mobile requires a slightly different frame of mind. You need to be quicker about getting your messaging to clients, and you need to focus on making the buying process as smooth as possible. Once you understand what motivates a mobile buyer, you can easily convert them into a customer through mobile advertising.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a direct marketing expert who began his career selling engaging ads for Ted Dhanik is now the co-founder and CEO of engage:BDR, a buy-side platform for mobile, video and display advertising. To sign up for engage:BDR, contact Ted Dhanik.

How You Can Afford a Shipping Container

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By Port Containers

It should go without saying that your company needs to look for the best possible ways out there in order to help their bottom line maintain. In this economy, anything you can do to protect your revenues is important. It should also go without saying, then, that if you’re in the shipping business, you need intermodal containers on your side or a similar solution.

However, just because this solution makes sense doesn’t mean your company can afford it, for a number of reasons. That’s too bad, because your finances will only get worse as competitors use these containers to help them business continuously outdo yours, year after year.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to afford these very important additions to your shipping concerns. Basically, you look for a shipping container for sale that fits your needs. Better still, find a used one. This will definitely save you money.

Then rent out this container to other companies when you’re not using them. When you are using them, if there’s space left over, rent that out to potential customers too. In no time at all, you’ll have your purchase paid off with more money coming in.


Are you in the market for shipping container dimensions that will work in order to augment your company’s need to get products sent out all over the world? If so, you should really consider looking to get your needs met by shopping at Port Containers USA, where they have all the resources you need to make the right decision.