Is marketing with a Facebook Business Page a good strategy?

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It is a widely used and becoming ever more popular essential for an online marketing strategy. If you already have a Facebook page or you are starting new, there are few must have for your business page. Here are few favorites that we have chosen for you.

Immediately install Social Connections app. This helps you to integrate the Facebook Page of your business allowing it to share real-time your marketing strategy. It also allows for conversations, data sharing with the local community and help with lead generation.

Posting useful and relevant content is important. This will hook visitors to your site and get them to keep coming back to your site. In addition to having your own content, provide links to other useful Facebook Pages and other Web sites. Many Facebook Pages contain Share or Like features.

Like button itself is a key feature to encourage return visitors and interaction. You may have to subscribe to Facebook’s Featured Websites to get the Like button for your Website. Keep in mind, anyone clicking on your Like button generates more visitors to your site. You can get help from the Facebook’s Like Button Help Page to install it.

The Future of Timekeeping

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Written by: Allied Time


During the 19th and 20th centuries, employee-timekeeping methods used manual clocks to track and maintain employee logs of the hours worked. Today, timekeeping has evolved and continues to change to provide improved security, faster payroll methods and added user-friendliness to a time machine. With these added features, the future of timekeeping remains an affordable, dynamic atmosphere.


More Options for Time Keeping

In the early 21st century, biometric timekeeping emerged to provide a newer means of tracking work hours. Today, with the invention and continued rise in popularity of the Internet, the induction of an online time clock provides a reasonable means for tracking time. Compared to manual and biometric clocks, online time clocks can keep track of schedules, time worked and accumulated hours using an online platform. Granted, individuals still need to clock-in using an actual device, but online clocks provide users with more options for tracking and maintaining time.


Better Scheduling and Management Options

Managers frequently contend with scheduling conflicts. Employee A has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Employee B can only come in for a few hours on Tuesdays. These scheduling conflicts can cause constantly shuffling and re-organizing of schedules to prevent work-related meltdowns or long customer wait times. With a newer employee time clock, managers can better understand scheduling issues and re-assign workers faster and more efficiently without the added worry of a company meltdown.


Easily Customizable

With newer technology comes more options for customizing information. Before, manual clocks provided a timed stamp for workers, a setup that left little room for customization or security. Today, newer devices allow individuals to track hours work, setup software for reviewing schedules, and use weekly averages to determine how often a worker checks in or out, and at what times. These customized options allows for improved time management and organizational setups for companies looking to better manage their personnel.


Increased Security

From manual setups to fingerprint technology, biometric clocks all provide added security. These customizable clocks help ensure every worker clocks in on time without any time stealing. The additional security measure increases an employer’s ROI, while employees benefit from secure mainframes that provide restricted access without recording any personally identifiable features. So while each of these clocks adds improved scheduling and customizable features, perhaps the improved security measures are the main selling point for some business owners.

How Thin-Film Deposition Works and What It’s Used For

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Written by: Denton Vacuum, LLC

Summary: Sputter deposition is an advanced form of manufacturing.

Production techniques that are used to build a car engine or transmission, such as metalizing a screw, use an advanced form of manufacturing known as sputter deposition. This method utilizes chemical compounds, processed into gaseous form, to alter the physical properties of the original object.

On a microscopic scale, the technique of sputtering is similar to repainting a chair or a wall with a can of spray paint. The object, known as a “substrate,” is positioned upon a base that is smoothly rotated, while a nozzle blasts the substrate with the chemical compound. The rotation gives the substrate an even finish across the entire surface.

PVD coating equipment applies films that make use of solutions including silicon nitride. This type of mixture is used to coat parts for airplanes, car engines and surgical equipment. The key to this technique is in the application of thin layers of material, which usually don’t surpass more than a few microns in thickness, so as to keep the substrate unaltered.

Vacuum coating systems are widely-used to produce a wafer-thin layer of materials that prevent glare or scratches. Any pair of glasses ordered with “anti-glare” coatings will have gone through this process. The chemicals only bond under precise temperatures, so materials must be superheated and then super cooled at precise intervals.

Sputtering and its ilk are now prevalent, but some of the methods involved in this process are also the same used in sterilization and pasteurization. Vacuums also supply a contained space where chemical substances can adhere to a substrate.

Bio: Denton Vacuum, LLC manufactures PVD coating equipment and sputter deposition machinery.