Top Tips for Choosing the Right Video Wall Solution

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Central stations are an important component of every command center. They’re essential for effectively monitoring multiple streams of information for security and video surveillance industries. Additionally, they will also allow for more accurate mission-critical decisions, which in turn increases the overall effectiveness of the organization.


Now, while technology has indeed improved so that a budget system will be relatively fine for a command center, you’ll also want to remember not to cut corners when it’s time to install or refresh the entire system – this also applies to the video wall as well.


Choose Your Equipment Wisely


Now, some unique spaces can work with a front-projection system, central stations are best utilized when in conjunction of three categories of solid-state display technology, not all of them are interchangeable however. These pieces include LED or LCD flat displays, LED-lit projection cubes, and rear-projection display cubes.


Consider the Top Brands


Once you have an idea of what type of technology you’ll need for your stations, you’ll want to perform some in-depth research on the latest and greatest brands. First off, check for brightness uniformity. If there isn’t any uniformity within the screen, the overall video wall display may take on the appearance of a checkerboard, which is less than ideal. Most cubes will offer uniformity of 95% or better, while LCD panel uniformity isn’t as high.


It’s recommended to test and view the solution before you install it as it you’ll be relying on this system for up-to-date information and data. Be sure that the content that the uniformity meets you and your team’s expectations. Try not to automatically install the system just because you invested a large amount of money – keep your options open.


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