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Advertising on other websites

Any business requires visibility, and one way to achieve this is by advertising your products or services on third-party websites that are known to generate a lot of traffic. Normally, you will have to contact the webmasters of these sites to determine the costs involved in taking such a course of action. Although, these negotiations with several website owners concerning costs, return of investment and other issues can be painstakingly tedious but it helps you keep your options open when Plan A will not give you the results that you desire.

These ads normally come in the form of banners that are placed in strategic areas of the site, either in text of graphical format. They are normally placed at the top or in the right margin, and can be static or animated in nature while also appearing in rotation with other ads.
Vital to the success of the ad (meaning, getting more visitors to your site) is where the ad is placed, its design and importantly whether the ad is related to the content available on the page that it is being displayed on.

Another big plus with online advertising is that you can moderate and monitor your spending based on revenue models that are available to the buyer. Some of these are Cost per mille, cost per visitor, cost per view, cost per click, cost per action, cost per lead, cost per order, cost per order and cost per conversion.

No matter which revenue model you pick, your focus should be to spend on ads on websites where you can reach prospective, qualified buyers of your product or service while carefully checking the effectiveness of these ads while willing to make changes or experiment further, if the need arises.