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Buying a new PC? Here are some Tips

Buying a new PC can be a great experience but also a bit scary. That’s because you may have to spend $1,000 or more to get exactly what you need. Of course, there are some computers that range in price from $300 to $500 and you can get financing for your computer. When it comes to computers you really do get what you pay for. When you pay a bit more, you can expect a lot more. For instance, you can get a faster processor and a bigger hard drive.

Below we go over a few tips to help you buy the right PC for your lifestyle. 

Decide between a desktop and laptop computer. Though desktops are traditionally cheaper computers, they aren’t as versatile. You can take a laptop anywhere, even on vacation.

Choose a processor. This will take a bit of research but it’s important to find a good processor that’s fast but doesn’t cost too much.

How much RAM do you need? For most applications, 16MB is sufficient. With desktop computers, you can always add RAM later, but most laptops will not allow this. There’s simply not room for the extra RAM on the motherboard.

Hard drive storage—how much do you really need? You may really and truly need one terabyte of hard drive storage, but most people could get by with 512GB or even 256GB.

Do you need a DVD drive? For today’s computers, the answer is no. Everything can be downloaded online. If you have old games or music CD’s that you’ll want to listen to, then you will need to make sure a DVD drive is included.