Why they leave your ecommerce Website

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Creating a Website that can be liked by all is impossible. But if you don’t make an attempt to keep as many visitors to your ecommerce Website as possible, you are going to miss bulk of your sales. There are common pitfalls that one needs to consider in designing and running an ecommerce Website. Here are few of my favorites.


  • Bombarding visitors with pop-up advertisements is a distraction. It is not only a distraction but also creates doubts in visitor’s mind. If you can’t avoid it, consider introducing them a bit later rather than early.
  • Similarly, many Websites introduce sounds, clips and others immediately after entering the site. This cause many visitors to leave the site immediately. Introduce them only as an option that visitors can chose may help to keep them.
  • Don’t let visitors walk through many pages of photos. If you have them, include them in one page that visitors can select to view rather than clicking on many pages.
  • Slow loading Websites are an issue for many. If a site doesn’t load immediately after a click and takes longer time to load, visitors will go to another option listed on the page. Make sure that your site respond immediately and load on to a screen.

Improvements to payment systems from two ecommerce behemoths

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Mobile payments are growing rapidly. According to researchers, mobile payments totaled more than $52 billion in 2014 and expected to grow to more than $142 billion by 2019. Apple, Google, eBay’s PayPal and many others are competing to capture those who are using smartphones and other mobile devices to make purchase. Apple and Google also are the two main players that dominate the mobile payment software.


No wonder why they are getting ready to battle with each other. According to some published reports Google is getting ready to unveil a whole new mobile payment system update to the existing. According to unnamed sources, changes include Android Pay which will allow businesses to accept credit card payments within their apps. Many expect big announcement from Apple Pay at the upcoming Apple’s software conference. It may include a reward program too. Started in October 2014, Apple Pay has several credit card companies and many retailers signed up for it.

Google Wallet is a powerful mobile commerce player. Expected changes to the app will allow customers to send money from their debit account to pay each other not just only to the store, a big advancement in the payment system.

Few tips for those who want to enter into ecommerce

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According to available data, the US retail ecommerce sales increased from $167.3 billion in 2010 to $263.3 billion in 2013. In 2015, total ecommerce retail sales are expected to break all previous records. If your business is already have an ecommerce presence, congratulations and looking forward to your success. Those who are still looking to enter into the ecommerce business presence here are few critical tips for you.

  • Time launch of your ecommerce site: Don’t rush to launch your Web site. Take your time and review every aspect of your Website before launching.
  • Customer is the king: Since the customer is unable to touch and feel your product, making everything else related to your product available to the customer is important. So, look at things like free shipping, next day delivery, make the checkout process simpler and make all information available.
  • Proof everything: Put yourself in customer shoes and look at your product from their point of view.
  • Social media is the trend: Social media including Facebook not only allow you to peer into customer habit but also a way for you to get in front of them. Keep in mind that millions of people visit social media sites every day.

Is marketing with a Facebook Business Page a good strategy?

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It is a widely used and becoming ever more popular essential for an online marketing strategy. If you already have a Facebook page or you are starting new, there are few must have for your business page. Here are few favorites that we have chosen for you.

Immediately install Social Connections app. This helps you to integrate the Facebook Page of your business allowing it to share real-time your marketing strategy. It also allows for conversations, data sharing with the local community and help with lead generation.

Posting useful and relevant content is important. This will hook visitors to your site and get them to keep coming back to your site. In addition to having your own content, provide links to other useful Facebook Pages and other Web sites. Many Facebook Pages contain Share or Like features.

Like button itself is a key feature to encourage return visitors and interaction. You may have to subscribe to Facebook’s Featured Websites to get the Like button for your Website. Keep in mind, anyone clicking on your Like button generates more visitors to your site. You can get help from the Facebook’s Like Button Help Page to install it.

Selling on eBay first make sense

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Selling on eBay is a way to test online sales before you embark on a full scale e-commerce sales strategy. The site has more than 170 million registered users and that is a built in customer base for any e-commerce business.

It is a good way to find out what the market value for your product is. There are many others who sell similar or identical products on eBay and you can get an idea what you can get for your product. Be aware of charges. The site charges Insertion Fee (range from 25 cents to $4.80 based on the selling value) as well as a Final Value Fee (a 5.25 percent fee of the selling price).

An eBay Store can also be opened for a business. Charges range from $15.95 a month to $500 a month. This allows you to sell at a fixed price as well as conduct auctions. Your logo can also be used on your eBay Store site. For these accounts, eBay helps you with the listing in eBay Store Directory, creating a “red door” icon, your own Web address, and others.

Selling on eBay could establish a reputation for an e-commerce business. To open an eBay seller’s account you first need to register with them and follow their five step process.

Security features of Apple Pay

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With hackers making havoc on the Internet, protecting your personal information is important more than ever. Apple has taken a new leap of faith and introduced Apple Pay with its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. However, Apple has taken extraordinary measures to protect your privacy and personal information.

Unlike PayPal, neither Apple nor merchants store or see your private information. When setting up your Apple Pay you take a photo of your credit card and store it in iPhone’s Passbook. Information is encrypted and the information is kept only as a device account number and stored in the phone’s Secure Element Chip. It is called a cryptogram. Hackers can’t use the information to generate a cryptogram. This technology is known as EMV (Europay MasterCard and Visa) and widely used in credit card transactions in Europe. What if you lose your phone? Is your personal information vulnerable?

This is where Apple Pay as well as iPhone is miles in front of other mobile devices that uses mobile payment pioneer PayPal and others. If iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus is lost, you can go to Find My iPhone feature and put the phone on “lost mode.” Better yet, using the same feature you can wipeout all your stored personal information completely.

How does Apple Pay stack up against Pay Pal?

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Setting up an online payment system for an ecommerce business is getting easier and much more options are now available to choose from. With the recent introduction of Apple Pay, the online existing payment system behemoth Pay Pal is getting challenged. How do you compare Pay Pal and Apple Pay?

Pay Pal started in 1990s is the pioneer for mobile payments. It is tied to a credit card you choose. Apple Pay introduces a new concept known as digital wallet. However, when it comes to availability, Pay Pal is the clear winner. Pay Pal app is available for Apple, devices with Android operating system, and devices run on Windows. Unfortunately Apple Pay is only available on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Pay is miles in front of Pay Pal when it comes to ease of use especially when you are making an in store purchase and paying for it using your smartphone. You just position your Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in front of a payment device and hold the Touch ID, you are done. But for Pay Pal you need to open the app, find the store, check-in, and select the account you like to pay with.

Is marketing automation right for your business?

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Software is available for businesses to handle their marketing efforts. Some call it marketing automation. These platforms allow companies to effectively market their products through multiple channels including emails, social media and Web sites and handle repetitive tasks effortlessly. It increases efficiency and reduces or eliminates any errors that may cause by humans.

There are many companies such as Marketo that provides software to handle marketing efforts of companies especially for small businesses. They provide lead management, business to business (B2B) marketing, marketing intelligence, create and manage special campaigns, and many more.

However, one should not totally rely on marketing automation for company marketing success. There should be other ways to generate leads and building relations. It may be a good solution to manage a special campaign. It is also a good way to acquire a list of possible email addresses. A company should not heavily rely on it or invest too much capital. Recent surveys show that many long-term marketing campaigns that rely solely on automation fail faster. Businesses should realize organic lead growth is the best way to market their product and therefore, should pay attention and concentrate its efforts to develop those avenues.

Apple Pay for e-commerce

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Published reports indicate that recently introduced Apple Pay, a mobile payment platform from Apple is getting either a discount on interchange fees charged by banks or other concessions. On the other hand Apple Pay’s enhanced security features, intuitive user experience and the name recognition are additional incentives for banks to sign up for Apple Pay. In the wake of recent security breaches, many card issuers are in the process of upgrading to newer EMV chip-and-PIN standards and that make easier for them to accommodate Apple Pay too. This is why many banks including Bank of America, Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase, American Express, Capital One Bank, PNC Bank, Citi, and Barclays are joining force with Apple Pay.

This is good news for businesses signed onto e-commerce. It adds another safer alternative for their customers to pay for purchases and services. Retailers such as Whole Foods and Macy’s who already signed onto Apple Pay will benefit from many banks joining to Apple Pay. The near field communication technology that has been around for years is the central core of Apple Pay. Data encryption, TouchID finger print scanning, card credential tokens stored in the devices, and one-time codes for payment processing are some of the other security measures that will help to convert e-commerce customers to Apple Pay.

Selling cement to Gaza

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The still continuing conflict between Israel and Gaza that it controls in many ways, resulted in demolishing many homes, factories, schools, clinics and even the only working sewage treatment plant in Gaza. The United Nations calls for immediate reconstruction of damaged or destroyed structures. They require cement and other construction material and that is only the beginning of the intricacies of the commerce between Israel and Gaza.

Gaza reconstruction will require cement and building materials. Israel has imposed restrictions on importing cement to Gaza. Their argument is most cement that goes to Gaza end up building illegal tunnels that Hamas use to attack Israel and its people, and promote illegal trade between Egypt to the South. Not just cement, some of the tunnels uncovered recently show elaborate railings, telecommunication wiring, and slabs made of fabricated concrete. Only construction projects that were allowed using imported cement and other construction material since 2012 were funded by the international agencies belonging to Qatar. Solutions to the issue are limited. Israel will have to deploy troops inside Gaza, if it were to allow reconstruction again endangering lives of soldiers and angering those who are living in Gaza. Ban on cement and other building materials can continue for years curtailing rebuilding efforts in Gaza.