Keyword Research 101

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

The keywords you use in your ad are just as important as both the colors and the visuals. Keywords help users identify the content of an ad, giving them some idea of what might be on the landing page or in the ad based on what they were searching for. There are a variety of tools to assist you as well. Tread on for the basic tips used by successful display advertising marketers.


The most successful campaigns use keywords with low competiton, but high interest. This involves some hunting, but there are tools to help. Google’s AdWords research tool will help you identify what is popular in a broad sense. Other ad networks may have tools that predict the volume of traffic you can expect to receive from a given query. You should also use keyword comparison tools and your own search skills. What looks like a competitive term may be dominated by one player looking to take over the top of search. Try those same keywords in a different network and you can take advantage of that inventory at a reduced cost.


Buying traffic froma  demand side platform can often reduce the costs you might spend on a premium ad network like Google Adwords. You can use these smaller networks to purchase valuable traffic for your offers, testing what works before moving those successful campaigns to larger networks. In this way, you scale your campaign effectively, growing your budget as you go along.

If you want to reduce costs, try less competitive terms and alternative traffic networks.

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So Many Advertising Choices, So Little Time

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By Ted Dhanik 

There are so many different advertising options today that it can be difficult for businesses to decide which type to use.  Advertising can be extremely costly, however, it’s necessary in order to make any business thrive.  Small business owners in particular typically have to consider their budget before paying for ads.  Some of the most popular types of ads involve television, radio, print, and online display ads.

Television, print, and radio ads are a great idea for small, local businesses.  These mediums broadcast to a large network which often allows businesses to grow their client base.   This is a great option for businesses that want to grow brand awareness without necessarily promoting a specific product.  Unfortunately, small business owners that use these mediums will have to compete with big brand names which can be a difficult feat.  One option is for small businesses to advertise on the local television stations so that there is less competition.

Another popular advertising option today is online ads.  There are different types of online ads, but display ads have become widely used in recent years.  Display ads can be more expensive than traditional ads, but they can also bring in more new clients.  The reason for this is that these ads are more tailored to the viewers.  The ROI tends to be very high for display ads because they target an incredibly particular audience.  One benefit to these ads is that they can easily be updated and replaced, unlike traditional ads.

Prior to businesses choosing a particular type of ad, they should evaluate what their goal and budget for their ads are.  If money is an issue, traditional ads may be the route to go.  However, if growing brand recognition is the main goal, display advertising is a great option.

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How Display Marketing Promotes Political Campaigns

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By Ted Dhanik 

Display marketing can be a very useful tool for a political campaign manager. They are able to use it to reach out to local constituents on local issues, connect with people who usually do not vote, and to help guide people to the candidate’s website and informational page.

The way display advertising works is by creating ads that are specific to the people who are viewing them. Ads are developed with this criteria in mind and then placed on webpages that the target audience most likely visit and spend a large amount of time on. This is extremely beneficial to the candidate because it captures people who are already interested in the same goals and values as the candidate- this ad just drives them to their website for more information. The way this type of display ad is being used is to be informational and topical to people who are already interested in the same idea, but lack knowledge in the specific area.

In addition to focus marketing, display marketing also helps to promote a candidate’s point of view by reaching out to local constituents about local issues. This can promote discussion and gain more people’s interest or attention. It is hard to focus on local issues when an advertisement is geared towards a very large and diverse group of people.  But with display advertising, the ad is focused and shown only to a specific group of people who would be interested in the specific issue.

Display advertising is a very beneficial way for a candidate to connect with his or her community while spreading their message and opinion.

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Benefits of Utilizing Display Marketing

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Display marketing is a relatively new advancement in the field of marketing, and it has already started to build a name for itself. With its quick turnaround and excellent results, as well as smart marketing tactics, display advertising is quickly being turned to by various companies.

One of the benefits of display marketing is the ability to spot trends while they are starting or before they begin. This allows the company to quickly develop a new advertisement that will appeal more readily to its potential clients and put it into action immediately. With the ability to adjust and change with the ups and downs of the marketing world, the flexibility is unrivaled.

Another benefit of having display marketing is the ability to target specific clients. This is very important, because it increases the ROI on what is spent on the marketing. If the advertisement is shown mostly to people who are more likely to buy the product, then the opportunity to raise sales will increase dramatically. This lowers the investment insecurity, because of the pointedness of the ad and the increased chances of a client ordering.

Display marketing also has the unique ability to market different sides of a product when marketing to a specific client. For example, a humorous ad might be much more effective on one website than a dramatic ad would be, but the dramatic ad might do better on another. Being able to spotlight the different sides of the product is very useful in marketing, and can be very effectively done using display advertisements.

When done properly, display marketing incorporates a lot of research and time into the business and the potential client in order to increase sales in a fast period of time. Research tactics such as rating how often the ad gets seen by clients, the frequency of the ad appearance, the timing of the ad, or the position of the ad on the webpage are all evaluated and modified to increase views of the homepage.

Internet marketing is still an unknown territory into which advertisers are barely starting to test the waters. Display advertising is one of the more successful online marketing tactics for any business, from a large corporate brand name to a small business owner’s store. The benefits are numerous- only a few are listed above. More visibility, specified attention that will result in a higher ROI, and less time on the part of the business owner should be convincing enough to invest in this, if not at least check it out.

Ted Dhanik provided this guest post.  Ted Dhanik offers display advertising solutions to his clients. To learn more about Ted Dhanik, visit for more information.


How to Write Penguin-Friendly Content

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Article Submitted by Richard Bradly of Top SEO Firms

With the release of another update to the Penguin algorithm on October 5, it’s clear that Google is not backing down on its aggressive efforts to fight webspam. While Penguin was designed to target common webspam techniques such as link schemes, keyword stuffing, and cloaking, the search engine optimization industry often overlooks the fact that Penguin is also skilled at spotting duplicate content issues, another technique that goes against Google’s Quality Guidelines.

So what is duplicate content? According to Google, duplicate content is a substantial amount of content within or across multiple websites that either match other content or are noticeably similar. While duplicate content can be used as a deceptive SEO technique, Google admits that most instances of duplicate content are not malicious in nature. Is it possible to violate Google’s duplicate content rules without even knowing it? Yes.

This is why it often takes an experienced SEO company to detect and repair duplicate content issues. For example, a site with printer-only versions of web pages might be flagged as duplicate content. Another example of non-malicious duplicate content includes store products shown or linked via multiple URLs.

Whether you have hired an SEO agency or are planning to do it yourself, it’s important remove any duplicate content from your site to avoid a decrease in rankings. If you’re having trouble doing it on your own and haven’t found an SEO company up for the task, visit Top SEO, the company that identifies and ranks the best internet marketing agencies in the industry.

The Valuable Benefits of Hiring an SEO Company

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The search engine optimization industry often reminds users that SEO is more about pleasing your consumers than the search engines. But if Google can’t crawl, index, or understand your content, then you have a major problem. If you want people to find your website in the search engine results pages, you must follow the best practices of search engine optimization set forth by the major search engines, including Google. One of the only ways to find out whether your site is search-engine friendly is to enlist the help of an experienced SEO company. This is especially true for busy entrepreneurs who simply don’t have the time to learn about SEO while running a business.

A professional SEO agency has the experience, skills, and knowledge to analyze your site and identify areas that need improvement. Some of the areas they will review include page construction, site architecture, duplicate content, Flash and session ID numbers, poor-quality links, and other factors. A professional SEO company can help you locate the areas of your website that are causing problems as well as provide you with recommendations on how to fix them. Often times, SEO companies also provide clients with free tools and services. A review and analysis service should be the foundation of any SEO campaign, and should be taken very seriously by the site owner.

Web Page Credibility Is One Of The Keys To Your Customer’s Heart

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Internet boom! Information age! Media! A visual and informational chaos, a world in which everyone and almost everything need to practice a precise unique differentiation, in order to get the trust of others, the trust of customers.
Due to these phenomena not just the society, but also the market has changed, and got adapted to the new virtual tendency.

Being present online defines the existence of a company or even of a person. In this way, each of the market actors need to apply a coherence method, in order to implement and project their website credibility.Let’s have a critical eye on the key builders of any credible website. The credibility of a webpage depends on many determent factors, such as useful content, well-structured minimalist and at the same time an ultimate, and highly functional design.

So these key factors are:

Appearance – which includes graphics and images, site structure, the design look.
Functionality – contains the function of the tools applied on the site, and even the functionality of the site.
Content – the content is the key for maintaining a constant relationship with customers; it must be useful, reliable, believable, and published always with currency.
Interactivity – allows user feedback, which can serve as a testimonial, brings closer your customer, and creates a closer relationship between your company and your customer.
Company Reputation – the company’s recognition in the certain area has a significant role in credibility.
Advertising – repeated messages about your website on other online platforms, such as reviews, advertorials, testimonials, BlogSpot’s enhances your customer aware of your company, thus enhanced the credibility of your site.
Company Profile – in brief, it is necessary to mention a few things about what, why, and how does your company work. Like what is the vision, the mission, the objectives and what are the values your company represents, and run its business politics.

To sum up, whether you have a site in e-commerce, entertainment, finance, health, news, sports, travel or non-profit areas your site in order to be credible must follow some key success criteria such as:LookInformation,Coherent company imageRepeated advertisingSite functionalityInformation clarity and flowReputationAuthenticity

These are the main and must follow factors which lead you to create a trustworthy, credible website. Fulfilling these steps will increase your traffic and thus your sales.

Can SEO Companies Help Small Businesses?

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In today’s business environment, small business owners and entrepreneurs need more than a flashy website to attract customers and gain sales. They need a website that is not only friendly to online browsers, but also accessible to major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture and becomes part of the overall budget for online marketing.

If you have not yet considered SEO as part of your online marketing campaign, you might as well be in the dark ages of business marketing. Seven in 10 marketers who take advantage of social media want to increase their use of SEO in the near future, according to the “2011 Social Media Marketing Report” from SocialMedia Examiner. In fact, companies around the world and in nearly every industry are investing in SEO activities in an effort to gain the top search engine ranking for their targeted keywords.

But just what is SEO, and, more importantly, can it be done without hiring an SEO agency? If you’re a large corporation, chances are you have an SEO team in-house. At the very least, you might have a marketing team and these gurus know enough about SEO to take care of the basics.

But the majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge to develop SEO campaigns for their business. They don’t have the manpower, and most of them don’t know where to begin. If you fall into this category, you’re not alone. Hire one of the top SEO companies in the industry to get the job done right.

How to Choose an SEO Copywriter

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, quality content is often hailed as king. The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors published by Search Engine Land features content and related elements on the top of their list. And there’s a good reason for this. Google and many other search engines have been open and honest about the relevance of quality content and often penalize sites such as content farms for producing anything less.

Quality content on the web refers to relevant and useful content that is search-engine friendly as well as friendly to online readers. After all, the goal of such content is to turn mere online “browsers into buyers.” However, if you’re not trained in the techniques of SEO copywriting, writing for the web can be extremely difficult, especially if you’re not a professional writer in the first place. This is why many website owners and developers seek the expertise of an SEO agency with trained SEO copywriters.

Only talented content creators understand how to communicate your brand’s message in a way that satisfies online readers and the search engines. But how do you find the best copywriter for the job? According to independent research firm, there are several factors that separate the best copywriters from the rest. The company describes these key areas and provides a list of the best SEO companies and copywriters in the industry based on these factors.

International Ad Network

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Are you a publisher looking for a creative and tech-savvy online ad network to help you earn the most from your website traffic? Or, are you an advertising agency looking to implement an online marketing strategy on a global level? Whether you’re a publisher or advertiser, there is a better way to reach your target audience and maximize your revenues: by hiring a global online advertising network such as MediaShakers. The following is a brief review of the valuable services and features provided by MediaShakers, one of the leading global online advertising networks in the industry.

Benefits for Publishers: MediaShakers offers publishers the opportunity to achieve the most value for their website traffic along with the best quality advertisers. What’s more, through MediaShakers, publishers can gain access to international advertising partners, cutting-edge technology and thorough reporting, making it possible to make money through fresh and innovative ways.

Benefits for Advertisers: As a large International ad network, MediaShakers offers over five billion monthly impressions with the ability to target your target audience based on demographics and characteristics. The company also provides fresh campaigns with your goals and needs in mind, making it possible for advertisers to increase sales, generate leads, and develop brand awareness. Other special features available to advertisers include dynamic CPM pricing, same day trafficking adjustments and expert advice when you need it most.

Brand Protection: MediaShakers understands that protecting your brand is extremely important. This is why the company offers multiple layers of security to protect your brand, including site specific ad placement, total campaign suppressions on black listed sites and continuous ad placement audits, to name a few.