Debunking the Myths of Biometric Time Clocks

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Read below to find out whether or not biometric time clocks are safe to use.

allied time 3There are many myths floating around about biometric time clocks having a negative impact on a business. While many believe that these are true, this resource is going to dive deep into the most commonly asked questions to debunk them once and for all.

Biometric Time Clocks Won’t Work in the Cold

It’s logical to believe that the cold, or even dirty fingerprints, will impact the sensors of the time clocks causing errors within the system. Multi-spectral technology has reduced the number of faults from occurring because of these conditions. Environmental conditions as well as dirt and grime will still be able to be read accurately.

Biometric Time Clocks are Difficult to Set Up and Manage

As soon as the specified software is uploaded into these time clocks, employees can be automatically entered into the system the very first time they punch in. This leaves you with less of a hassle to worry about. Plus, many models will send reports to a direct computer for managers and administrators as soon as the pay period comes around.

Biometric Time Clocks Store Personal Information

A biometric employee time clock is not set up to capture and save personal information. As a matter of fact, your image or your fingerprint’s scan isn’t even saved within the database. A template is created around the contour of your image, assigning numerical values to it. As a result, the time clocks will measure the numbers, not the face. So, safety issues won’t be a concern in the work environment.

Allied Time has been servicing businesses’ time and attendance needs for over 40 years.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Facebook Ads

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Every niche is different, so where you advertise is almost as crucial as what you say in that advertising. Placements on sites like Facebook were the gold standard for ad delivery. They provided a real-time platform for users to bid on position, and plenty of data to provide marketers with information on engagement levels. But Ted Dhanik of engage:BDR says that business owners are shifting ad spend away from Facebook and toward other ventures. Here is what you need to know before you make that decision for yourself.

User Intent

Facebook forces advertisers to compete with other forms of noise. With banner advertising on a blog, you know the user has come to read or comment on a story. With Facebook, that same user could be logging in to check messages, set up a date, or just make a wall post. And that’s only scratching the surface of possible interactions. With so many variables, it takes a lot of luck and money to get conversions.

Ad Units

Facebook is not the only alternative for ad sizes anymore either. The news feed, in-line video and margins were prime real estate and other sites have caught on. Traffic networks now offer placements in popups, pop unders and a variety of sizes above and below the fold.


There are plenty of alternatives for marketers looking to diversify. Facebook ads are not becoming less competitive, and social metrics may not be as valuable to some businesses. With display advertising on other networks, you can save money on traffic and narrow your targeting without your traffic suffering.

Bio: Ted Dhanik has experience in campaigns both on and offline. His 15 years of direct marketing expertise have helped launch brands like and Ted Dhanik currently functions as the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR.

Tips to Boost Direct Marketing with Display Advertising

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Display advertising can be a huge boon for a direct marketing campaign, but newbies can lose a lot of money trying to test ideas. There are some quick fixes you can apply to a campaign to scale it, but much of the specifics will depend on your offer. Apply these tips to boost an existing campaign, or to give traffic to a new one.

Optimize for Local

Localizing for display campaigns segments your traffic based on the user’s geographic location, and may also deal with the user’s search preferences. Look at the leads you already have and search for trends in location. Apply that data to your traffic segments in a different campaign and test the results. You should receive fewer clicks, but you might receive higher conversions.

Use Readable Text

The only thing worse than banner advertising with too much text is a banner that isn’t readable. Check that your font is clean and readable. Next, make sure that the colors of your font don’t mesh with your background colors, and that your image quality isn’t obscuring the font by pixellating them. The copy is no good if someone can’t read it.

Tips for Copy

Search advertising campaigns benefit from a set character limit, but banners must be more conservative in how they apply text to the campaign. You need to highlight the most important benefits up front, and you can use visuals to help contrast your text. For example, opposite colors can correspond with the “before and after” of your service. These visual cues allow for more possibilities in testing, so try to start with a banner design that converts decently.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a sales and direct marketing specialist with over fifteen years in the industry. Ted Dhanik is also the president and co-founder of engage:BDR. To learn more about display advertising, visit Ted Dhanik online.

Simple AB Tests You Can Use Today

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik.

AB testing is easy to use, but difficult to master. Google includes a utility in its Analytics program that will match two pages head to head, but knowing what to change in an AB test is the hard part. Once you’ve gotten your page planned out, you can use this tool to send equal traffic to both Web pages. Find an existing page that is performing at a less than stellar capacity and try some of these tests to improve conversions in your display advertising.

Call to Action

The actual call to action is one of the most important parts of your ad. Exclude this and you risk alienating your audience, or worse: spending money on idle clicks. Testing your call to action should involve some competitive research and critical thinking about your audience. Start with basic questions:

  • Does your audience want to buy, or are they looking for information?
  • Is a soft call that gets them clicking worth more than a “Buy Now” button?

You might want to utilize multiple sales pages, or long form copy.


You’ve heard the advice that photos with people in them have a better chance of converting, but you’ve also heard that colors are crucial to conversions. Which is right? The solution is AB testing. First, try to test simple reds and greens to see if your conversions go up. Then, retool your banner advertising according to pictures. Remember that if you can get real people wearing your products, you stand to gain the most benefit from the pictures on your site.

Ted Dhanik, provider of display advertising and high performance marketing solutions. Ted Dhanik is the CEO of marketing company engage:BDR. Ted Dhanik mentors business owners interested in start-ups.

Bundle TV and Internet Services and save money

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Most TV companies these days offer internet and phone services and phone companies offer TV cable access.  The best way to save money is to bundle these services. Not only you save money by doing so, but also you simplify your billing by writing one check to all.

I have found one of the best deals at They offer satellite TV and high speed internet starting at $59/month. This is an amazing offer. Most internet companies charge this fee just for internet and most TV companies charge it just for cable. Now you can get both for almost the price of one.

I think I am going to cancel my Charter service and go with these guys.

Find Android Programmers for Your Business

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The Android, Google’s popular operating system for mobile devices, is not going anywhere. In fact, according to PC World the Android is not only a legitimate contender to the iPhone, but in some markets it is outselling it. This means that if you haven’t already, it’s time to start developing apps for the Android and reaping the financial benefits. But how do you find the best Android programmers without breaking the bank?

It’s easy! Lower the costs of product engineering by hiring Android programmers through elance. This online talent network agency makes it easy to find qualified and experienced Android developers who can meet the goals of your project while staying within your budget. The process of finding qualified developers is effortless. Employers simply post the job description online and begin reviewing proposals from candidates within hours of the posting. This quick and easy process makes it possible to hire only the best developers for your company without going over your budget.

In the fast-paced and ever-changing mobile application marketplace, apps must be more than just unique. To stand apart from the competition, you need high-performance apps that are innovative and eye-catching. Make sure that you find Android programmers who are qualified and able to meet these requirements.