How to Choose an iPhone App Developer

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Do you have a great idea for an app? If you want to hire iPhone app developers Los Angeles to create an app for your business, here are some tips to help you decide on the right company for you.

  1. Ask for recommendations.

Asking for recommendations is a simple way to find out about good developers. Ask people to tell you what they liked or didn’t like, how much the services cost and what they got for their money. Word of mouth is probably the best recommendation for a good iPhone app development company Los Angeles.iphone-app-dev

  1. Ask to see facts and figures.

If you’re considering a particular app developer, ask them to show you some hard and fast facts and figures on their work. You can also ask to see case studies or feedback from former clients. This information should help you decide if this developer is right for you.

  1. Search the Web for feedback.

This is a great way to find out more about a particular company. Use Google to search for the developer but then look at other sites, not the developer’s site. You may find personal blogs or independent reviews of mobile app developers Los Angeles.

  1. Ask for a quote.

Tell the developers what you want and ask for a quote. Ask them to tell you how they can serve your particular needs. This is a great way to see how they communicate as well as find out what they can offer you.

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The One Software That Can Do the Most for Your Business

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By Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Imagine this: imagine a scenario where you actually find out that your company has been wasting money, time and time again, by investing in software and other digital tools means to do the exact opposite. Does that sound hard to swallow? Is this something you’d never expect?

Well, the truth is that more and more companies are waking up to this very situation. They’ve discovered that the biggest challenge that lies between them and success is not a lack of technology, but using too much of it.

To be more accurate, the true problem is that their technology isn’t working well with one another. As a result, you have software actually causing problems where it should be presenting solutions.

This is when EDI services become vital for your survival. Today, Internet EDI can be used to ensure that all of your technology is essentially “talking” with one another to eliminate any unnecessary bottlenecks and streamline your necessary functions. From shipping to lead acquisition to product distribution and more, if you’re currently using software for this, you need to be using EDI technology instead. Otherwise, you’ll soon learn you’ve wasted more than just a lot of money.


Whether you want to learn about EDI outsource methods or simply start learning from the basics, Act Data Services, Inc. is going to be your best bet. Contact them today to get started on the path toward success.

Debunking the Myths of Biometric Time Clocks

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Article written by GigaTech, latest technology, news & articles

Read below to find out whether or not biometric time clocks are safe to use.

allied time 3There are many myths floating around about biometric time clocks having a negative impact on a business. While many believe that these are true, this resource is going to dive deep into the most commonly asked questions to debunk them once and for all.

Biometric Time Clocks Won’t Work in the Cold

It’s logical to believe that the cold, or even dirty fingerprints, will impact the sensors of the time clocks causing errors within the system. Multi-spectral technology has reduced the number of faults from occurring because of these conditions. Environmental conditions as well as dirt and grime will still be able to be read accurately.

Biometric Time Clocks are Difficult to Set Up and Manage

As soon as the specified software is uploaded into these time clocks, employees can be automatically entered into the system the very first time they punch in. This leaves you with less of a hassle to worry about. Plus, many models will send reports to a direct computer for managers and administrators as soon as the pay period comes around.

Biometric Time Clocks Store Personal Information

A biometric employee time clock is not set up to capture and save personal information. As a matter of fact, your image or your fingerprint’s scan isn’t even saved within the database. A template is created around the contour of your image, assigning numerical values to it. As a result, the time clocks will measure the numbers, not the face. So, safety issues won’t be a concern in the work environment.

Allied Time has been servicing businesses’ time and attendance needs for over 40 years.

Why EDI Is Vital for Your Company

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By Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

Does your company currently use EDI software? If you’re like most decision makers in companies around the world, this might sound like another pitch for yet another platform you don’t need. These days, it seems like new software comes out every second, but that definitely doesn’t mean that these programs are worth your time. Instead, you should be extremely cautious in investing in yet another piece of software.

actdata2That being said, benefiting from an electronic data interchange is definitely a smart way to keep your company ahead of the curve. Amongst other things, it will make it possible for your business to utilize as many moving parts as possible without worrying about how things could easily go awry.

Right now, you might use all kinds of tech spread out across the planet. However, doing so means that you need a human operator to basically translate what one is saying to the other. How can you do this and still keep your overhead? EDI is the answer. It provides the transcription you need so that your overhead remains manageable, your various systems are able to do their jobs and human error becomes virtually a non-issue.

If it’s good enough for giant corporations like Wal-Mart, it should be considered good enough for your company too.


If you want your enterprise-level organization to work at its highest level, you absolutely need Act Data Services, Inc. on your team. Their internet EDI technology is a cut above the rest and will keep your entire business running smoothly

Reasons for Using Time Clocks

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Written by: Allied Time

Time machines are a necessary part of doing business these days. Even if you’ve got a small company or a casually run startup, you are almost guaranteed better productivity if you utilize time management systems to keep track of tasks and how your employees spend their time.

 photo T2eC16NHJIE9qSO8GiEBRY0nqG7Ww--_32_zpsmobgurwx.jpg

The benefits of timekeeping machines are surprising. Even very small business, made up of less than twenty or even less than ten people, have a lot to gain from tracking your company’s time usage. Even someone who is self employed and runs the show all by their lonesome will be surprised at what they learn from using employee time clocks. Even if you are not concerned about the laziness or production and return rate of your employees, measuring expenditure, return value, and resources consumed in terms of time increments reveals statistics about how your business performs and could improve.

The numbers speak for themselves, but let’s say you’re a one-man or one-woman show who freelances or operates a business completely independently. That’s great, but being your own boss has some drawbacks: what if your bossy is actually a lazy jerk? Sure, your bottom line may look impressive, but if you took advantages of time metric systems to see how you’re approaching and finishing each project versus your income and supply expenditure, you may realize that you could either be making way more money or having way more vacation time!

There’s also a validation argument for utilizing time systems. Simply put, it looks better to consumers if you can keep accurate track of how their money was spent serving them. Illegible scribble in a cheap spiral notebook or a simple spreadsheet is just the bare minimum. Extensive and to-the-minute metrics of project time management looks extremely impressive to your customers, and it gives them something physical that they can then hand off to anyone else they might recommend your services to, making your business that much more convincing and attractive.

If you’ve only got an old-school conception of those silly punch-card time clocks, get rid of it. Modern systems are much more sophisticated, and, let’s be honest, are much cooler now. For example, there are biometric time clocks that utilize things like fingerprints to keep track of your employees. This is sure to be impressive to any potential customers observing your place of business, and this sort of image might just be a huge advantage to a small or independent operation.

The Future of Timekeeping

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Written by: Allied Time


During the 19th and 20th centuries, employee-timekeeping methods used manual clocks to track and maintain employee logs of the hours worked. Today, timekeeping has evolved and continues to change to provide improved security, faster payroll methods and added user-friendliness to a time machine. With these added features, the future of timekeeping remains an affordable, dynamic atmosphere.


More Options for Time Keeping

In the early 21st century, biometric timekeeping emerged to provide a newer means of tracking work hours. Today, with the invention and continued rise in popularity of the Internet, the induction of an online time clock provides a reasonable means for tracking time. Compared to manual and biometric clocks, online time clocks can keep track of schedules, time worked and accumulated hours using an online platform. Granted, individuals still need to clock-in using an actual device, but online clocks provide users with more options for tracking and maintaining time.


Better Scheduling and Management Options

Managers frequently contend with scheduling conflicts. Employee A has school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, while Employee B can only come in for a few hours on Tuesdays. These scheduling conflicts can cause constantly shuffling and re-organizing of schedules to prevent work-related meltdowns or long customer wait times. With a newer employee time clock, managers can better understand scheduling issues and re-assign workers faster and more efficiently without the added worry of a company meltdown.


Easily Customizable

With newer technology comes more options for customizing information. Before, manual clocks provided a timed stamp for workers, a setup that left little room for customization or security. Today, newer devices allow individuals to track hours work, setup software for reviewing schedules, and use weekly averages to determine how often a worker checks in or out, and at what times. These customized options allows for improved time management and organizational setups for companies looking to better manage their personnel.


Increased Security

From manual setups to fingerprint technology, biometric clocks all provide added security. These customizable clocks help ensure every worker clocks in on time without any time stealing. The additional security measure increases an employer’s ROI, while employees benefit from secure mainframes that provide restricted access without recording any personally identifiable features. So while each of these clocks adds improved scheduling and customizable features, perhaps the improved security measures are the main selling point for some business owners.

3 Tips to Better Manage Your Warehouse

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Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

There is a considerable amount of resources available online to help you get started with a new warehouse. The real challenge, however, is keeping it running at profit for a good amount of time. The three tips below might help you make the best decisions when it comes to your warehouse.

Go for a Web Based EDI

There is no shortage of EDI systems out there. They come with different features and, naturally, different pricing. This means that it is very easy to get lost in all the numbers. Always favour a web based EDI system. A web based EDI system means that you will be able to access your warehouse information from anywhere provided you have an Internet connection. This might be crucial, especially if you travel a lot.

Get an ASN Software

An ASN software will make the transfer of goods a breeze. ASN softwares have support for all industry standards. They have the capacity to print shipping reports and labels that are fully compatible with the market. On top of making your business more efficient, a lot of ASN softwares come with the ability to print out metrics and other useful statistics. This is great for strategic planning and forecasting.

Pay Special Attention to Vendor Compliance

Good vendor compliance leads to a good partnership. Even if it takes time to be compliant to the customer, it’s always a good idea to go the extra mile. Your customer may be interacting with multiple warehouses, and good vendor compliance is often a decision factor for major customers.

ACT Data Services is a provider of web based EDI to various suppliers and business.

Why your business should have a bundy clock

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Written by Allied Time

A bundy clock is a time keeping device that will allow you to properly document and monitor the times your employees punch in and punch out from work from a daily basis. It may seem like it’s not a very important investment, but it is actually one of the most important things that you can purchase for your business. A time machine or a fingerprint time clock will be your best friend when it comes to preparing the payroll for your employees. If you pay your people by the hour, or by the day, a daily time record would definitely be one of the most important documents that you would need to have in order to verify how much you would really need to pay your employees. Whether you have ten employees or a hundred, a bundy clock is one of the most important things that you need to get. You can only trust so many of your employees. You see, the thing here is that if you rely on your employee’s honesty that they would manually fill up their daily time records, you are putting quite a lot of temptation on the table. Your employees could cook up their daily time records and end up tricking you into paying them more than you should. So when you buy a bundy clock, make sure you get the reliable ones so you wouldn’t have any trouble once you get started with your business. You need to make sure that you only pay out the correct amount of money.

You need to get a timeclock for every single office that you have. It’s the best way to make sure you don’t pay out any more than you should.

Is electronic data interchange relevant to your business?

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Written by Act Data Services, Inc. 1-800-ACT-DATA

If your business is geared for the 21st century, then you definitely need an edi service. Electronic data interchange is the ability to transfer information electronically from one party to another which covers items like documents such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping orders and a whole lot more. This type of information exchange is primarily used by businesses that also includes different businesses from other countries that transact business with one another. Theis also includes the use of an Edi warehouseshould the parties ever have the need for it. This type of information exchange is preferred by businesses since it is secure, safe, and reliable as well. After all, if your documents represent millions of dollars in transactions, and you handle hundreds of these documents in a single day, wouldn’t you want to make sure that it doesn’t fall into the hands of anyone who may want to use it for their personal gain? Of course you wouldn’t want that to happen. If your business deals heavily on documents like purchase orders and the like, you should also have electronic data interchange for your business as well. This is not just for your convenience, but for that for your parties as well. The ease of transacting and doing businesses would be a whole lot better if you had electronic data interchange because you would also be using an international standard of forwarding documents electronically from one business to another. That means it would be easier for you to work with other corporations as well.


Web edi is the way to go. You should get this for your company if you want to succeed.

Scheduling Effectively

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Scheduling employees requires a firm grasp on what resources you have, and what you can do with those resources. You may have a few highly productive employees, but if one goes sick you have a problem. Here are some tips to help members of management create effective employee schedules, and set reasonable time and attendance policies.

Have Back Up

What if you lost one employee today? How about two? What if one of your employees had to be out for a week or maybe six weeks on maternity leave? If you have been avoiding these questions, it’s time to consider some back up for your company. Make sure that you have enough workers handy to cover the schedules you might miss. It’s a good idea to overlap workers too, and have them learn how to fill in for one another.

Missed Shifts

Everyone should use the time clock machine to clock in and out for their shifts at the scheduled time. Too often, we make small allowances for employees who are chronically late or don’t show up at all. Don’t get caught with an unreliable employee because you have convinced yourself you need the worker, fire them and hire someone more responsible. You can also issue warnings if you prefer, but make sure that the punishment is palpable. If an employee is late, for instance, suspend them for a day without pay.

Schedule Online

Time clock software allows you to design your schedules ahead of time, and it allows employees to check those schedules remotely. It’s a good idea to provide employees with their schedules well in advance of their work week, especially if the schedule fluctuates constantly. Time clock software has the added bonus of tracking hours in real-time, so HR or the employee can review what has been worked to make adjustments as needed.

Communicate Openly

When there are changes to the schedule, be sure that the employee understands them and has made the necessary preparations to adhere to them. For instance, shifting hours would require advanced notice so the employee can adjust his commute.

Final Thoughts

Your employees are your most valuable asset, but only if they actually come to work at their scheduled times. To avoid situations where you are without the proper staff, cut people who chronically break the rules, revise your time and attendance policies, then work with your existing staff to make clocking in and out as simple as possible.
Allied Time is an online retailer of time clocks for businesses. From biometrics to time cards, you can find your next time card machine at Allied Time.