Get That ‘Cutting Edge’ Web Design

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When it comes to web design, not only do you want to make sure that you have the best looking website that will catch the eye of Internet users around the entire world, you also need to make sure that you are finding the best way to increase your online exposure as much as possible. If you are looking for this type of web design, then you should look no further than Cutting Edge Web. Cutting Edge Web is a unique online company that will find the easiest and most affordable ways to create the most powerful and compelling custom made website that fits every single one of your needs.

What makes Cutting Edge Web a leader in the web design community is the fact that they are never looking to cut corners. This company will always find a way to make sure that you will always get the most benefit out of your investment into their services. Nothing can anger a business owner more than a web design company that does not use all available resources when there is money invested into their services.

Cutting Edge Web prides themselves on making sure that they are always the leader in creating the most diverse, unique, and one of a kind website that will separate your company from all of the other companies that are out there in the world. In fact, their web design services will but you light-years ahead of your closest competition. Cutting Edge Web will always design websites that will focus on your particular brand that you are marketing and will always adhere to your corporate goal.

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Website Designers of Today

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In the mid-90s when web was new, everyone wanted to be a web designer. Back then, you could be a web designer from home as well as hold down a full time office job; you could be a web designer at 13 as long as no-one found out; you could web design from your laptop while enjoying your holiday in Hawaii.

Fifteen years on, the craziness is gone and web design is acknowledged as a realistic but select profession, requiring qualifications and design experience, creative talent and business communication skills.

Steve Gordon, a professional web designer, says web designers today need to be able to market themselves and the business and manage professional client relationships as well as program code.

“You can’t be a straight geek and become a successful web designer anymore,” says Gordon.
He says beyond the ability to code in web languages such as HTML and Java and other technologies including ASP, PHP, AJAX and Cold Fusion; web designers require artistic focus and plenty of marketing nous. In addition, knowledge in content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal and blogging platforms such as WordPress is a necessity to be successful.

There is a difference between web development and web design, says Morgan Johnson, director of web design firm Quadra Design. Quadra Design employs five designers and two developers and Johnson says designers glean intelligence from the customer regarding their requirements for the web site and how it will map to their company brand.

Once the planning and the design of a user interface have been completed, the information is passed to web developers – programmers skilled in web languages – for site development.

Johnson says Quadra Design recruits web designers from local schools or anyone with a web design certificate.

“New web designers can learn many things at the job, but without having some creative talent, they cannot be good web designers” explains Johnson.

He says web design companies want graduates with “something quite special” and need people with a good understanding of the design fundamentals of typography and layout.

Steve Gordon, managing director of web design company, agrees web design graduates need to be able to liaise with clients to find out what is important to the business – design skill alone doesn’t cut it.

“What does the client most want from a web site – is it qualified leads, is it revenue, is it customer knowledge; is it profit?” says Gordon. He says web design is not as straightforward as many people think, with keywords, category listing, search engine optimization and navigation are all essential components that need to be right.

However, he says experienced and successful designers can not only charge for the cost of designing a site, but may be able to add site support and monitoring services to their business charges.

Web design salaries start in the high $20,000s and progress up to around $75,000 for a senior web designer say Gordon and Johnson. Self employed designers with talent and business flair can earn a lot more, and creative directors can earn up to $110,000.

However, despite the financial reward and creative satisfaction of web design, Johnson says Quadr Design finds it hard to source good web design graduates. Although the specific tools required for new media design are taught in web design courses, these courses lack detail, says Johnson. He recommends keen candidates follow up standard courses with postgraduate courses in specific software applications used in the workplace.


* A degree or certificate helps. Many top universities and colleges offer web design programs. There are also smaller specialized schools. Look locally or online to find such classes.

* You need to have creative talent; just technical knowledge is not enough

* Top business communications and analysis skills are essential. Since you work closely with clients, communication skills and customer service skills are a must.

The fundamentals of SEO

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With a search engine on the internet, all you have to do is enter the words of a topic that you are looking for, or as it is popularly known in technical jargon as a keyword. Within a matter of seconds, you receive a huge list of sites that would most likely contain the information that you would like to have access to.

And by understanding this, it’s obvious that the goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make sure that your site reaches the top of that search list, without having to invest in advertisements.

But what steps does one have to take to achieve this objective?

Here are five SEO fundamentals that are a must before you dig any deeper:

1. Quality content – The content on your site has to cater to what people want/ need, and it has to be crafted professionally.

2. No duplication of text – Adding content to your site that is available exactly as it is presented on other sites. Duplication of content (copying) is a bad idea, and will be counterproductive to your efforts in raising your visibility.

3. Backlinks – Always link your site to other sites, especially if these sites are considered to be a good site according to the ranking by search engines. Google’s main algorithm called PageRank is based on linking algorithm, the more links and the better the more popular sites linking to you the better

4. Good title tags – Being an integral part of search engine optimization, what is important by the meaning ‘good’ is that the title should summarize the content of the page well.

5. No Frames or Javascript for Content – As the content needs to be seen to be indexed, adding frames to your site will not help this. Javascript for Content does not help either.

European Carriers Stake Future on Web Hosting

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From a shortlist of three blue chip IT players, European competitive local exchange carrier Colt is expected to announce a global partnership for web hosting, whereby the management of business websites is outsourced in purpose built data centres,by mid May. Of GBP725 million raised by Colt in March, GBP155 million will be invested in projects related to web hosting in the next 14 months, say sources at the company. Dell is thought by analysts to be the most likely partner for Colt as the IT company has fewer links with telecommunications carriers than others IT players. Morgan Stanley Dean Witter estimates that GBP529 million will be generated from web hosting by Colt by 2004 (see table on page seven). Read more…