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Ecommerce Know-How: Mobile Commerce in Four Steps

Internet enabled mobile devices, cheaper data plans, wireless broadband are all making it easier for consumers to shop online while on the move. Is your store ready to take advantage of these on-the-go consumers? Here are four easy ways to get your website up to date in order to harness this new brand of consumers.

1. Site search – as opposed to viewing your browser on a large computer monitor, it is harder for users to scroll around and browse through all your products on a 2.5 inch mobile phone screen. Therefore you need to make your website search a priority and as accurate as possible. You will also need to make your site search intelligent, giving consumers suggestions as well as correcting misspelled search terms.

2. Prepare your CSS – it is important to prepare your CSS files to make your website accessible via all kinds of mobile devices. By tweaking your CSS you should be able to create your mobile site as 205px wide and move your search box right to the top and arrange your products as a list instead of grids.

3. Consider additional payment options – while offering the traditional cart checkout method you should consider offering other options like PayPal, Google Checkout or Amazon Simple Pay. All these systems allow the user to proceed without entering their card information on their mobile devices, and it may be a worthwhile option to entice some users.

4. Market to Mobile Customers – now that your website is mobile-ready you should include a mobile segment in your marketing plan. This could mean considering options like SMS advertising or Yahoo, Google and Bing and offline advertising at places like rail stations, coffee shops and other placed frequented by mobile internet users.