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How does Apple Pay stack up against Pay Pal?

Setting up an online payment system for an ecommerce business is getting easier and much more options are now available to choose from. With the recent introduction of Apple Pay, the online existing payment system behemoth Pay Pal is getting challenged. How do you compare Pay Pal and Apple Pay?

Pay Pal started in 1990s is the pioneer for mobile payments. It is tied to a credit card you choose. Apple Pay introduces a new concept known as digital wallet. However, when it comes to availability, Pay Pal is the clear winner. Pay Pal app is available for Apple, devices with Android operating system, and devices run on Windows. Unfortunately Apple Pay is only available on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Apple Pay is miles in front of Pay Pal when it comes to ease of use especially when you are making an in store purchase and paying for it using your smartphone. You just position your Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus in front of a payment device and hold the Touch ID, you are done. But for Pay Pal you need to open the app, find the store, check-in, and select the account you like to pay with.