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Hue Hearing Aid Review

Many people who need hearing aids for everyday life and conversations are in the market for something less expensive than the usual thousand-dollar hearing aids. For that reason, companies such as Hue Hearing have endeavored to fill that niche and offer a viable alternative to overpriced hearing aids.

According to, a single hearing aid retails for $169.97 at full price. However, because of the current sale, customers can get a single hearing aid at $68. On the other hand, a single pair of hearing aids costs $299.97 at full price and $132 while on sale. It’s undeniable that customers will save massive amounts of money by purchasing Hue Hearing Aids instead of the premium brand-name models.

The HueHearing website also gives a good outline of Hue Hearing Aids’ features. It lists noise reduction, tinnitus masking, and amplification of music and TV audio as the products’ main selling points. While Hue Hearing Aids may not have the most high-tech features such as Bluetooth connectivity or smartphone functionality, the list of features on their website is full of the essential basics that every hearing aid user needs for common listening practices. Considering the products’ price compared to other hearing aid products on the market, these features will be enough for customers who only want basic hearing aid functionality.

The website’s HueHearing reviews also shed some light on the products’ value. As one customer says, “For the money, they are amazing. Heck, they’d be amazing at twice the price.” Another customer said, “They work better than my older hearing aids and you can’t beat the price!” Read other HueHearing reviews online and decide for yourself.