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Is marketing automation right for your business?

Software is available for businesses to handle their marketing efforts. Some call it marketing automation. These platforms allow companies to effectively market their products through multiple channels including emails, social media and Web sites and handle repetitive tasks effortlessly. It increases efficiency and reduces or eliminates any errors that may cause by humans.

There are many companies such as Marketo that provides software to handle marketing efforts of companies especially for small businesses. They provide lead management, business to business (B2B) marketing, marketing intelligence, create and manage special campaigns, and many more.

However, one should not totally rely on marketing automation for company marketing success. There should be other ways to generate leads and building relations. It may be a good solution to manage a special campaign. It is also a good way to acquire a list of possible email addresses. A company should not heavily rely on it or invest too much capital. Recent surveys show that many long-term marketing campaigns that rely solely on automation fail faster. Businesses should realize organic lead growth is the best way to market their product and therefore, should pay attention and concentrate its efforts to develop those avenues.