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Less is better when it comes to web design

Article by Web Design Express.

Online sales menu are getting more exhaustive. By having fewer options to pick from may increase your sales. It also removes clutter from your site.

Consider organizing available items into narrowly defined categories. I am not asking you to offer less items but asking you to create more categories. So, under each category you have fewer items corresponding to that narrowly define category to pick from. So, you are not exhausting your customer and help them go through fewer clicks to make a quick pick from fewer items.

Research shows that having more exhaustive array of items under broadly defined categories frustrates customers and as a result loose sales opportunities.

Having a large display may catch an eye but not lead to a sale. So, streamline your offering by having more categories and help the customer’s decision making process. You will profit from a quick sale.

Is there a magic number you can offer in one category? The answer is no. Research may indicate up to six items may be helpful. But you decide how many you want to include in a category based on the product line you have for sale.

Try this and see for yourself.

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