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Online Pitfalls

Shopping online offers a convenience that many dreamed about until a few years ago. Staying at home, sitting comfortably and making purchases with a few mouse clicks, is a great way to make purchases. However, there are a few things you should watch out for and take precautions against.

1. Credit card scams – This is a constant threat that you should always worry about. Fraudulent websites or malware can steal your credit card details. To avoid this, always make sure you do a background check on the website and their business.

2. Credibility – Checking the credibility of the website is always important. Apart from the issue mentioned above, you also need to check on how good the quality of the product is. For example, receiving goods that are scratched or damaged in anyway represents a major hassle for any customer. If the company is known to regularly send goods this way, you will soon know about it by doing a little bit of research.

3. Don’t buy everything – Avoid items that need certain verifications by you. For example, Clothing. Buying a shirt, jeans, t-shirts etc online can be a bit of a hit and miss experience. These are things that need to be tried on so that you know they fit. You are better off purchasing them at a bricks and mortar store to avoid complications.

4. Timing – Internet purchases are liable to time delays. Therefore you should make allowance for this. Otherwise you need to be particular, and buy from website that guarantee delivery in a specified amount of time or have 24/7 live support.