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Recommended Companies for Laptop Rental in Los Angeles

If you are in Los Angeles for some business and you forgot to bring your laptop with you, what should you do? How do you get a laptop for temporary use? If you have the money, you can easily buy a new one. However, if you are just like most other practical-minded traveler who needs a laptop, you can head to a company or shop that offers laptop rental in Los Angeles.


Renting a laptop is a quick way to get a laptop for temporary use. Los Angeles has many companies offering this service. However, just like anywhere else in the United States, not every rental company can be a good choice. You have to carefully sort your options.

Where to Find the Best

It will be inaccurate to simply mention a location where good options for laptop rental can be found. What is best will always be relative. However, when searching for your options, you won’t go wrong looking for them online. Most companies nowadays advertise their services on the web or are listed in online directories and business listings. In sorting the companies, use the following criteria:

  • The closer rental company is more preferable.
  • The computer specifications should meet your needs.
  • The terms and conditions should be favorable to you. Avoid companies that tend to impose a lot of burden on you or those that create terms that will likely make you liable for even the slightest of damages on the laptops you rent.
  • A company that can take charge of the delivery for free would be ideal.
  • A company that offers free setup along with the extension wires and power supply accessories would be preferable.

Use these criteria and you should find worthy options before comparing them based on their rental rates.

Price Matters

Contrary to what others may advise, the rental rates definitely matter. However, they should not be your main reason for considering a company your best choice. The rates should always be compared with the laptop specs or condition and the terms and conditions of the rental contract. You will not easily learn about the rates of different companies online so you may have to send them an email or contact them by phone.

Reviews and Feedback

There are many reviews and customer feedback for many computer rental companies online. Bear in mind though that most of these reviews and feedback, especially those being shown on company websites, are not reliable. However, real reviews and customer feedback do exist. They are usually associated with social media accounts or longtime accounts on credible shopping comparison or consumer websites. Reviews and feedback don’t define the best companies for laptop rental but they help in getting insights about the companies you are considering.

There’s not much credibility in actually naming Orange County companies that can be considered the best providers of laptop rentals since it can be perceived as a form of aggressive paid marketing. However, the points discussed above should be useful in finding the best laptop rental option for you.