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Selling cement to Gaza

The still continuing conflict between Israel and Gaza that it controls in many ways, resulted in demolishing many homes, factories, schools, clinics and even the only working sewage treatment plant in Gaza. The United Nations calls for immediate reconstruction of damaged or destroyed structures. They require cement and other construction material and that is only the beginning of the intricacies of the commerce between Israel and Gaza.

Gaza reconstruction will require cement and building materials. Israel has imposed restrictions on importing cement to Gaza. Their argument is most cement that goes to Gaza end up building illegal tunnels that Hamas use to attack Israel and its people, and promote illegal trade between Egypt to the South. Not just cement, some of the tunnels uncovered recently show elaborate railings, telecommunication wiring, and slabs made of fabricated concrete. Only construction projects that were allowed using imported cement and other construction material since 2012 were funded by the international agencies belonging to Qatar. Solutions to the issue are limited. Israel will have to deploy troops inside Gaza, if it were to allow reconstruction again endangering lives of soldiers and angering those who are living in Gaza. Ban on cement and other building materials can continue for years curtailing rebuilding efforts in Gaza.