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Selling on eBay first make sense

Selling on eBay is a way to test online sales before you embark on a full scale e-commerce sales strategy. The site has more than 170 million registered users and that is a built in customer base for any e-commerce business.

It is a good way to find out what the market value for your product is. There are many others who sell similar or identical products on eBay and you can get an idea what you can get for your product. Be aware of charges. The site charges Insertion Fee (range from 25 cents to $4.80 based on the selling value) as well as a Final Value Fee (a 5.25 percent fee of the selling price).

An eBay Store can also be opened for a business. Charges range from $15.95 a month to $500 a month. This allows you to sell at a fixed price as well as conduct auctions. Your logo can also be used on your eBay Store site. For these accounts, eBay helps you with the listing in eBay Store Directory, creating a “red door” icon, your own Web address, and others.

Selling on eBay could establish a reputation for an e-commerce business. To open an eBay seller’s account you first need to register with them and follow their five step process.