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Simple Ecommerce Tips (Part 1 of 2)

In ecommerce, your business can be at three levels.

1. Ahead of the game.
2. On par.
3. Not even on the radar.

While your final goal should be to get to the first level, your immediate goal should be to get to the second level as fast as possible. Doing this is not as hard as you think.

Social Media – Facebook and twitter are a big phenomenon at the moment. One of the simple secrets in ecommerce is learning to take advantage of emerging and popular technologies. The two social networking modes mentioned above will give you access to a wide market. It even allows you to target certain demographics and concentrate on them. Use this method wisely and you can easily get some great publicity and awareness. This method is also great for driving traffic to your website and to keep an open dialog with your customers.

Video – In terms of video marketing, there is no other place than YouTube to turn to. That website has firmly established itself as the go-to place to find anything from tutorials on PC hardware installations to cross stitching to rearing freshwater fish. So it makes sense to put up information about you and your company there. The videos can include product demonstrations, walkthroughs of the office, details on the manufacturing process, etc. However, your video won’t get popular on YouTube automatically and this is not your goal at all. The idea is to create awareness and promote the product and the company by using video as an enhancement. If you have done your social media work properly this shouldn’t be a problem at all.