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Site Search Can Pay Dividends

Improved site search and recommended products provides customers with a far superior user experience than most webmasters think. “If someone is looking for a product, quite often the very first thing he will do is go to the search box,” said Chris Cleveland, CEO of search-technology provider Dieselpoint. He also stated that if the person who searched for a particular product did not find what he/she was looking for they would leave the site and look somewhere else.

Using options like faceted search that will help customers narrow their search options increases the accuracy of the search results, providing the customer with a more satisfying result. With faceted search if a customer searched for shoes, he/she would be given the option to narrow the search by color, size, brand etc. A great way to increase sales volume is to provide a recommended items option. Amazon uses this feature extremely well. For someone who just bought a camera, he/she may also be interested in a carrying case for the camera. Providing an option to purchase a carrying case before checkout will ensure that the customer purchases it from your store and not someone else’s. Another important feature that is a must have is synonyms. People refer to different items using different names. One may refer to a pair of sneakers as Converse, while the other refers to it as leisure shoes. However, both customers are looking for the same footwear. If your website does not recognize it as a synonym one of these two customers will look for the product on another website.