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With a search engine on the internet, all you have to do is enter the words of a topic that you are looking for, or as it is popularly known in technical jargon as a keyword. Within a matter of seconds, you receive a huge list of sites that would most likely contain the information that you would like to have access to.

And by understanding this, it’s obvious that the goal of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is to make sure that your site reaches the top of that search list, without having to invest in advertisements.

But what steps does one have to take to achieve this objective?

Here are five SEO fundamentals that are a must before you dig any deeper:

1. Quality content – The content on your site has to cater to what people want/ need, and it has to be crafted professionally.

2. No duplication of text – Adding content to your site that is available exactly as it is presented on other sites. Duplication of content (copying) is a bad idea, and will be counterproductive to your efforts in raising your visibility.

3. Backlinks – Always link your site to other sites, especially if these sites are considered to be a good site according to the ranking by search engines. Google’s main algorithm called PageRank is based on linking algorithm, the more links and the better the more popular sites linking to you the better

4. Good title tags – Being an integral part of search engine optimization, what is important by the meaning ‘good’ is that the title should summarize the content of the page well.

5. No Frames or Javascript for Content – As the content needs to be seen to be indexed, adding frames to your site will not help this. Javascript for Content does not help either.