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The Future of E-Commerce

Skeptics claim that the future of eCommerce is bleak. However results prove otherwise. Gone are the days of big companies with large budgets dominating the industry. Smaller and more agile organizations are coming up with newer and improved ways of providing their products and services online.

Its important to note that eCommerce does not refer to only to online transactions, it is a much broader definition referring to any transaction carried out electronically. Therefore eCommerce includes credit card transactions, ATM cash withdrawals and any other electronic transaction. In the current context where more and more individuals have access to computers and the internet, more and more transactions are being carried out electronically. Grocery shopping, purchase of music, food, medication, doctors consultations are all part of eCommerce today. Technology has enabled individuals to purchase anything from toothpaste to a car or home via the internet or electronic funds transfers, not just locally but globally. The use of eCommerce is increasing daily and more people depend on it everyday to carry out their daily routines. More complex mobile devices, integrated music players, cameras, online communities are all contributing to the growth of eCommerce in one way or the other. Therfore the future of eCommerce is promising and is likely to one day (far in to the future) completely replace traditional commerce.