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The New Breed of Consumers

Article by Sean Sarian of iClimber

The advent of the Internet has changed the way businesses operate; but more importantly, it has also influenced the way consumers make purchases both online and offline. Consumers are now more discerning and they are better informed. Understanding this new breed of consumers is essential for a business to succeed.

The amount of information that a consumer today has access to as compared to one a decade ago is tremendous. Due to this, a consumer is almost an expert on the product or service that they require before they even walk into a store or visit a website. They have access to multiple channels that can have information at their fingertips 24×7. The advances in mobile technology have also given consumers access to information from wherever in the world they may be.

Social media has had an immense impact on consumer behavior as well. Word of mouth has once again become a very influential factor in sales because of social media. People are not afraid to make their feelings public about a product, service or a business. The exposure that these comments get is vast and widespread.

Consumers are also increasingly becoming intent on having their choices or preferences included in a product or service. In one way this is great for businesses because they have a lot of feedback from the consumer. But on the other hand, by failing to implement a feature which the consumer sees as crucial will only see them defect to a competitor who has implemented it.

These are just a few broad factors that have ensured the evolution of the consumer. Only by understanding them and evolving with them can businesses expect to survive and thrive.