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The Security Issue


Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

I wanted to get a security certificate for our website to prove to all our customers that their credit card information was safe with us. There had actually been a rash of information breaches with some of our competitors in the area and people were understandably leery about giving their credit card information out online to any of the lawn maintenance companies nearby. I worked with an IT consultant in the area to make sure all our bases were covered and that our site was 100% secure, and the certificate definitely helped make the site look more credible. I’ve had a really good response from my customers thus far and they all say the new site looks really professional. That was what I was aiming for all along and I firmly believe that the kind of trust my clients have in me is the kind that encourages them to spread the word about what a great store I have. Word of mouth is the best marketing there is and it’s only a matter of time before everyone hears about us!